Mrs Associates / Rude, nasty caller

1 NJ, United States

At 8:15 on Friday, 11/05, I received a call from a woman advising that my Chase account had
been sent to her for handling. She stated the company name but I did not understand her. When I asked, she seemed rather put out. I finally got it: MRS Associates. I never heard of it so I wanted
to know who she was. I asked if it was a collections company. She proceeded to launch into her spiel & I interupted her. She then told me she was calling from a collections agency. She said it was hard to hear me (I was in bed & not feeling good). Then she said that I did not care and had put this debt on the back burner. I got ticked off and told her she was very wrong & I do care. I had always paid my debts before I got sick. She then said that I signed an agreement with her client (Chase) & now "you think you can just walk away from it". That is not the case. She then started talking LOUD & I said she did not know me and she had no business saying things that are not true. I told her I would not talk to her & was hanging up, which I did.

I checked online and this agency has many complaints, mostly for rude, harassing calls.


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