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This self called doctor did botox and restylane on my face. I have been having these with another (and very good) dr before, but I tought let me give this one a shot, it's a simple procedure and he's much cheaper. There's my mistake. After the procedure, he scarred me so bad, I couldn't go out for 2 weeks. I had bruises, bumps. I called the office and an office manager told me it happens all the time to her. How relieving!! Scars and bruises are gone after one month now but you know what, I have two grayish bluish lines going down from my nose to my mouth.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tustin, CA And the reason is that he injected restylane so superficially, close to the skin surface it left these marks. I'm crying right now. I don't know it will go away, ever. I confronted him at his office, he says he doesn't know what I'm talking about and I gave him consent to do whatever. I didn't give consent for malpractice. He was laughing at me with his tacky office manager. He said he would have me arrested if I don't leave immediately.

Now he's changing his location, probably his name too.

Beware of this crook, you are warned. He's not just a terrible doctor, he's also a terrible human being.

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  • Jo
      Oct 24, 2008

    I just discovered Michelle's post, and I wish to come forward as another vicitim! Dr. Mirafatti did the same horrible botch job on me! I have talked to dozens of friends who have successfully had Botox without a problem. (Why I stupidly chose Dr. Mirafatti, instead of their doctors, I will regret forever). My case was EXACTLY the same as Michelle's-- he botched the injections, and horribly bruised both sides of my face, which swelled to large purple masses (so bad that I had to go to Urgent Care at the hospital!). When I called him and reported all this to his staff, did I get any reply call from him? Was there any concern from him on this painful condition? No! He totally ignored me! He wouldn't even respond to any of my calls. It was if "I got your money, now leave me alone. Your bruising is your problem, not mine." To add insult upon injury, there wasn't even any effect from the Botox. I don't mean I'm some perfectionist, and was expecting all lines to be flawlessly vanished. But there was ZERO effect. None. Nada. Nothing. The wrinkles were TOTALLY unchanged. It was as if he injected a placebo of saline into me instead. By his own admission, he said he only injected 14 units, when reputable, legitimate doctors clearly state a minimum of 20 units is needed to make a difference. When I challenged him on this underdosing, he got defensive saying "its not the quantity, but the skill of the doctor, that makes the difference." What a farce! The fact is, it was a scam: purposely underinject, so patients will come back for "follow up" injections where he can charge again! I am calling for ALL OTHER VICTIMS of Dr. Mirafatti to contact me. I would like to gather a group of us to take group action (class-action) against this abusive doctor: California Medical Board malpractice, Police report of business fraud, and small claims court for refunds of charges. It may be too late for us, but perhaps we can prevent future vicitims. Please contact me.

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  • Al
      Nov 02, 2008

    DO NOT BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE LIBELOUS, FRAUDULENT B.S. POSTED ABOUT DR. MIRRAFATI!! I know from personal experience and referrals by others that Dr. Mirrafati is one of the most skilled doctors in existence with regard to injectibles and the people who posted the ads are undoubtedly lying or working with a doctor who competes for business with him. It's disgusting that people are fraudulently bashing him online when he is one of the very few cosmetic doctors who is actually a trained and skilled plastic surgeon. NOBODY GOES TO URGENT CARE OVER BOTOX TREATMENTS UNLESS MAYBE THEY ARE HARD CORE DELUSIONAL AND FULLY MENTALLY DERANGED! THAT'S RIDICULOUSLY UNREALISTIC AND FRAUDULENT. I had an injectible (Radiesse) done by him in my lips and around the mouth and he is exceptionally skilled and competent with injectibles. Radiesse is thicker than other fillers is the most difficult filler for doCtors to inject. Some doctors don't use it because it requires extreme precision when injected. Most doctors won't inject it into the lips because they aren't skilled or competent enough to put it in the lips without causing lumps. Well, Dr. Mirrafati very quickly, precicely and competently injected the Radiesse into my lips and mouth/nose areas. It looked great and he did my lips without causing any lumps, which very few doctors are capable of. The negative libelous ads posted about Dr. Mirrafati allege that he incompetently injected Restylane and Botox, which is fraudulent. Restylane and Botox are much easier injectibles for doctors to do than Radiesse. Since Dr. Mirrafati is 100% skilled with Radiesse, he can easily and competently inject Restylane. Botox is the easiest injectible for doctors and I have no doubt that Dr. Mirrafati can skillfully use it. When I was in Dr. Mirrafati's waiting room, I talked to a girl who was getting a breast augmentation done by Dr. Mirrafati. She told me that one of her friends and one of her family members had a breast job by Dr. Mirrafati and were so happy with the results that they referred her.

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  • Mi
      Nov 08, 2008

    Well, Sayeed, excuse I meant Alyssa, we all know you work for that place. Atleast, I know you're either mirrafati himself or that weasel office assistant who dares to call everyone sweety. Jesus Christ mirraafati, instead of blaming your patients of delusion (btw I teach computer science at a credible university), you should train yourself to get better at what you do. And you know what, my sole purpose here is to warn others of your incapability. If you clean up your act and become a real doctor, that benefits everyone. I wish you'd understand that. Maybe it's different in your culture.

