MorEquity Mortgage CompanyVery Main spirited

My wife and I have been with MorEquity for roughly 5 years. First, my mortgage was interest only for 3 yrs for the amount of $1300.00 (didn't read the fine print). The 4th year, it jumped up to 1700 and some cents.
In Feb 2008, I had my 2nd back surgery which forced me for early retirement and not qualify for disability. For the whole of 2008, I tried continuing making my monthly payment maxing up my credit cards. Also my wife lost her employment during that time.

Last September I appealed to various agencies like NACA, and HOPE for help but MorEquity won't work them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Denver, COI applied for Pres Obama's program; their response: "we don't Obama's program". I tried sending them $1000.00/month to see that I'm trying but it's not good for them. What I've been receiving from them is constant harassment and demanding that I make the full payment on time.
MorEquity is a devil in human flesh. They're are very wicked people to do business with. They have no compassion if you're having financial difficulty. If your mortgae is with MorEquity, I pray that you don't fall into any financial difficulty.
Nat & Pamela

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