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Mr. Handyman of Winston Salem / Inflated charges

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There have been a number of missteps, errors, and misinformation on the part of Mr. Scalvo and his Customer Service Representative, Deb. Namely:

• I was given a grossly underestimated quote for service.
• The date of service was to be April 12, 2007, but was listed in Mr. Scalvo’s calendar on April 13, 2007.
• The keys to my home have been lost by Mr. Scalvo, Deb or both.

Mr. Scalzo states that there was a “misunderstanding about the charges” his Customer Service Representative quoted me for the work that was to be performed. I do not think there was any misunderstanding nor communication error on my part in this matter. I believe the misunderstanding lies with the Customer Service Representative in their rates and how much manpower they expected to provide. I was quoted a price of $560 by his Customer Service Representative, even though I spelled out the scope of the work. When I was given this initial quote, on two separate occasions, there was never any mention of a “per worker, per day” rate. I was told of the manpower required (3 men), after the work was already performed. Never in a million years would I have agreed to a contract worth $2,200 with Mr. Scalvo or any other company for this type of work.

Secondly, on an initial call with Deb after the price was of $560 was quoted to me, we agreed that the work would be done on April 12, 2007. I remember this date specifically because it is my father’s birthday and I knew I would have to have paint ready for the workers on the day before so that I could celebrate with my family without interruption. I received a call from Mr. Scalvo a few days before the work was to be completed when he stated that the worker slated to complete the work had a family emergency and would not be able to complete the work on April 13, 2007. We had agreed upon April 12, 2007 as the date the service was to be performed. There still was no mention that more than one worker was required for the work to be completed. Again, apparently my appointment was loaded onto his business’ calendar on the wrong day. Yes, I was listing my home on the following Monday and needed to have the house ready for showing. While the issue with the worker is unfortunate, I do not think it is my responsibility nor should I have to incur additional costs for Mr. Scalvo having to find or hire additional workers in order to complete work for a customer, given the mishap with the appointment date. Again, I was not informed of his decision until after the work was completed.

Third, I’ve have spoken to Mr. Scalvo on four separate occasions since completion of the work. One call was to discuss the grossly underestimated quote. The second call was to set guidelines for payment. The third call was to inform him of the fact that my keys were not in the envelope with the invoice, as he promised it would be. I then called a fourth time and left a voicemail on his cell phone again reminding him that I had not yet received my keys from him. When I did not receive a return call, I then called and spoke to his Customer Service Representative and told her I did not get my keys back. During this call I was told that they “were still looking.” That call was placed on April 25, 2007. I have yet to hear back from Mr. Scalvo or his Customer Service Representative and consequently, I have not had my keys returned to me. I’m more than likely going to have to incur additional costs for having the locks changed.

I do not dispute Mr. Scalvo’s claim that I have paid $560, but believe I have been inconvenienced in many ways. First I have an unexpected invoice amount as a result of lack of understanding on the part of the Customer Service Representative on her company’s business practices. Secondly, my home is at risk because I have not had the keys returned to me and apparently from reading Mr. Scalvo’s response, he nor his Customer Service Representative know where my keys are. I do not intend to ever again use the services of Mr. Scalvo nor his company Mr. Handyman or any of its affiliates, since it is a national company. Nor do I intend to recommend this company to any of my associates.

I would not expect these types of errors from a company that has been in business for many years or from Mr. Scalvo who seems like an experienced businessman. This is a very frustrating situation that has done nothing but add to the stress that already exists when trying to sell a home. Given how I’ve been grossly inconvenienced by something that should’ve been a simple transaction, I’m prepared to pay the original quote that was given to me, $560. Since that amount has already been paid, I’m not expecting to recompense Mr. Scalvo nor his company any further.

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      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Mr. Handyman - Advertisement for 2 extra free service is false
    Ambala cantt, haryana

    I have requested for 2 services 2 days back to Mr Handyman local service centre. The guys have not remembered firstly that they have to provide me services then I have reminded them but they have harrased me for full day but have provided me only 1 service till night. Very very bad experience. Not recommended to anyone.

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