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This child care center / preschool closed due to "weather-related" reasons on February 1st after a snow storm 2 days before. I drove across town and by the center early in the morning and the roads were just fine. Many schools were closed that day because of bussing concerns on secondary and remote roads. However, all primary roads were completely clear and all other businesses were open as usual (at least I wasn't aware of a single business closing that day). It appears this child care center used the weather as an excuse not to open, but it simply is not justified. My employor expects me and other employees to be at work on time during these conditions. Granted, schools have responsiblity for transporting children, but child care centers do not. There appears to be little incentive for them to open (they don't lose money like other businesses). However, I had to spend over $100 to get a sitter to watch my daughter on this day. This is really a scam and other day care centers are in on it too. I like this day care/pre-school otherwise, but this is very poor service. If you are choosing a day care, think twice about whether you can live with this level of service. There are worse offenders, but this one is pretty bad in my opinion.

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      21st of Feb, 2010

    Although I do not have a child enrolled in this school because I am currently fortunate enough to be able to keep my children at home, I have heard similar complaints about Montessori Country Day as well. I have a couple of friends who have children enrolled there and they have told me that some of the teachers and director can be very judgmental and demanding of the parents. They also said that the cost is significantly more than other daycares in the area and there are less provisions. For example, the parents are required to provide lunch AND snack for their own kids and if one day you didn't get a chance to make it to the store and send an item that is not exactly what is required, they embarrass your children and send a note home to you. I was with one of my friends as their child cried and told them how mean the teacher was to them because they didn't have milk that day. Also, they are on the schedule of the regular schools, meaning if you need care before 8:45 or after 3 p.m. you have to pay quite a bit more. They also said that the director has been very rude and obnoxious at various times when she should be thankful people are willing to pay so much for a school that advertises it's name on a gravemarker! That in itself would be enough to deter me from enrolling my kids there! The way they describe the director makes me very thankful that I don't have the burden of choosing a preschool/daycare for my children! After hearing all the bad reviews about this particular Montessori school, if keeping my children at home was no longer an option, I certainly wouldn't be paying a price comparable to a mortgage to a place that makes your kid cry if they forget to bring their spoon or napkin...unethical to say the least, especially considering the amount the parents are paying. Sounds like someone's love for money took priority over their love for the children...

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