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mid atlantic finance company / automotive

1 Clearwater, FL, United States Review updated:

I bought a car here in panama city florida at a local car lot...i made the payments there for 6 months. then i get a letter in the mail saying i had to start making payments to this company, well thats fine so i make payments then christmas hits this year, i slip up and cant make a payment for the month because i bought presents for my family, so i call them and ask if they can let me get a extension till january 8th now its december 26 when i call all i am asking for is two weeks and i would catch them back up in full. well they dont want to hear that saying i owe them 604 so i call my insurance company and get an extension from them till the 8th of january and decide to send them the insurance money to make them a lil happy which is only 250 but its something, so i call and talk to eduardo i think and alan well eduardo is the dumbest person there, knows nothing at all, he says that they cant accept the 250 and want the 604 then goes into telling me about the economy in the usa and the hard times everyone is having and that even they have hard times that work there...o lol and the kicker that i drive a 2004 chevrolet cavalier and that if i want to continue driving a car that is as reliable as a 2004 that i need to send the 604 that day, so i inform eduardo that i know the economy is down i didnt need him to inform me of that that my 2004 cavalier needs a complete wiring thing done to it and that it was in a wreck before i got it and that my doors where different colors and i asked if he knew that, no answer from him so i informed him that if he wanted my car i still owe 3500 its sitting in my yard in panama city come get it, because the last time ill do is deal with this company again or the place i bought it from...i own currently a 2001 jeep cherokee, and a 2007 dodge ram 2500 and i could really care less about that company but then i got my credit to think of but lol its already screwed up so a repo wont exactly cripple it

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  • No
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    A very unprofessional company that hires people with nasty attitudes. Worse yet, evidently, they don't train them. You receive phone calls when your payment is 1 day late! The calls request an "urgent" response. About half of the "customer service" reps speak very poor english with thick accents. The other half speak english well. "I can't guarantee they won't come and get your car". That's a 5 day late response! Your loans not even reported as late on credit reports until 30 days late, for goodness sake. When you do speak to the rare humane rep, your phone all isn't even documented. The next day you get a call threatening to take the car with an attitude that you didn't really speak to anyone the night before.

    Beware, deplorable "customer service".

  • Le
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    A very unprofessional company indeed. I have been paying my car note for three years with no late payments. I had a couple of payments that had due dates, let's say the 15th of every month. The 17th i would and still get threatening phone calls of reposession. There is a 15 day period before late fees apply and that is 40 bucks!!! But i have never been over 30 days late as to where they can put that on your credit report. I WILL NOT recommend this company to anyone, and i will rather ride in a rust bucket before i ever finance with this company again!

  • Ti
      18th of May, 2009
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    I to have problems with this company. I was paying on my 2000 Ford Countor to a local company for over a year. I get a letter in the mail about me paying them.. Alright.. So I get a call from them 3 days later.. And this guy named Todd was telling me that my car payment was due 3 days ago. I had sent the payment to the old finance company and I tell him that.. He says for me to give him the money order number and that I needed to give him the insurance company info too.. Well I was in the middle of a resturant eating and I told him that.. This guy has the balls to say..I'll wait cuz I need it right now.. I told him you can call back later.. Now they call me all the time.. YOUR LATE CALL US NOW.. Right now I am in a pickle cause my purse was stolen.. All my money was in it cell phone too. So I call them and tell them what had happen.. This lady Alice said You still have to pay us.. I told her it's gonna have to wait till my next check. She said you must be lying and spent the money.. I get paid the 22nd of this month.. and they sure are gonna wait.. I am so tired of this company.

  • Te
      28th of May, 2009
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    Now are situation is similar, my husband just bought a car from a local company in Front Royal, VA called Checkered Flag. We were dealing with the sales man there name Lawrence. The car was bought in January early February and was told by Lawrence that we are to make payment to him every two weeks ($160.00) every two weeks. Then my husband receive calls from this company asking him for his personal information, the caller didn't identify themselves or anything, so I call them back to find out who and what this was for and that's when they informed us that the finance our car(2003 Chevy Impala). The information was verified, ok, then we get another call from them asking the same information and another, and other, until I had to speak with Jason H. ext 0033, he states that this was an error on the reps part for not reading notes. Ok, my last payment to Checkered Flag was on 4/3/2009, I have the printed receipt which clearly breaks down the amount, interest and payment applied toward contract. Now, when it was time to get our tags, the dealership did not have them, they didn't even have the car registered at the DMV, so Lawrence took it upon himself to purchase our tags. So when I paid the last payment to the dealership they took it upon themselves to take the funds for the tags and now Mid-Atlantic wants us to pay this payment again. I fax every thing over to this Jason H. fellow who states that he would take care of it and go after the dealership for the uncollected funds that they did not send them. And not I have a so call Supervisor named Kristin phone #800 793 9661 ext 135 calling me stating that it not there problem. Don't they now I have copies of everything, and nothing on this copies states any thing about tax, title fees. I truly hope that people would read this and make sure they are not rope into dealing with jack-leg dealers or this finance company. Companies like this prey on people who need help and they try to mess up everything a hard working person work for.

