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Mockingbird Dental Group / criminal histories

1 1534 E Interstate 30Garland, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 214-651-4035

Mockingbird Dental Group and Mesquite Endodontics at 1534 E I-30 in Garland Texas 75043 claim to be 'caring' and 'friendly', to love seeing children and to have their dentistry 'SURPRISINGLY' affordable. The 'SURPRISE' they seem to 'forget' to mention is the voluminous criminal history of certain individuals on their staff. This website allows to display up to five 'surprises' which is a fraction of their surprising number of surprises. The fuller version of the surprises is available at or by clicking the link below this text.

On or around April 27, 2015 Mockingbird Dental Group retained grossly incompetent shady lawyer in a desperate attempt to cover up drug dealing transactions of their employees (see the link below). Note that Norred Law PLLC 200 E.Abram, Suite 300 is THIRTY SEVEN miles away from Mockingbird Dental Group.

2803 Zinfandel ln, Arlington, TX, 76001
TX Lic #[protected] issued 12/20/2007

On May 6, 2015, at 10:16 pm CST, Mr.Warren Norred threatened the squeaky wheel owner in a desperate attempt to cover up his questionable intimidation tactics and in hopes to browbeat him to get this complaint removed.

There are NO FALSE, VILE or DEFAMATORY things about you, Mr.Norred. I am stating BARE FACTS. File your injunction, I stand up for EVERY word I say and will stand for my words in court. In addition to your 'claims' you found appropriate to include some 'parenting' statements in your legal document, I am courteously telling you to save that for your 'children'. I am myself 25 y.o., the age of your 'children'.

On May 6, 2015, at 10:16 PM, wrote:

Name: Warren Norred
Status: Other
Sabrina Carnegie left this complaint, based on a cease and desist that I sent her regarding a trademark infringement. She enjoys putting out public names and attempting to browbeat people into submission. This complaint includes the names of my own children, niece and nephew. Sabrina has never been a client of mine. I will be filing an injunction in the next few days. I can include you in it if you like, or you can take that complaint down. Besides being defamatory, it also is just vile. I am not giving you permission to post this response on your site. Nor am I trying to browbeat you into doing what I want, or threaten you in any way. I simply can't have vile, false things out there about my family. Please respond to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Warren Norred 817-253-**** cell [protected] office

You Mr.Warren Norred are either TOTALLY INCOMPETENT or TOTALLY UNETHICAL. Which one is it? I will be emailing the suggestion to use your grossly incompetent creative writing to be used as a case study in every law school of the United Stated (around 200) to hopefully bring some competence and decency among the future generations of lawyers. I will build squeaky wheel page, scam report (etc) and a website to inform general public about your professional ethics or lack thereof to be more exact. Not only there is not a competent sentence in the whole letter, Mr.Warren Norred didn't even bother to get my legal name right! FYI, Mr.Warren Norred, Sabrina Carnegie is NOT a creative alias, Sabrina Carnegie is my REAL and LEGAL name, and not what you officially referred to me in your creative writing. You'd think Mr.Norred bother to verify my legal name before sending around his legally and grammatically incompetent and illiterate idle threats! Could he just be too cheap to pay for up to date databases?

Mr.Warren Norred claims that drug dealing transactions of 'loving to see children' dentistry employees are not the concern of general public. You Mr.Norred speak for YOURSELF and let general public make decisions of their own.

Mr.Warren Norred additionally claims that drug dealing transactions of 'children loving' dentistry are entitled to privacy. Had there been plot to shoot president, join ISIS or film child porn, would that also be entitled to privacy? Where do you Mr.Norred draw the line?

In regards to 'privacy' of home address check out the white pages. No worries bud, it's free.

Now, let's put some definitions down for Mr.Warren Norred:

Defamation is a FALSE CLAIM. Exposing DISTURBING TRUTH about local healthcare provider is a PUBLIC SERVICE.

The funniest part is Mr.Warren Norred is NOT even defamation lawyer!

The criminal history of Mr.Warren Norred includes DWI and speeding 70/101 (see the link below). You Mr.Norred are NOTHING and NOBODY to suggest me what's wrong and unjustified. Save that for Ms.Patricia Nicole Norred (22) and Mr.Noah Patrick Norred (20).

Could Ms.Nancy Guzman have again killed two mockingbirds with one stone by paying Mr.Warren Norred with 'currency' that she 'pays' her drug dealer?

