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Same as all the above-said could sell timeshare in a few weeks-never heard another word, and would not return calls-Isin't amazing how all these jerks have the same speal about they have these buyers, and they all charge $999.00-it is a real shame how these people pray on the innocent people trying to sell their timeshares. There is a lawsuit now with some other compainies, one in particular-CREATIVE VACATION SOLUTIONS-a gal by the name of Jennifer Kirk, and a so-called Scott Kirk have been doing this for years, and have scammed Millions of dollars a year for the same crap. I hope some day that they meet the maker and end up in Prison for life like Maddox did with his little scheams. They will get caught-eventually...

Rich T.-Prescott, Arizona

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  • Sc
      12th of Jan, 2011
    Meridian Media Group LLC - completely lie to get your money
    Clearwater Florida
    United States

    I was contacted several times by this company about selling my Timeshare and my rental weeks. After saying no many times I was contacted by Mr. Jim Gibson senior marketing bla bla bla. He GAURANTEED me I would recieve $3600 for my two RCI rental weeks within 6-10 days after completing and sending back the contract and paying the $963 fee. I was stil skeptical then he poured on the Christian Family man routine and me (actually being one) bought into it. this was December 7th 2017 I dipped into the kids christmas fund to cover this (thinking i would have my return investment in time) NO LUCK Jim Gibson still wont return my calls and nobody else knows anything about the 6-10 day gaurantee IMAGINE THAT !!! It is now January 12th 2017 I have not seen DIME ONE nor have I recieved any offers. If anyone from Meridian Media (maybe the president) whom JIm Gibson stated gave him authorization to offer me the 6-10 day gaurantee would like to actually HEAR this statement of an IMMEDIATE $3600 payout I have it saved on my voicemail I would gladly let you hear it. None the less the kids had a very meek christmas thanks to this man and this company again if you dont believe me, email me I will be happy to share the TRUTH about this MAN and the way they do business CHRISTIAN my ### I know wheres he's going when the time comes...

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  • Re
      1st of Mar, 2011

    You need to contact the dept of agrculture and consumer services in tallahassee fl with that tape... there is your pay back!

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  • Ro
      28th of Apr, 2011

    Meridian Media Group
    They are big time swindlers THEY rip me off 1, 974.00.Mr Jim Gibson, said he is a good christian man several times .I kept telling him i live on a fix income, he said he can rent it out and wil receive a check within a few days Well when after 2 wks I didn't i called and will not answer, I then spoke with carmine 3
    and then to a sarah then a Dan Zane .still no sale no money.So I filed a compliant with Florida state attorney general and to BBB
    I have to send copies but with weather i cannot send it out

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