  • Em
      6th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Are these the same people as Atlantic Credit and Finance? That company is run by a bunch of Virginia Tech and Virignia Military Institute wackos. Even their lawyer is a cousin and they are related to the Virginia Tech escort. The names are Woolwine and Frye. Check out for all of the juicy details.

  • Em
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    Atlantic Credit and Finance sucks. They treat the employees like cadets at a military school and debtors like the enemy. Roanoke News says they are laying off like mad. Too bad.

  • Ro
      14th of Nov, 2009
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  • Ha
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I am having problems with them also. I want them to come pick it up but they dont want this piece of crap. The dealership lied to me and told me i could trade it in when i made my sixth payment because they wanted to know i would pay on time. I was ready to trade it back in and they then told me i need 3000.00. I was told in the beginning i would need only 5 or 600.00 dollars. i then go to pay my note and they tell me it was sold to mid atlantic without my knowledge. My car has fallen apart and was a piece of crap from the day i got it. So many things were wrong with it but they promised to fix and never did. I am ready to give this car back but they dont want it. I dont want them to try to garnish my check but i could care less if it goes on my credit report because I will go to a buy here pay here place anyway. Does anyone know if they will try to garnish my check or not?

  • Sh
      5th of Aug, 2010
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    My payment is due on the 30th. They start calling the 1st or 31st. If I don't answer they call My Moms phone and if we don't answer they leave rude messages and call 10 to 15 times a day till they get the payment or I answer. I normally pay online with in a few days.
    Things are hard right now so I called for a deferment 3 months ago. HOLY COW!! They wouldn't do it said I called a day late and TOLD me to call a week before it was due. So scrapped and got it in. the next month, I called a week before it was due and again was told I was a day late. So I explained to the lady what the other person had told me. The manager ok'd the deferment, told me I'd have to send a money order for $16.81 before they would defer it. She TOLD me I could send it on a friday and it would be fine. Well They just called and said NO I had to pay this month, but I could defer next month. I tried to explain to the person what the last person said. She told me I was rude and NO THEY WOULD NOT DEFER IT FOR ME!!! I simply asked to speach to a manager because she wouldn't let me talk and kept yelling at me. They manger was just as rude and refussed to listen. I think they are the most hateful people to deal with. I understand people lie to them but that no reason to be so hateful to everyone. I work at a school and don't get paid during the summer. But they refuss to hear you.

  • Tu
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I have a problem with them as well. I purchased a car 3 years ago and within 6 months of the loan, I got a letter to start sending my payments to this company in Florida. I live in Arizona. I have never been late, never deferrd payments, always on time. Came to the end of my contract, the last coupon stated to call and get the last payment due. When I called the lady on the other end of the phone stated that I would have a payment of 1200 due on my last payment. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE !!! I asked and she stated since my payments were due on the 4th (and I had until the 13th until they were considered late and then a late charge of 10 dollars would occur) and sometimes they would not get them until after the 4th BUT before the 13th that they were charging interest on the grace period days between the 4th and the 13th. WHAT THE H___!!! I never heard of such a thing . So now I am continuing to pay when legally my contract has been through since Aug.4th. DO NOT PAY THESE GUYS!!! And I also heard that you have problems getting the titles once you are done paying...

  • An
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    I purchased my car frm a buy here pay here lot in April 2008. After making my payment at the car lot, I later received a letter along with payment books from Mid Atlantic. From that time to now I have had notihing but problems with these people. There have been times when I go to my vechicle and it would be turned off because they have not posted the payment. Most recently, I have been taking care of my mom in Dececmber and buying gifts so I was unable to make my payment. I have never been "late" on payment, so this is the first time I am approaching a thirty day missed payment. I received a call saying that I have to make a payment or they are going to repo my car. This is quite suprising to me cause I never gave authorization to be finance through them nor have a signed contract with them. I asked the agent why extreme measures would be taken since I have never been late on my payments, and she responded by saying cause the payment was late.

