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MGC Mortgage / does not accept payments

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Like so many others I was verbally told by homecomings financial that they sold my mortgage in july but I have not received anything from them or from MGC mortgage advising me of the transfer. I did receive a letter from my homeowners insurance company that homecomings contacted them to add mgc mortgage on my policy. I called mgc in late july and mailed them a check in for my august payment which has still not been cashed. I tried calling and am not able to speak with a live person or leave a message and I am not sure what to do now to avoid late charges or reporting my account is past due. I don't know whether to stop payment of the check I mailed or what my legal rights are. himecomings financial which is a GMAC company would not help me at all and advised me they would not provide me with the alternate phone number they had for MGC mortgage.


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  12th of Sep, 2008
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Please help me! verizon and afnicollections, are trying to say i o them money 1, 074.93 and that i had lived in Rochester ny i have never even been there the address they gave me, go to a safe house. and this person is using my name and all my information. What do i do . please help me... i been living at this address for over 12years.
  31st of Dec, 2008
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I have been dealing with this for 6 months now, and am on the same page.

Countless people have reached out to me, with nothing but disturbing experiences, worries,
and hardship concerning this ordeal.

Back towards the late summer. I made the smartest decision of all and that was hiring an
attorney to oversee all of this. I needed to feel protected in some way shape or form, as I couldn't
seem to get the comfort I needed in dealing with the the mortgage company directly. With endless
phone calls to no avail, countless letters, emails, and faxes, that were never returned. I needed to
make a decision to protect my family and my home.

Since then we have been able to dig up a tremendous amount of information on this company.
Back in November, we were ready to officially file a suit against them, but then decided to hold
off until the first of year. Reason being, is the company appears to be bouncing around and
opening offices in many other various states. Well they call it branching out, while I call it
bouncing around. My attorney seems views it as creating confusion, etc.

Never the less, we will be officially moving forward with our action against them after the first
of the new year. Now I have taken note of each and every one of your posts, and will be in contact with
with those of you that appeared interested, but if there is anyone else additionally that is experiencing the
sames issues that you have read here on these forums that would like to participate. Please
post your story here and get in touch with me via the send a message button above.

We can't let them treat us in this manner. It's unjust!!!

Set aside from all this...
After almost (6) Months, I finally received a statement from MGC.
Regardless of the fact, the statement is a mess.

First, There is a missing payment???, un-applied funds???
About $300 Late Fees?? (Which we have never missed a payment)
and further-more it appears that they have rolled all of our future
taxes into our loan. Taxes that aren't even due yet nor have been
paid by them. An amount that substantually increases our monthly
payment by hundreds of dollars, and it's very disturbing. Fortunately
I am in a position to be able to afford the increase, but I am beside myelf,
and can't imagine what it would be like for someone that couldn't afford
an overnight increase like this. Perhaps someone that is on a fixed income,
or only makes enough to be able to afford their previous monthly payment.
Maybe a family that is struggling due to a job loss, and unfortunate
death, or simply a decrease in pay due to the economy.

This is extremely outragious!!! And has to stop!!!
I will be looking forward to hearing from you all, we need to come together on
this or people are going to start losing their homes due to these deceptive business

-Michael D.
  1st of Jun, 2009
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Let me know - we'll sign on to the law suit!

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