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Make No Mistake: If you live in the Eugene Oregon area and have recently been hit hard by the downturn in the economy, MonaVie Blue Diamond Executives, Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman, want to meet with you. BEWARE!!!

The Todd Bishop - Amy Freeman Team is VERY good at telling you exactly what you want to hear with respect to MonaVie and success: That is, you have a chance to regain your life and then some with MonaVie.

Think again... Since Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman began promoting the MonaVie Business in 2005, they have personally left a small town worth of people (businesses) behind with no support (nearly 2000 people/families). The vast majority of these businesses are either dead or are dying with no hope of ever producing a positive income.

If you think Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman want to help you with YOUR best interests in mind, think again. The only interest they have in mind for you is the VERY VERY VERY small possibility that you might become a producer in their business. Once they find out you can't/won't produce, they'll leave you hanging and will most likely never talk to you again, just like the vast majority of people they bring into the MonaVie business.

Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman KNOW that every new MonaVie distributor has an EXTREMELY small chance of ever making any real income from the opportunity, yet they both routinely lie in their presentations and claim achieving success is almost assured.

It is this LIE that the MonaVie Business Opportunity will work for everyone that will eventually catch up with Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman. As MonaVie grows and the Federal Government starts to take notice (I believe the government already is taking notice), the government will take notice of these statements and someone will need to account for them. At some point, the State and/or Federal Government is going to be talking to Amy Freeman and Todd Bishop about FRAUD.

This is only the beginning... Monavie, LLC (Monavie, Inc) gives their distributors, representatives, FAR to much latitude in terms of how these people represent their company and the business opportunity. By in a large, MonaVie distributors falsely represent MonaVie the Product and MonaVie the Business Opportunity.

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  • Jo
      Sep 12, 2008

    I couldn't disagree more. MonaVie doesn't give the Distributors too much lattitude at all. The P&Ps are clear and and Distributors are expected to adhere to them. If they don't then they are dealt with. If Todd and Amy are doing something wrong then by all means, send your complaints to the compliance department at MonaVie.

    Also, please don't go quoting numbers that you have no sources for, you're just making up crap. How can 2 people leave all of these people hanging and what do they have to do with their success in the MonaVie business anyway. If 2000 people are devistated then they should not be in ANY business, they should get a job, they are not entrepreneurs. Can't they order their own brochures, DVDs, CDS and product? Can't they share it with the people I choose to share it with, what to Todd and Amy have to do with any of that.

    We all know who wrote this post, the same 2 people that have created several MonaVie and Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman hate blogs and the same 2 people that have posted as dozens and dozens of different people on a bunch of other blogs doing what they do best, smear campaigns. You're failure is your own fault, not MonaVie's and not Todd or Amy's. I would strongly suggest you get a job at the Safeway get on with your life because you certainly can't make it in MLM, and probably not in engineering either.

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  • Cr
      Oct 11, 2008

    Ah! America, the great country where one can rant and rave and express opinions. What I must suggest is that one does more research before they explode on sites like these. Todd and Amy seem like they have it together. They are taking steps in this struggeling economy to better themselves and hopefully those that they touch. The only way to fail at an opportunity like this is if in fact you do not put in the work. It is shameless to blame another for your personal failure or even to be mad at them because they are successful. We are all just 2 people away from living the dream. What is your dream? What will you do to get there? Don't be part of the angry mob, be a leader, stand for something and if you can't please do us all a favor and disconnect your keyboard. The world is tired of hearing about hate and anger. Let us unite and rise to victory!!

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  • Fr
      Feb 11, 2009

    I agree that MonaVie is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am not making the big money yet, but it is starting to catch fire now with folks, once
    they start hearing what this product can do for your health and wealth!!

    I worked for an international airline for almost 20 years and what do I have to show for it. Those people at the top, I think there were 5 CEO's during that 20 year span that did not care about us and kept taking and taking from us!

    I have not ever seen a company as generous and with high standards and high ethics as MonaVie in my life of 55 years. I have been around and I have to say that I am blessed to be part of this company!!

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  • Az
      Mar 09, 2009

    Man I am in this business over 4 months already and how excited I am. I am only a star1000 that doesn't mean I am making a whole lot of money. I only make what I deserve and I beleive I knew how much I am making every week. Some week I don't make any money but that got nothing to do with the company or the people. It's cause I put in and people in my team put in whiners and not winners. People that do something make something people that do nothing make nothing. I can see that through my pear list.

