Mesh Computers / No Quality Control on PC

1 England, East Anglia, United Kingdom

I had numerous problems with my PC that I purchased in May 2009 and the latest problem I found was that the front case fan cable was never connected before my PC was dispatched so you can imagine what the temperatures inside my PC was like without this fan being connected, it had been like that for about ten months before I noticed it and despite being returned for a repair to fix another problem it was never spotted.

I wrote to Mesh Computers to ask to be compensated for this problem and they might as well called me a liar as they said “It would not be possible for your system to pass our quality control testing if the fan were disconnected” who are they trying to kid after all the problems I’ve had with my pc, the best they could do was give me two months extended warranty as they do not operate a compensation policy which I think is disgusting, now how convenient is that.

I’ve spent around £3500 with Mesh Computers now and that’s the best they can do from a company that call themselves the “UK’s No 1 Award Winning PC Manufacturer Anything else is a compromise ” if you ask me anything else would be a step in the right direction.


Stuart Robinson

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