Mineral Elements by Eden A.D.A. PCN Eye Lash and BPN Beautytook money from my account without authorization

when ii was in the hospital, because I am disabled and sick a lot they said I charged their products on line at first they charged me $4.83 and $4.95 both done on 05/09/2011, then we had the willow fire in eastern az, and we were told to evacuate so we left to san lusi az and on 06/07/2011 they charged my card $119.32 and $130.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Springerville, AZ41 all of these were done on the same days, I didnot even know they were the same company until I tried to call them to let them know I filed fraud charges with my bank wellsfargo, and they were not only rude they pretty much called me a liar, I even told them since everyone was evacuated and my mail put on hold, and if they did send me their products, I would find out on 06/27/2011, because I have to go back to get stiches removed from my surgery from my doctor, I use a wheel chair and oxygen, and didnot even know what kind of product they sold until my son researched it for me, and that is when I found out they were all the same company, and that they have ripped off a lot of people, one way or another, and because they took money from my account the checks I made out to my doctors all bounced and now my account is a negative $385.00 in fees alone and $259.51 they charged, and now the 1st of the month is coming up, and I have the same bills every month, because I am on disability and ony recieve $721.00 and if my money is not refunded, I wont be able to even get food or pay my rent, because I will owe the bank $644.51 and then what will I do??? someone please help this is not fair my account number they say with their company bpn is #3116489 and with pcn it is #3116499 and I called them both this morning on 06/21/2011 pcn at 8:45 a.m. spoke to ashley, and bpn at 8:50 a.m. I don"t know how they sleep at night??? the number for pcn is [protected], and the one for bpn is [protected] shame on you pcn and bpn a.d. a. mineral elements by eden!!! taking advantage of anyone much less the disabed and elderly, see all other posts on %url0% shame on you!!! shame on you!!! what lousey lousey customer service!!! worst ever!!!

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