  • Th
      8th of May, 2011
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    MID Atlantic finance in HOuston is also the worst.The goverment needs do some things to protect consumers

  • Ms
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    do not due buisness with these people, me and my husband bought our veichel from a local dealership here in dallas, we were payin it to the dealership and then we starting getting phone calls and letters stating that i was suppose send my payment to them like if i new this... i am almost done paying on it or so i thought, in feburary i had a balance of 3600.00 and now we are in june and they are sayin i owe more them 4000.00, i am not suppose to be late untill the 15 of each month but they told me sine i didnt have my payment there by the 1st that they are charging me 14.93 in late fees and they add 149.00 in principle and 150.00 on intrest i have never been a month late till last month so i don't know what the hell they are talking about every time i call i get diffrent answers from diffrent people

  • To
      26th of Jun, 2011
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    I have been calling this company Mid-Atlantic Finance, trying to tell them I had to close my accounts and to send be my bills so I can make payments, now I have fallen 3 weeks behind, I told them I will no long allow any one to take money out of my bank account, now they say either you pay up or they will repo my car, Hello you dumb sob's I have only missed 3 payments, people are lossing there jobs, there homes and you people only care aboutgetting you money.smarten up if people can not pay up todate make an agreement so they can pay so they don't lose what they have paid into the cars.

  • Ba
      2nd of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    This company need to close down and I beat some of them are behind on their bill wright know and they are not making hardly no ###ing money sorry company need to close down.

  • Ka
      6th of Aug, 2011
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    This company is unsrupulous! Karma will catch up with the owners!!!
    I am pursuing a Lawsuit...
    I have asked the best law firm in opinion... to review Mid Atlantic's collection practices, (or lack there of) their treatment of their business partners( the company lies and embellishes to their own partners) and lastly how they treat their employees!
    I intend to shut Mid Atlantic down!!!

  • Be
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    I bought my car from a local company thinking that I was going to stay with that comany. A few months latter and I get a letter in the mail wanting my insurance information on the car. I called them and they told me that they bought my car note and that I was to make payments to them. I paid the first payment and had to call them for a balance remaning on the account. They told me an amount that was more then what was left to pay. They clamed that they never recived the last payment that I made to the delership and that I was responsable for the missing funds. They also said that I would have to pay them that payment again in order to bring down the amount I still owe on the car. Now I am behind 30 days to the company and they sent the car note back to the delership that I bought the car from. I am working out a payment plan with the delership to pay the amount that is past due. If you buy a car from a local delership tell them that you only want to do business with them and to not sell your car note to any one else. This company is very rued and they only care about making a buck. When they don't get it they start harrassing you and telling lie's about you to the delership that you got the car from. They told the delership that I was unemployeed and that is not true I have two jobs and have bills to pay plus them liers. I am glad that I am no longer through them and back to the local dealer that I started out with.

  • To
      9th of Sep, 2011
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    I pretty much have had the same complaints. At first they seemed normal, but then, apparently, they needed a copy of my insurance. This is after four months of doing business with them. They claimed it was because I was now letting them deduct my payment from my account automatically. WHAT? That doesn't make sense. I think someone just dropped the ball and didn't ask for it initially. Anyway, they called me three times on the Thursday before Labor Day, cell and work phone (maybe even home, but I never check it), they call me three times on the Friday before Labor Day. I'm in Mexico and I am so annoyed at these messages, I call them from Mexico, but of course no one is available. I'm confused because what happened to calling and leaving one message and waiting to hear back? Why was this so urgent now? Then, the Tuesday after Labor Day, they call and tell me my electronic check was returned for NSF. That is impossible because I scheduled the payment to come out on my payday. I call my bank and they tell me no check has been returned, and no check for that amount was presented. I called MidAtlantic back and told them that something is wrong with their system and I explained why. After talking two different people who tell me two different things, they tell me it doesn't matter because I now have to send that payment by Moneygram to my total inconvenience and that whole process cost me more money! I sent the Moneygram that evening and low and behold, I got a threating call at 7:20 .m. that Wednesday morning about not making a payment and it being six days old, and I am in jeopardy. Apparently, someone did not check their records. I was livid and tried to call back because someone was getting cursed out. Of course, no one answered. I wrote an e-mail to an address I thought receives complaints, but I have yet to hear back.

  • Be
      16th of Apr, 2013
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    Everyone of these people are telling the true about this company..On the day of the payment they call me at work, 'Mid Atlantic he/she say', I say what you need. Your payment due today he/ she said, I said I work with people with dementia I haven't been diagnose.. Very nasty disposition.In the future make sure when you buy anything they don't use your info without your permission and sale your account to someone else...

  • Ma
      31st of May, 2013
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    This company is horrible I bought my car from a different company which in turn sold it to this place and every since has been hell dealing with them they are rude pushy and I will never again pay for a vehicle through them I finally paid my car off last month and have received no title I've called over and over and every time I get a different date saying when it will be mailed I just spoke with a different woman today saying there is no note I've ever called and they do not deal with the title I will meed to call back on Monday and to be sent to title department wth?? Thought you'll didn't deal with titles there I asked for a phone number she said she could not give it to me and hung up I called back could not get same person on phone and go figure yet again no note saying I ever called now guess I wait till Monday and call back.. all I want is my title .. damn place threatened to take my vehicle over and over if I was a day late but look its paid off and now they can't send me my title very pisses and wanting to know what to do or who to go to over them

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