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My relationship with Molliwood Productions started in the very beginning, yes 18 years...and still work for Molliwood. She started from the ground up and only has continued to grow her business no matter what town she's in, thank God she does work out of her home via phone and internet...because her husband is successful as well, obvious due to promotions and RELOCATIONS.

Molli is guilty of one thing...being too nice!!! I know this from my personal background with her as she is my best friend, 20 years!!! Never once have I seen or heard of her with non-payment to anyone, quite the opposite...prepaying talent before she's paid by the client. Molli knows how to treat her employees, she's worked many promotions herself prior to Molliwood and even on-hand with her company, she's harder on herself than anyone regarding: being on time, respecting the client and going above what's expected of her but she also expects this in return.

As a person she's a true friend that would do anything for anyone, as a business owner, she's the same only add spit-fire when it comes to being professional, plus having the loyalty of her employees AND her clients...OBVIOUS that's why they follow her to whatever town her husband is relocated to.

I am OUTRAGED to these alligations made by someone hiding behind a false name and it's OBVIOUS that this person is retaliating against Molli because this person was the one caught in lies, non-payment and found guilty in the court of law...actually looking at her background and history I didn't expect anything less than an immature outlash because she's the guilty one. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! LOOSER!

With the other rebutals posted I too want to see documentation and proof...this is what's funny to me, how can anyone be so stupid (for lack of a better term and the immature understands) to think that they are being taken seriously???

I surely won't be calling your house, don't want to hear you crying and barking in the background while the police are trying to arrest you!!!

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      Oct 06, 2008
    United States

    Evansville, Indiana

    'here we go again!!!' lol
    well...let me start off by following the guidelines set forth by [redacted] per a rebuttal... provide proof!!!
    and heres how ya do that!!!
    1. proof of a promotional demo...which is not; follow up reports, date and time of promo, paper training by where is it?????
    2. step two...demand it!!! for all we know...(estactically employed by molliwood) a 10 year old wrote this hoax!!!
    3. and last but not least... FORGET #3!!!
    your bogus and clearly know nothing about this line of work...or own a disreputable and discredited business in this line of work and still dont know the blatent facts!!!
    you never provided proof of the 'job' of which you never provided proof of the 'legal help' you say you obtained...and wouldnt you want people to know you never provided your information so that someone may contact why dont we just get down to brass tacks and call a 'fake' a 'fake' and lets let the true, honest, hardworking business owners run their show as much as it may make your grind your teeth to see someone accually 'doin it!!!' and being successful at it...
    so ladies and gentlemen...let me say that i have worked for molli funk numerous times and with only more to come, and not once have i ever not been paid!!! crap!!! all that said i would sometimes have the money in my account before even stepping off the plane!!! this woman works hard...raises children who are 'well rounded' and very sure none of which will grow up to 'sit behind a computer and lash out falsly because their broke and bitter'!!! and trust me ladies and single and a clean freak...but i would gladly lick the grout of this womans floor any day!!! kudos to you molli...your business is successful and your happy...and guess what??? ive worked for molli for a few years now...and yes you guessed it!!! IM HAPPY TOO!!!

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