Miro Morczinekbad business

Miro Morczinek

is making a mockery of the review process by allowing biased and unsubstantiated reviews to dominate their site and

How can a review system work if it is anonymous and there are no safeguards to prevent fraud? Miro Morczinek states they have systems in place to prevent fake reviews. They claim they use an algorithum. They have developed the algoriothum which means they can and may be using or abusing it to get the results they want. Of course, this is a secret process which makes it even more suspect.

Most of what is written on and is subjective nonsense. The reader cannot possibly weed through all the rhetoric written by mostly angry unhappy people trying to make themselves feel powerful by bashing the "powerful business" and its owners.

How can the readers possibly believe anything that is written when the writer will not identify themself? I have read articles about how we have to balance how many good reviews versus how many bad reviews and how extreme they are. What? Why would I take the time to try to go through each business' reviews and then not be able to believe them? I have to figure out which is bogus ?

What service are they performing...other than making money by getting gullible advertisers to think they have huge traffic numbers?In reality, these traffic numbers on Miro Morczinek sites are generated by many thousands of businesses checking their reviews and the reviews of their competitors, not to mention how many of them are writing the reviews themselves.

I would like to see the hopitality industry take a stand on this and stop sites like It’s a german site. Vacation rental owners can get reviews in german and often wont realize what’s written.

Several times it has been proofed that fake reviews were posted and Miro Morczinek refused to remove this fake reviews.

Miro Morczinek criminel business pratic is: Landlords shall pay for a new but identical listing which has not the damaging fake review for some weeks. Miro Morczinek must be brought before judge.

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