MochaHost / Damagingly rubbish service

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Apart from the absolutely poor performance and unreliability, this rubbish host has an atrocious customer service, they have idiots from India (I love indians as friends, they tend to have little concept of customer service however, but I hate idiots wherever they are from, and the staff were not competent in either IT nor any language I know, about 6 excluding hindi which I do not know), apart from that then, they were good enough to allow the domain of an anti malaria not for profit information site, to expire without warning and they now expect the organisation to shell out 250$ to get the site back or wait until they decide to let it go on backorder, by the way if someone would like to contribute the organisation would appreciate it, Anyhow don't go anywhere near mochahost, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.


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