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1 9235 Timberline Lane Apt# L, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, United States
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Phone: 714-595-1416

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My tire story started on Jan 08/15 as I placed my order online for 4 Michelin Tires order# [protected].

On Jan 16/15
I sent Email to customer service because of delay in my order.The answer was (order has not shipped yet)

On Jan 20/15
I called customer service to find out where is my order.The Rep informed me that my order is cancelled, I told him how if I didn't cancelled (no reason given).The Rep told me that I have to place a new order and after installation I will get compensation. I placed a new order # [protected].

On Jan 21/15
I received cancellation Email for my old order [protected] and the reason for cancellation (Customer request) which is not true.

On Jan 23/15
I received a notification concerning delivery the tirs to selected Tire center in Rancho Cucamonga.
On Jan 25/15 I installed the tires at 15.14. Invoice# [protected].Alignment made on the same day by sears.

I though that everything now is finished and I can enjoy my nee tires but 2 days later I started to hear a rubbing noise coming from the right rare .I booked appointment with Sears to recheck the alignment.

On Feb 12/15
After visited alignment shop, who informed me that one of the tire is defect. I went to Costco #678 to forward my problem to one of the specialist in the tire center and here is the most worst part of the story, I told the supervisor about my problem and asked him to make a drive with my car to listen to the noise, after the test drive he denied the issue of noise but he'll check the tire. He took the tore out and after checking, he told me that is not defect but damage caused by applying brake strongly and suddenly, if I am concerned about my safety and want to replace the tire, he can help me by replacing the both rare tire for 269 $.I tried to explain him that the issue of brakes couldn't be first becuse I am the only one who drive the car, secondly if this happen then will affect all tires specially the front two.He started to repeat his opinion without listing to my opinion, ignoring any logic. I refused to pay any more any mony and to save my time I decided to leave the center and return all the 4 tire. (That was at 18.39.inv#[protected])

On Feb 13/15
I decided to visit other costco tire center before going forward in return process. I went to costco#627 Fontana. The technician was very understandable to my situation and he told me he will recheck the tire to find out the problem.After rechck the technician came with the result of defect tire.

On Feb 14/15
I got the replacement tire in costco Fontana.

I placed my order I know that I am dealing with big name with best service. Mistakes can always happen but compensation is made as a recover for the damge caused by mistake. I am asking you please for full refund of the tire price.
If you require any additional information please contact me at
Thank you for your prompt assistance with this matter.

Yasser Yonan

Feb 17, 2015

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