Some of the Licensed Dentists associated with Mockingbird Dental Group:

Mckinney, Holly Hertel TX Lic #25083 Exp.04/30/2016

2200 Pheasant Run Rd, Plano, TX, 75023

Parker, Jennifer Chaney TX Lic #23245 Exp.12/31/2015

233 Yorkshire Dr, Rockwall, TX, 75032

Dees, Lori Anna TX Lic #20068 Exp.11/30/2016

4419 Rawlins st, Dallas, TX, 75219

The 'superdentist'-oral specialist Dr.Lori Anna Dees claims to be 2015 MBA candidate / Leadership in Healthcare Program / Yale School of Management (see the link below)

Sent: March 14, 2015 2:01 AM


Subject: I have a concern about a complaint posted by someone else

Name: Nancy Guzman

Status: Other

The complaint posted by Sabrina Carnegie is complete online harassment and libel. The photos have been altered and info is hearsay not of fact. Sabrina Carnegie has also created a link using the my place of business trademark which is by law, infringement. To make a complaint on a place of business, one would have to of had a consumer experience. SABRINA CARNEGIE IS NOT A PATIENT AT OUR DENTAL OFFICE !!! I will persue legal action toward Sabrina Carnegie however I am requesting that the bogus complaint be removed from this site. Please read the complaint for garland mockingbird dental . the complaint is not business transaction related. Thank you in advance

Dear Staff, I am responding to complaint of Ms.Nancy Guzman. I stand up for EVERY word I say. NONE of the images were altered.

February 1st 2015 10:17 pm CST Ms.Nancy Guzman promised to have her dad, the 'big shot' to 'handle' me. She reiterated her threat March 24th 2015 10:33 pm CST. Should I go missing or incur bodily injury, Mr.Luis Guzman is Rockwall county director of maintenance and operations and could be located at 142 Althea rd Rockwall TX 75032. What would Rockwall county think about this? Just a few weeks ago she already got her fiance to beat me up and now threatens me with her dad. The fiance of Ms.Nancy Guzman (Mr.Junior Saylor) started his career back in 2000 with his first conviction of domestic violence (see the link below). In 2006 Mr.Junior Saylor pleaded no contest to charges of rape, sexual battery and assault (see the link below). In 2011 Mr.Junior Saylor threatened his ex-wife to cur her head off (see the link below). By 2015 Mr.Junior Saylor was a pro.

Truth is an absolute defense against libel accusations.

I an indeed not the patient at their practice (Lord Jesus has been way too merciful to me).

Ms.Nancy Guzman, please stand for your words, which part of my complaint is libel and/or hearsay? Public records or drug deals? Could the substances referenced in text messaging come from Mockingbird Dental Practice?

Ms.Nancy Guzman admitted to doing drugs WHILE EXPECTING CHILD - DELIVERING DRUGS TO A FETUS THROUGH THE UMBILICAL CORD (see the link below). How much value was she placing on well being of her unborn child? How much value will be placed on well being of your child at Mockingbird Dental? Currently Ms.Nancy Guzman claims to be pregnant with her second child (see the link below). She also claims her dog to be currently pregnant (see the link below). Hope the drug habits will not affect the unborn (human or animal).

Could pregnancies be the result of a drug induced orgy? Like the one that could have taken place at the laundromat restroom (see the link below). Where are animal right activists when you need them?

Ms.Nancy Guzman worked at my former Laundromat from October 2014-January 2015 ( I was forced to eject her from my business and had police issue a criminal trespass order against her. I attempted to leave the business shortly afterwards, but couldn't go far - my tire was slashed. When I returned to the laundry she was already back inside defying the trespass order within less than an hour! WHAT A MONSTROUS DISREGARD OF THE LAW!!! Although I didn't catch her go back inside again, she kept coming back and demonstrably sat in her car outside the laundry. She had a smug look like a cat who ate the canary, knowing there was nothing I could do. Is she this considerate of the law at Mockingbird Dental?

The review of security camera footage shows Ms.Nancy Guzman going into the laundromat restroom with a second person that worked for me. They remained there for about fifteen minutes and then walked out together (see the link below). When I inquired about it, she said they were simply talking. The other person admitted they were in fact smoking crystal meth. The crystal meth story now sounds more credible as he has since been arrested for possession of crystal meth and drug paraphernalia (see the link below). Scales, baggies, meth pipes, gun-box - how safe are your kids at Mockingbird Dental Practice? What about HIPAA? Will crystal meth help ensure patient privacy standards?

I find disturbing that someone with such voluminous criminal history can hold professional license to work in healthcare industry. Did Ms.Nancy Guzman honestly disclose the aforementioned records to the Dental board when she applied for dental assistant license? I filed an official complaint to find out (case#[protected]). Sgt.Robert Dillman and Director of enforcement Lisa Jones will determine whether a violation of the Dental Practice Act and/or Board Rules has occurred and if any disciplinary action need to be warranted.

