Mor Furniture For Less / Say "no mor furniture"—disabled veteran left bedless... & over xmas

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Sells poor quality defective merchandise. Sells poor quality merchandise that may be hazardous to human health. Fails to communicate to customers after reporting problems poorly. Fails to fairly remedy even serious issues with merchandise poorly. My husband and I purchased a three piece bedroom set from mor furniture in spokane, washington on or about november 5th, 2015. The bed was delivered on november 7th. We were gone out of town for the most part of november/december and really didn't get to use the bed until christmas eve…that's when the bed frame collapsed on my husband. Thank god I was not on the bed. I suffer with serious back/spine issues. I couldn't reach anyone until december 28th, 2015. I was told a delivery guy could be there soonest, january 2, 2016. The delivery guy came and said you need a "new bed"... The frame cannot hold up the mattress" and this is clearly not operable". The repairman went on to say he would "put in for a new bed"…. So I emailed the mor customer service rep nashly on january 4 and 5th, because I wanted a paper trail. So, after several failed attempts to get the mor rep nashley to communicate to me, I filed a bbb complaint in san diego, ca. And then I decided to call the head quarters and I spoke with a ms. Jill marone, the corporate executive assistant at the san diego head quarters on january 6th, 2016. As I preceded to tell ms. Marone that I am a disabled veteran and that I have been without a functioning bed since christmas eve and I preceded to tell ms. Jill marone about my purchase……get this…. She stopped me and told me: 1st. "how did you even get my number" and "that she has nothing to do with problems and that I needed to speak to the customer service manager”. Needless to say it did not matter that I told her that I am disabled and I need my bed... Forget I am a veteran and served my country... She she ignored my situation with no regard and after she had problems connecting me to the supervisor over customer service, she just patched me through to a random manager, which she was not able to do so, she put me through to any manager that would pick up. I told her that I filed a bbb and I want this remedied, my money returned so I can get another bed elsewhere, or a new bed and that i'd like to dispell the complaints and speak to the ceo to save face... "she said she is sorry can't help and it would do no good talking to the ceo mr. Haux". …. Wow talk about a kick in the gut!!! Talk about no customer service or accountability and taking ownership!!! What I expected for them to respect the fact that 1. I am disabled (Veteran) and I need a bed i'm paying for 2. To elevate the matter to the ceo and show some accountability or balls about the situation 3. To help me dispel all of the current negative complaints and issues with mor furniture, thus, make me believe otherwise. So finally I spoke to a manager named "tony", he put me on hold for 5 minutes and came back and said no one called or contacted you since the repair man on saturday? I answered “no”, not for the three days i've been leaving emails for the rep to let me know what is happening! He said that we are going to replace the broken pieces/parts, but I cannot get the part until the 20th of january 2016—which now means i've been without a bed for a month and I have no funds to just go and buy another bed, as I am on the 90 days payment with last payment in about 2 weeks due. How can I continue to pay for something that is inoperable and I cannot use? I told them it is unacceptable. He said that he'd try to see if he can get it a week sooner (Some reprieve because I needed my bed since december) and he'll call me back today. Well I said that is not acceptable, considering I am ill, I am disabled and I needed my bed like yesterday and I was told that the repairman said a new bed would be quicker/better... He stated he is only able to fix it with replacement parts... I am at the point that I want to go to the local media about my experience so that no one goes to mor furniture... If they can treat a disabled person this way... Guess how you get treated when you have a furniture problem... One step away from an attorney and media about this as I am disgusted. So... I contacted the bbb for san diego. The repairman told me that a new bed would be requested, not fixing mix and match parts. I paid for a new bed to be operable. I want either the balanced zero and I will buy a new bed from somewhere else!!!

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