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well here goes again, in 2010 i had called miracle method at there corporate headquarters to obtain information as to how to get work done by miracle method, they referred to one of there newer franchises in the area which was Youngstown i live in Akron i explained, , Cleveland is closer they insisted that Youngstown was the one i had to go with, , , as this story goes i said OK, upon my previous posting i explained how that franchise had folded leaving me a mess and no one to help from headquarters, , , at that point after many phone calls and way to much stress, not mention 1000.00 dollars down the drain, i reverted to this complaints board, surprise i got a phone call to repair the damaged spots, , , here's were things happen again, one gentleman from Cleveland location calls and says he has approval to fix and warranty, , , they get out here and realized its bad and will get much worse unless it is all redone because an initial step was skipped in the application process and says it needs all redone correctly and would have to get back with corporate, , , , low and behold they deny redoing it all correctly they want to half ### this once again, the place in Cleveland is very good a customer service, and wants to do it right but corporate says no half ### this, , and now want me to pay for materials 150.00 more at first i agreed just to end all this but after careful thinking i just don't have the money, , , this is a principal thing, , , bad bad business, is this what ya want i have attached pictures for your enjoyment, , , i just want it done right can anybody help

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      23rd of Apr, 2012

    Miracle Method has been in business for over 30 years and currently has over 125 franchise locations. Overall our customer satisfaction is very high. Across the country, literally thousands of bathrooms and kitchens are refinished each week. It is inevitable that, occasionally, there will be a problem or two. We are disappointed whenever we hear of a customer who is not satisfied with a Miracle Method job. As each franchise is independently owned and operated by a local individual, it is necessary for a customer to contact that individual in the event of a problem. The franchisee who did the work is responsible for any warranty whether they are with Miracle Method or not.

    In this situation, the franchise that did the work is no longer in business. Our Cleveland Miracle Method franchisee spoke with Mr. Binns on several occasions, the most recent being last Friday, 4-20-2012. The franchisee explained to Mr. Binns that we would re-spray the surround at no cost to him. He was very pleased and wanted the tub redone as well. Our franchisee agreed to do that as well, even though he is under no obligation to do so, and they agreed Mr. Binns would pay a total of $150.00 (labor and materials for the tub only) in order to have both the tub and surround refinished. Mr. Binns was thoroughly pleased with this solution.

    Consequently, Mr. Binns posted this complaint the very next day (Saturday, 4-21-2012). Our Cleveland Miracle Method franchisee spoke with Mr. Binns this morning. Mr. Binns said his wife did not agree with the proposal, and did not want to pay a penny and therefore, does not want Miracle Method to do any work.

    We are sorry Mr. Binns is having a problem with his tub and surround, which was refinished over 2 years ago, and have tried, unsuccessfully to correct the work performed by a former franchisee.

    Miracle Method National Office

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  • Th
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    no this is not correct
    i do want this fixed, by miracle method from Cleveland at no charge to me
    and i have explained several times i had to put a tub surround in to cover the peeling in the shower it was so bad i had to hire some one to put the surround in, because nobody would fix it, now the walls are peeling the very nice young man that came here did not even have the right color to fix it and told me in front of my wife what a terrible
    injustice has been done here, it was done incorrectly and assured me that it needed taken off and done right or it would continue its peeling process, and also the tub which looks horrible would need done too, so please do not try to make this look like your trying to resolve the situation, if you did not me make go with the guy in Youngstown, because of region disputes i could have paid Cleveland the first time and never went through this, and at first it was going to be no charge to me then all the sudden more money is needed, all i want is this repaired and done correctly its been a two year battle not to mention the stress factor, this is stressful just typing this i have been so patient through all this its just not good business, i work for a company in which i am a customer service rep if i treated people this way i assure you i would be unemployed by morning, ...somebody please help

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