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Mira Aesthetic Medical Center - Dr. Sid Mirrafati review: Terrible results by Dr. Mirrafati

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I saw Dr. Mirrafati in Febuary 2006. He did a Rystalyne and Radiesse injection in my lips and nasal folds. He told me the next time he would like to "build up my forehead" to get rid of the minor crease I had. I saw him for that specific purpose in October 2006. He charged me $1700 for a package that included Botox. He said he would use whatever was left over in my lips and nasal folds. I got a terrible lump on my forehead (see attached photo) that still has not gone away. I called to speak with him about this, and he did not return my calls. I was hoping it would go away. Since it did not I made an appointment and saw him in November. At that time he made light of my situation. He told me to "Go stand on the highway naked and see if anyone notices." He then stuck a needle in my head to break up the lump. This left me with a permanent purple mark and a divot. It still did not go away, so again I made an appointment and saw him in December. It was one week before my husband's Christmas party and Dr. Mirrafati again made light of the situation and told me "Just wear a jewel on your forehead and go as a Hindu." He then injected a steroid into my head. The lump still did not go away so I saw him again the next month in January. This time he told me "There is nothing I can do, don't worry it will go away in a year." I told him I at least wanted my money back, and he offered me $300, and asked me to sign a contract stating I would not tell anyone. To say I was insulted is a complete understatement. I have tried to be very gracious and work with him. I am still left with this awful bump, a purple mark and divot on my head, and he wouldn't even refund my money.

I want justice for this situation. I feel that as a patient we need to be informed about doctors like this that take advantage of women simply wanting to look their best.


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Oct 01, 2012 4:08 am EDT
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Don't know why people are putting fake review of this Doctor as Last month I had my breast implant surgery done by Dr Mirrafati and really I am glad that I chose Dr Mirrafati for this. I would recommend him to every woman who are looking for Breast implant surgeons in los angeles

Jan 21, 2012 1:50 am EST

My wife just had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Mirrafati. To make a long story short he completley botched her body! The breasts came out uneven because of a lowering fold that he deemed necessary. One nipple points down the other up and one fold comes in while the other pushes out. He told my wife that this is all due to one of her implants deflating. There were also complications after the surgery and he just tryed to shift the blame away from himself instead of trying to help my wife. My wife got a second opinion from another doctor and found out the implant is not deflated and the surgery that Dr. Mirrafati performed was horrid. My wife had to have a second procedure by another doctor to correct everything.

Oct 11, 2011 9:28 pm EDT

This Mirrafati character is a the most unethical doctor I've seen .

The Medical board is after him so feed the board with all of your complaints...he has no business working in medical or any other field for that matter.

Jul 29, 2010 2:50 pm EDT
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I just talked with them this morning and am trying to figure out why I should pay for their mistake!?! I mean, obviously one muscle (between my brows) is stronger than the other, and they should have acted accordingly. NO... I'm supposed to pay for a touch up because everyone is different...well no duh. what are they blind?

