Mobilecom / I am scammed!

1 566 Fashion Avenue, NY, United States

I am scammed by these low-life cheaters of Mobilecom also by purchasing a HTC HD7 there, they charged me additional 400 USD for so-called no-contract fee that they alleged was just an authorized deposit and would be refunded to my credit card after they went through a certain process to evade no-contract issue, so I was confused and signed the receipt due to I was not familiar with the no-contract issue in USA, but shortly later I found I was scammed by them due to my credit card bank called me to confirm the additional transaction of 400 USD, they told me it's not an authorized deposit transaction but a real transaction! Now, I have filed a complaint against them to New York Department of Customer Affair, who have been conducting a investigation to Mobilecom, but up to now almost 2 months have passed, no more update from them, I am shocked and disappointed, I won't believe Mobilecom have been committing crimes in Times Square for so many years and the New York authority have been making this happen to so many customers for so many years! I doubt the US business fame and legal system that US government have been proud of are lies...


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