    What I understand in this business is that 90% of people don't make or hardly making anything. Wow that is amazing isn't it? Well it doesn't mean that this is a bad business. It mean there are 10% who are making something. Now those that are making something get their success from the 10% that are doing something and are making something. These sucessful people don't make nothing from the 90% that are thought to be in business but are in it just for the record. Now if just half of those percentage start to wake up and change the way they think then we can cut these number in half.

    Now from what that is said I beleive in this world there are bad and good, light and dark, neg and pos. If we look at the college system very simular to the direct selling system. College is a system to get those that want a career achieve something for themself. You pay for college and you get knowledge from leader which are professors. Now if you go to class or seminar and sleep what do the professor do? Pretty much nothing, or do they care for you? No and let be realistic we are taught that go to college and get that bfa and get a job. While we know that 90% people fail in this career system and only 10% succeed. Asked yourself a question why?

    Because they are people who don't have a dream and don't know what they are there for. Most of them get bad influent by friends and other colleage. So they slack through and hope that all they need is a bfa and they all set. No some of them drop out while owing student loan, well lets feel pity for them? Hell no they are their own responsibility, they chose to quit and ruine they chance because they just following their mom advice. So we all know that people who do their homework will get something out of life, but are not garanteed they get what they want. They just need to learn as they go and make use of something that come and never be lazy.

    one more thing we all know that when you pay all that money to a tuition and when you quit we know that they don't give our money back. Same with any business regardless if you are in a traditional or mlm once you put your energy into it you can't get it back, and no one will be responsible for your decision. Live with it and move on is what I say. The different is I am not good in math but I go to the math lab all the time, and my friend is not good too but he chose to go to a party instead. I end up getting a B and him an F. If you know my drift don't take pitty. Live the life of responsibility...

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  • Ju
      May 08, 2009

    Either you can hack it with Multi-level Marketing or you cant. Clearly the person that posted this blog is bitter that the business wasnt handled to them... like all businesses, you have to work for it. You get what you give, so get your lazy a$$ off the couch and try to succeed or dont, but stop whining about it! Last year I made $74, 000 in MonaVie... btw.

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  • Am
      Jun 06, 2009

    These People Alienate all their friends, family, co-workers and everyone runs when they see them coming. Is that worth it? Is the measure of success how much money you make, while at the same time pushing friends and family aside? Check the divorce rate among Team members whose spouse doesn't want to participate. It's staggering. If this product is so good for you, put it on a shelf at the local gorcery store and let people decide for themselves. I personally don't need someone telling me what I have to do. Do you? I own my own business and when I walk away from a job well done, people thank me and tell me I can use them as a reference. It's not about being bitter towards MLM's. It's about feeling good inside. How do you feel about yourself?

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  • Mo
      Sep 17, 2009

    I feel great about myself... and as I see it... most people can't hack it in MLM. You must be dedicated, self driven and self motivated. You can't sit on your ### and hope that it happens for you. And yes, the success rate is low, because most people QUIT. Ever worked at a car dealership... know what the turnover rate is there? Ever done telephone sales? Know what the turnover rate is there? Ever done door to door cold call sales? Know what the turnover rate is there? I've done ALL of the above. I've been screamed at to my face, screamed at over the phone, called ugly names... when all I'm doing is making an honest living. Most people can't hack it in sales, because there are so many UGLIES out there like yourself that can't hack it and then dish it out on the successful ones. You are the failure... not Amy and Todd. Perhaps you should be doing something mindless like sweeping up garbage at the local mall. Or perhaps a prison guard or somewhere that you can take out all of your hostility. YOU control YOU. Not Todd and Amy. All they can do is give you the tools to be successful. If you aren't successful, its not their fault. They didn't set out to see you fail. It was in their BEST interest for you to succeed. That's what MLM is ALL ABOUT! And the product is based on changing peoples lives... one at a time and putting money back into the Amazon where it came from to HELP preserve the area. This way, it can help people MAKE money and help people be healthier by spreading the word one by one. Besides the best way to market is word of mouth! But you dont need an explanation. You're looking for someone to point a finger at... keep pointing. There are four more pointing right back at you! '

    Long Live MonaVie!!

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  • Ny
      Sep 24, 2010

    i drank the juice now many years i dont make alot of money but i know i will i pray togod and he told me i hav e to pursevir danny agrees with gods words and tod me to keep drinking too . all you haters who cnat make it aer not working hard enough. if fi i keep sharing and drankign i will be in the top 50%. danny says i'm close. very close!

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