Jul 20, 2010 11:52 pm EDT

****THIS SITE IS CLEARLY FILLED WITH FRAUDULENT AND SLANDEROUS INFORMATION***I hope that all of the seemingly mentally unbalanced liars committing slander in writing fraudulent negative reviews are held accountable through their actions and legal justice. I've been to countless plastic surgeons throughout the last 8 years for consultations and procedures. Dr. Mirrafati is the only physician I've encountered who is actually worthy of the title doctor. Most of the doctors I've visited with rip patients off with or without "butchering" their faces and bodies. Dr. Mirrafati's Costa Mesa office is upscale and exceptionally nice. His former office in Tustin was nice as well. When I first went to consult with Dr. Mirrafati, I spoke with a female patient in his waiting room who raved about how great of a job the doctor had done with her breast implants. She went on to inform me that the doctor had also performed breast implant operations on one of her family members. Dr. Mirrafati injected the thickest and most difficult filler to work with on me with amazing results during two different visits. Dr. Mirrafati also formerly corrected a filler lump in my lip caused by a grossly incompetent Irvine based female doctor. Additionally, I have a female acquaintance who will only see Dr. Mirrafati for botox and lip fillers. I'm disgusted to read the fraudulent b.s. on this page considering that Dr. Mirrafati is probably literally 1 in 5, 000 people actually worthy of the term doctor. Most doctors are barely average and more than a few too many are incompetently butchering patients in addition to ripping them off. It's outrageous that seemingly mentally unstable people are on this site fraudulently slandering the only skilled plastic surgeon who I've encountered in all of O.C. If you people ever actually do have a very negative experience with an incompetent plastic surgeon, it will be the karma that you've created hitting you exactly where you deserve it. Good luck with that and until that occurs find something useful to do with your existences that doesn't involve illegal slander. Some time in your future, you'll likely end up at Dr. Mirrafati's office begging him to fix your disfigured faces and bodies. lmao

Apr 01, 2010 11:56 pm EDT

God how I wish I would have came across this website before making the mistake of having surgery performed by Dr Miraffiti. He has ruined my body, I’ve spent over 25, 000 trying to get his botched lipo surgery fixed. For starters I was incapacitated for 2 weeks couldn’t walk after my surgery. I went for my follow up which he made me wait over 2 hours. My results initially were horrible, I went back to him requesting several areas to be fixed only for him to charge me another $3, 000 to fix his mistakes. Which didn’t fix them, so I then went to another PS and paid $25K to fix what this horrible doctor did to me. And I’m sorry to say it still looks bad.

After this whole mess I ran into a friend of mine that he has on his websites before and after whom used to work for the good doctor and she told me more horror stories about this man. From having untrained people working on patients to how dirty/unsterile his operating room was. As a former patient YES he does let untrained people perform things such as Botox and silicone which is not FDA approved but he will tell you it is into his patients, without his supervision and I know this because I was one of those patients. Please Don’t let what happened to me happen to you. Please do some research on any Dr that’s going to do some work on you. This man only cares about money his office was a total plastic surgery chop shop and he didn’t give a dam about any of his patients.

Aug 07, 2009 2:16 am EDT

I find it quite interesting that people who have never been to this doctor find it necessary to post their absurd comments. I have had multiple procedures from Dr. Mirrafati with excellent results. These include a mini facelift, laser resurfacing and about 6 years later, eyelid surgery. His staff are very pleasant and he has always been very professional unfortunately there are many nut cases around who probably want to get money from this physician which is a big part of what has gone wrong in our country. As far as the pathetic "joe consumer" goes, I guess "he" has been in a Tijuana jail which is concerning at best. Would you take a recommendation from someone who got a free consultation and then blasts the guy on some messed up web site. Once again, PATHETIC! Then there is the joke that decides to blast him because of his ad in OC METRO. Where is your ad, jerk?

Sep 15, 2008 2:47 pm EDT

I was doing research on Dr. Mirrafiti and found some other complaints as well. But what struck me as odd is that I just picked up the September copy of OC METRO and there's a full page ad with a picture of Dr. Mirrafiti advertising himself as a breast where in the ad does it mention Dr. Mirrafiti's name or the name of his business. This seems very fishy to me like maybe he's got something to hide?

Sep 12, 2008 4:37 pm EDT

Let me first say that I haven't had any work done by Dr. Sid Mirrafati and I never will. First off I have been in a few plastic surgeons offices and quite frankly Dr. Mirrafati's office is comparable to that of a Tijuana jail and that was just the waiting room. Once I got back to his actual office I was appalled. This was the biggest pig sty I had ever seen. Granted office appearance doesn't mean this guy is a bad surgeon but if appearance has anything to do with performance then you might think this guy moonlights as a butcher at the local grocery store.

There are tons of plastic surgeons out there...make sure you pick the right one.

Jan 20, 2008 9:40 am EST

Why would you be stupid and keep going back to this guy?