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Merrill Lynch Wealth Management / financial advisor team

1 901 E. Byrd St.Richmond, VA, United States
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My husband and I opened a Wealth Management Account 5 years ago with all of our retirement money which was certainly enough to live on until we died and also, leave some for our daughter and grandchildren. After 5 years the Walls/Berdell Wealth Management Group in Richmond VA returned .42% in earnings. Time frame from January 2011-December 2015. I completely freaked out when we lost 50K in August to make it a total loss for 2015 of 61K. To add insult to injury my husband had his IRA in a Vanguard account that subsequently earned 8% during the time these Financial Advisors returned .42%. We are both heartsick about the performance that we paid a 1% fee... For what I ask? A few parties we could have paid for ourselves. Stay away from Merrill Lynch at all costs and especially Walls/Berdell. We have moved all of our money back to Vanguard and subscribed to a newsletter by Dan Weiner who outlines his model portfolios for $189 for 2 year. His results are outstanding. Also, Warren Buffet recommends Vanguard. Don't pay Merrill Lynch to lose your money... Manage it yourself. Stay away from Merrill Lynch at all cost.

Jan 12, 2016

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