Midway Nissan / Used Cars / deceptive sales tactics

2201 West Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 602 866-6612

On March 15, 2011 I happen to stopped by to view their used cars and since speaking with Erica Sales/phone and via e mails. I had already discussed with her that I JUST needed to know the cost of a used vehicle since I already had 2003 Chevy tracker but needed some minor repairs. Also she knew all the adversity in my life >lost of my daughter. mother and grandson >my credit was not too good this time but the I was already in the process of Credit Repair > after all this for believing in her and sales mgr I got SCREWED! she invited another Sales Mgr named Joe and they thought by submitted a auto loan just to find out if and how much I would qualify for? but this CONTRACT WOULDNOT BE A FINAL ! Well I believe them and they tried to make me take 2008 chevy colbalt it started at $13, 000 but the bogus co ntract said $29, 000 with ridiculous charges and false information. From the beginning I stated to Erica that this wasn't the car I wanted its smaller than what I was driving! and with my anxiety I just wouldn't be happy.
anyway after all this now come to find out that Midway Nissan are having various financial companies and tried to process a or contract or just by making all these (14) hard inquries on my credit report my scores are not likely to improved. as of this date MAY 05, 2011 i got my 14 copy of loan app. I have consulted with FTC, ATT GEN OFC and waiting to hear my next step in not letting Midway Nissan or anyone else to go through this. you wonder wheres CAPITALISM THIS ISN'T RIGHT. I DON'T HAVE ANY SO CALL VEHICLE OR WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH MIDWAY NISSAN!

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