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  • Gr
      May 29, 2009

    Id like to say that I was actually a tenant of Mr. Mirafatti... I can contest to the fact that he is indeed a terrible person. I dont doubt that he did this to this womans face or that he laughed at her. I took residence in one of his studio apartments last year and it was disgusting. The man he had running it like a landlord was a crook who would never fix a thing and was impossible to get a hold of. He consistently lied to me and my husband and I went through 9 months of dealing with unlivable circumstances until one day I decided to move after discovering I was pregnant. The "landlord" would no longer take my calls when I tried to get my deposit back. So I began calling Mr. Miraffati at his practice. He called me back in his own good time and was not too eager to help me. I had to try and explain everything to him about my living situation but he was always rushed and didnt want to hear it. Finally after several failed attempts to meet up for my check, we did get to see him. He listened finally to me tell him about the situation Id been in and then said "Well I didnt deduct anything from your check regarding new paint or anything for the place." I told him straight out, that I had moved into an unpainted place and all the work gone into it was mine. The landlord had not painted or cleaned. I put in a new ceiling fan and brand new a/c with remote. I also spent over $500 on paint, new carpet covers and bathroom repairs, as well as backyard cleanup and window treatments (fake stained glass to block the driveway light). I also mentioned to Sid that he was responsible for repainting the place and not me. He gave me my check and took off in his ferrari, never to be seen again. I stood there pregnant with my husband, just glad to have my deposit. I took it straight to the bank and to my surprise it cleared. Worst experience of my life. Made my first 4 months of pregnancy one of anguish and frustration. I cried and worried most nights about being able to afford to move and Christmas gifts, without our deposit. What type of person does this?

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  • Ra
      Jan 30, 2010

    my name is Raeshelle,

    i had a boob job done by Dr.Mirafatti about a month and a half ago.. i am very happy with the results of them, i diden't even have any brusing and my scars healed great! he was very nice to my fiance and i.

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  • Th
      Apr 16, 2010

    Not all doctors should be practicing medicine. Sound scary???? But it is true.

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  • Mo
      Jul 29, 2010

    I don't see how they can charge for not doing thier injectables right the first time. Obviously one muscle is stronger than the other (between my brows) and they should have worked it accordingly. Some reason I'm supposed to pay for the doctor's fault...hmmmm!!

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  • Tw
      Jan 08, 2011

    Oh my gosh! I just discovered these post when I googled "mira aesthetics reviews" and I have never written a review about anything before but I just felt compel to do it this time, for some odd reason. When I first starting going to Dr. Mirrafati's current place of pratice in Costa Mesa last Spring (2010), I had so many bad experiences, but I am pretty easy going so I just let it go every time, thinking sometimes things just happen and because it is conveniently located and the procedures that I have had were done with the nurse or office manager (she is an older lady and I have a feeling it may be the good doctor's mother). My schedule appoitments were overbooked and/or mis-scheduled almost every time. I had to wait for over two and half hours for a 5 minute procedure the first 3 visits. I must say they are the biggest product pushers and wanted me to commit to pre-paying for packages and everything, but what I was most frustrated and unhappy was that they kept telling me one price and just right before I am about to have the procedure done, they tell I have to pay more for one reason or another. I always felt pressured to pay more and have more stuff done than I wanted and it made me feel very uncomfortable, but again, I went along with it, partly because it is my fault that I am such a push over because I trust that they would advise for the best results. I have notice that there's always some one new working at the front desk since I have started going there.I I have had a consult and met
    Dr. Mirrafati recently and had two procedures done by him (total of 3 times, I had contact with him) and immediately I sensed, that some (people) doctors are in the business because they love what they do and want to make their clients happy (beautiful). I discovered that Dr. Mirrafati is the biggest product pushers of them all (now I get why his staff are such sales people), and the doctors is more of a SALES MAN than a doctor! ( I don't have anything against sales people if they are honest and know what's best for their clients and not just looking out for their best interest or pocket book.) I consider myself to be a great judge of character, and there's just something about Dr. Mirrafati that I don't have a good feeling about (I don't feel this about anyone else), it's not really his skills as a doctor (because I haven't had any major/surgical procedure performed on me) but it's more of him a person. It really takes alot for me to say this about a person I do not know very well, but sometimes you just get this feeling. The Dr. Mirrafati tries to be charming and nice but it seems so contrive and fake and I don't think he is a person I can trust. Thank you for your review because I will definitely be more careful. I thought of having a breast lift by him and now I think I will have to do some more homework/research!

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  • Ka
      Jun 18, 2011

    Dude I have had lipoprotein by Dr. Mirrafiti and he did an awesome job. It was the best thing that I could do for myself 7 years ago. I just went in an had more work done and I love my new boobies! I'm hearing from all my friends that they are perfect. I had no bruising. He did injections iny face and it's excellent too. All the haters need to get over yourselves and maybe stick with your referral then be cheap.

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  • Mo
      Jun 18, 2011

    Well, it appears he used us for guinee pigs then and lucky for you miss thang.

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  • Li
      Aug 02, 2014

    I want to know what happened to the court case that he had. Where he did a liposuction on a patient that died and was taken to Western Medical Center in Santa ana where he was pronounced dead. From What I had read the court documents stated that the staff and the doctor did not performed CPR on the patient while they waited for the ambulance. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE OUTCOME OF THE CASE???

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  • Na
      Apr 02, 2015

    Doctor Mirafatti ruin my whole body in a lipo sculpture back in 2007 he lipo my butt without my consent just because he considered my body was to round. I am latina. I ended up with a bigger side (butt) than the other. I look so terrible with any pant or jeans. My legs are deform also he got to much fat out of them. I been so traumatized with a low self stem since then. I regret soo much... the day that I met this "doctor". I think tijuana doctors would have done a better job.

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