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So, I'm going to keep things short: I didn't get the game currency that I bought from them. They kept giving me the run around and stuff. But I was relentless. I never stopped bugging them. Every time I had a free moment, I was in the Live Support demanding my product or a refund. I convincingly threatened them with the FBI/IC3, reporting them to paypal, and getting my state's attorney general involved. Of course, I never did any of this since it was a measly $8.65. But it wasn't about the money. It was the fact that they thought they could get away with stealing another human being's hard earned money.

Listen, if you want your money back


You stay in their Live Support and demand that you get your item or a full refund.

Now, you gotta stay calm yet firm at the same time. Don't be all "yes, okay, please etc" after the fourth or fifth customer rep. It's okay to be polite at first when asking about your product, but after that, don't just take their crap excuses. Show 'em you ain't some kid that can be scammed. But make sure you use good grammar through all of this. End your sentences with the correct punctuation. Because I mean seriously, would you take a person who typed liek dis srsly? I wouldn't. I also wouldn't take their threats seriously. If you're gonna tell them that you contacted BBB, the FBI/IC3 and reported them to paypal, try to keep things from getting out of hand. Don't go saying Obama is tracking them now and is coming to kick their doors in.

Anyways, handle it professionally but at the same time, throw in a couple of curse words and legal law enforcement threats to let them know you aren't $#*!ing around.


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