Mobil Oilcustomer service

I have been a customer of this station for several years. I fuel and wash 3 car here. There is a cashier named Sohel who does not know how to treat customers. On June 28, 2009, on my way to church I stopped by to buy some Tic-Tacs. There were 3 other customers there. Sohel was filling up a soda machine and making all of us wait. This was a big joke to him. I put the Tic-Tacs back on the shelf and left. I did not want to be late for Church. I mostly pay at the pump, but a couple days later I stopped in for a newspaper, At this time I could see that he was angry.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Homewood, ILToday (July 12, 2009) at about 2:30 pm CDT I stopped to fuel one of my vehicles, and after getting denied from two different credit cards I want inside to see what the problem was. Sohel was there and stated my card was denied. I asked him did he denied my purchase. He would not give me an answer. He did not know that I had just fueled one of my other cars a few minutes ago at a pump he could not see out of the window. I have the receipt for this purchase. I went directly to a another local gas station and used the some card that I first attempted here. I have enjoyed the service that I have received over the last several years. Everyone there knows me, and have always had a friendly attitude, except Sohel. I have hear other customers and employees complain about Sohel. I think that you should check into this matter because he will drive good customers away

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