According to Mr.Junior Saylor, Ms.Nancy Guzman is and has been sleeping with her drug dealer for quite some time now, while complimenting him (Mr.Junior Saylor) on how great he is (see the link below). He says Ms.Nancy Guzman runs off at random times, never says where to, takes forever, and always comes back with 'stuff', even though broke. Could she be killing two mockingbirds with one 'rock' by getting her some from her vendor along with free 'stuff'? Ms.Nancy Guzman did indeed run off at random times, I never asked where, having naively assumed she was busy with child related responsibilities. Could moral character be relevant to practicing dentistry?

Despite having worked THREE JOBS at a time - Mockingbird Dental, 'caring' for elderly, Sabrina's Coin Laundry AND saving money by trading sex for drugs, Ms.Nancy Guzman was so broke, she was willing to make a dedicated trip to Royse city just to collect a mere twenty bucks from Mr.Junior Saylor (see the link below). Could gambling addiction be relevant to practicing dentistry?

In another cash collection episode, unable to collect a different $20 from Ms.Nancy Guzman, Mr.Junior Saylor proceeded to call her a [censored] shady b*** and threatened to show up at Mockingbird Dental and scream about her crystal meth habit. Could employee drug use/abuse be relevant to Mockingbird Dental Group patient safety in this instance?

You'd think one has hit the rock bottom when they are a drug and a gambling addict, drug their unborn kids, trade sex for drugs and have OVER TWENTY criminal history records by the age of 34, but not quite; Ms.Nancy Guzman is adding to the list by having no consideration for fellow human being and being willing to employ any and all means at her disposal to accomplish her agenda.

As a younger business owner (25) and law-abiding citizen of this wonderful country, I was naive about background and criminal history checks. Add that to my willingness to trust and believe in others. Little did I know the price I would pay for my naivety. By telling about my experience through the internet, I hope to prevent others from having to endure similar pain, suffering and destruction.

I was contacted by Detective Jalena Page of Rockwall PD at 11:06 am CST. She felt compelled to 'enlighten' me on civil matters related to Ms.Nancy Guzman and Mockingbird Dental Group. I courteously declined her offer of enlightenment. Ms.Page is not a copyright lawyer and as an agent of Rockwall PD Ms.Page had no right or business to give me legal advice or suggest a course of action with regards to copyright matters of Mockingbird Dental Group. That's funny how Ms.Page got concerned with TWO BIRDS on the internet that were none of her business, but when I informed her that I am a victim of TWO VIOLENT CRIMES by a member of Guzman household, she said it's none of her business!!! Not only that, but Ms.Page somehow selectively noticed two birds, but turned the blind eye on Ms.Nancy Guzman's text messages full of drug deals. The drug deals would be more than anything the matter of local police department, especially when 'loving to see children' dentistry could be involved. Apparently not, according to judgement of Ms.Page.

Ms.Jalena page and Mr.Luis Guzman (the 'big' shot) are neighbors 402 Valley Dr - 142 Althea rd Rockwall. Could this be a mere coincidence? I would not be surprised if the back alley conversation could have taken place where Mr.Luis Guzman instructed Ms.Page to 'scare' and railroad me to accomplish the personal agenda of Ms.Nancy Guzman. I filed an official complaint again Ms.Jalena Page with internal investigations unit. Rockwall Police Chief Mr.M**** has been corresponding with me in regards to this matter.

As a side note I will say that Ms.Page ways are NOT representative of the way law enforcement agents normally act. I have dealt with a few police officers and detectives in the cities of Dallas and Garland. Everyone I was in contact with was civilized and professional. We take health for granted until we lose it. We take police for granted until we need it. Everyone who end up reading this complaint, DO NOT TAKE POLICE FOR GRANTED!!!

Coincidentally, Mr.Luis Guzman, criminal DA Kenda Culpepper and her husband the Rockwall Mayor are also neighbors 142 Althea - 209 Stonebridge dr Rockwall. On Rockwall County website Ms.Culpepper claims to distinguish herself in high dedication to civility and legal ethics. On the street signs near Rockwall PD Mr.Jim Pruitt claims his desire to be kept for mayor of Rockwall.

Just like the Catholic Church covering up child molesting priests, Mockingbird Dental Group and Mesquite Endodontics clearly condone the behavior of Ms.Nancy Guzman and hired an SEO service in a desperate attempt to manipulate Google search results. They were able to alter google, yellow pages and amazon reviews, but NOT the Squeaky Wheel Website. THANK YOU the squeaky wheel stuff for creating powerful social media platform to expose CORRUPTION and MALFEASANCE.

May 8, 2015

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