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I have spent about $7, 000 at menards this past yr alone to remodle my basement and re side my house. I went to Menards to order 2 custom sized Mastercraft doors for my basement remodel. I gave them my rough openings and they told me the door sizes that i would need. Not knowing anything about what doors would fit I agreed to what they said I would need. I signed the order and waited for my doors to come in. After a week my doors were in and I picked them up. I got them home opened them up and guess what, TOO BIG!!! I called the millwork dept and they said there was nothing they could do about it cause it was a special order and I signed it. I argued that how was I suppose to know what door would fit my rough opening. I was again told there was nothing that could be done. I looked things over and decided whatever I will use the doors in another room when I put up some new walls. Well a couple months latter I was ready to put up the doors so I again went to Menards to order the doors. I went to the millwork dept told Jenifer myexperience was last time and gave her my rough opening sizes. She looked it up on the computer and told me that with my rough opening of 30.5 inches the largest door I could get was a 26 inch door which would be 29 inches overall with the frame. So I asked many times are you sure this is correct and she was very rude with her answeres but assured me they were the best option so again I signed the forms and away I went to wait for my doors. A week latter the doors were in and I went to pick them up. I got the doors home and i was worried right off the bat. Guess what now they were TOO SMALL!!! I went tothe millwork dept and I got Jennifer and told her my situation. She looked at my paperwork and said I didnt do anything wrong and scoffed at me. I told her that I didnt care if someone did something wrong or not I wasnt blamming anyone I just wanted to get the right doors considering I now had $400 worth of doors that didnt fit my rough opening. SHe was very rude and stated that I needed to wait till mon and she would check with the company to see what they could do. I came home from work Mon and had a message on the machine from Jennifer that stated there was nothing that could be done for me. So I decided to go to the store to talk to them in person so that I could better explain. I went to the millwork dept for the millionth time, found a worker and asked for the manager of the dept. I got the manager and explained what happen and he agreed that it was a bad situation but didnt think they could do much. He said that the most that he could do is re order the doors and I could give him my doors back he would give me $60 a door. I asked if he could talk to the store manager and see if he would be willing to re order the doors and take the most recent wrong ones back. The millwork dept manager called the store manager and the store manager was complaining about us bothering him and said he was too busy to talk to me. The millwork manager told him what he offered me and he got yelled at by the store manager for even offering me what he did, and then hung up on the millwork manager. I stood there waiting and finaly asked where the store manager was cause I wanted to talk to him face to face. He called the store manager again and asked where he was. So we went to the front of the store where the store manager said he was and guess what NO MANAGER. After a while of cat and mouse the millwork manager called the store manager again only to be told that he knew of the situation and he had no need to talk to me about the situation. I told him that I have spent atleast $7000 their this yr and had alot more projects to do. I asked if they always treat customers this way considering there is a Home Depot accross the street. I again asked if there was any way they would take the doors back and re order the correct ones. This would only set the store back $200 or less if they put the other doors on the floor for sale, and I would continue to use their store for my remodel projects which could amount to over $20, 000. The manager again said I dont have time. I stated that if something was not done I would never use that store again and at this point he told the milwork manager good bye and hung up the phone. The millwork manager apologized and said I wish I could do more for you. After all of this I found it to be the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. The store manager had no problem telling me NO and had no problem with me going to Home Depot for my next projects. I would just like to let everyone know what a crappy place this is to work with when you have a problem. I have never had a problem with anyother employees except the one woman in millwork and the store manager. Just be ware if you order something you are stuck with it no matter what!!!

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  • Ti
      Apr 02, 2009

    I work for menards in the millwork department, if Jennifer is the one who told you your doors would fit then she the one who screwed up at our store if we would have done that we would of reordered your doors at the right size and took back the wrong doors the department gets 50 percent back for your return doors and then they put them in the bargain area and resells them, so menards really doesn't loss any money at all.

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