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Ni Lakewood, CO Review updated:

One day the blower in my car stopped working and now that winter is here, it was time to get it fixed. I decided to take it to the local midas shop. Upon arriving, I explained what was going on to the guy behind the counter. He told me that he could have it looked at. After telling me that it would be a couple of hours, my friend and I left after giving him my contact number.

Three hours pass and I get a phone call, explaining that they think my resistor was fine but possibly the blower motor itself was broken. He then explains that they would need to remove my dash to check for sure, I agreed and that was the end of that phone call. Several hours later, I get a call saying that the blower motor had seized, and that the resistor was fried. I asked him the ballpark cost of getting them replaced.

'$991.47' He said as if I was stupid. After exchanging 'wait... say that again(s)' I hung up as telling him I was going to look around. After going to a auto part store, I discovered that I could get the resistor, and blower motor for a whopping $190. When we were at the store, we picked up the advanced repair Manuel for my car, we are replacing it ourselves.

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  • Te
      Dec 08, 2012

    Good for you. I think everybody should do just what you did. That would save me from having to go to work every day. Ps did you ask them what their monthly power bill was?

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