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I paid my rent on time except for november of 2009.Half of the rent was paid in a cashier's check, the other half was a written check.The company sent me a letter 2-3 months later telling me that enough funds weren't in the account.I went to their office and gave them a moneyorder for the amount in question, as well as a moneyorder of 106.00 which is the late fee.The company receptionist continues to call telling me that they want me to pay 106.00 for every month that passed up until febuary.This means they want me to pay late fees for, nov., dec., jan., feb.Because i refuse to pay a late fee, they continue to add another 106.00 for march and every month after.Is this legal?I have every cashier receipt for the other 11 months that were paid on time.

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  • Kc
      Nov 26, 2011

    Morgan Properties is famous for charging a late fee ON late fees!!! I was once short about $100 on my rent and I was charged a $125 late fee (which I understood, but was a little ticked about) and come the next month I paid what I thought was the correct total including the late fee but because I waited until the next month they charged me a late fee of $125 on my original late fee of $125. I don't understand how this is legal. I'll have to go back through my lease because I believe it states a late fee can be charged on late REGULAR MONTHLY RENT only, not on another late fee.

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  • This is how they make their money on late fees...the computer and the staff post you payment late to generate late fees...even tho you pay on time!

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