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[Resolved] Memorial Dentists / Terrible everything

1 14925 Memorial Dr #102Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 281-558-8888

I'm posting my recent experience with this office, which tried to violate the agreement they have with my insurance company by charging me to have my records from Memorial Dentists sent to my new dentist's office.

I was changing dentists since my dentist at this office was not satisfactory. This place is like assembly line dentistry! Good luck actually seeing the dentist. But that's for another complaint...

Memorial Dentists tried to tell me their office policy (although they could not demonstrate the policy was given to me when I became a patient at the office or posted anywhere in the office) was to charge patients a large fee for me to obtain a copy of my records, or have my records sent to a new office. I let the office manager know that I felt this was very unfair. She told me feel free to contact my insurance company or file a complaint with the BBB - she didn't care. So I did contact my insurance company. They told me that charging these fees to transfer my records was in violation of Memorial Dentist's contract with the insurance company.

I called Memorial Dentists back and spoke again to the office manager. She told me she didn't care what the insurance company said. Charging the fees was their policy and I would have to pay the fees if I wanted to see my records.

Utterly frustrated, I called back the insurance company. They were very helpful and offered to conference call Memorial Dentists right then. The insurance representative and I got the office manager on the phone and she had the same story about the fees until the insurance rep quoted the exact language of the contract - once the office manager heard that, she put us on hold, then finally came back and said I could come pick up the records.

I was very disappointed, and am glad I am no longer a patient at this office. What poor policy and rude service! Would not recommend this office at all. Stay away!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Memorial Dentists Customer Care's Response, Jun 12, 2015

    Memorial Dentists is under New ownership since Sept 2012. All prior reviews should be removed from our files or marked as a Previous Ownership. Thank you

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      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    My husband's insurance changed to Delta so we decided to go here since it was close to our home; would be more out of pocket using our regular dentist of 2 years (Dr. Armstrong which is fabulous). What a mistake!!! Right away, Dr. Fleury and the hygienist suggested deep cleaning and claimed my husband had periodontitis. Then was ready to proceed with the procedure without asking for my husband's procedure; basically so you need this... let's get started. Also, Dr. Fleury spent much time poking around and provided over $1100 out of pocket treatment plan which he really does not need!!! I suggested that he just get really cleaning and leave, the Dr looked very disappointed. My sister is a pedo dentist and my brother-in-law is orthodontist and advised us to have the x-rays released which is free unless a copy is made then it's $35. Well, the receptionist says we had to pay $35 and they do not give out original xrays!!!


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      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Very Happy Patient!!!

    I have been going to this office for a number of years and love it. The staff is wonderful and very helpful when I have had questions. They are very thorough and always make me feel very comfortable. My dentist is very proffesional and does great dentistry.

  • Pd
      12th of May, 2009
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    Wow! How reassuring to hear from other unhappy patients. Although I am sorry that your experiences were poor, I am glad that I am not alone. I am a former patient of Memorial Dentists and I was charged in advance for services not yet rendered. After my account was charged, without my prior consent, I was told that as I accummulated services, they would be credited to my account. I refused to allow this and it took weeks to reverse the whole thing. I will never go back to Memorial Dentists. My friend has had a bridge placed by this facility that has fallen out several times. BAD, BAD, BAD.

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      25th of Jan, 2011
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    I decided to go here just because it is close to my work. I just move to the area for an engineering job. The tools and materials that they use were ok and if you wanted you could upgrade to a better ones, (just pay more) -My Dentist was "Doshi" or something like that, He no longer work there. They convert all my amalgams into crows, , -That sounds ok.. Let me tell you, Went I went back to my country, my dentist-over-seas told me that I didn’t need none of this work and that they love crowns because is easy job and lots of money... I was really upset... He also told me that with a crown you teeth degenerate faster. And you also have to be more careful cleaning.
    That is not the end; I lost one of my teeth because of a bad conduct treatment (Done by Anthony Zamany DDS) that was referred by Memorial Dentist and last only 6 months.
    -So I was referred to an implant specialist. The implant doctor was excellent and everything went right.. But in this moment I notice that the memorial dentist was all about money... Every time I went back they will take X-rays, , , I have a discussion telling that I did not need so many and so often X-rays..(That produces cancer)
    They also tray to bid against the implant specialist, , saying they will do that in house, , and (Miriam Folta DMD) give me a quote... the quote was 1500 over the specialist, , and it will be perform by a none-specialist... I can’t believe this.. so I move on to another dentist.. This is the first time I have to do a review; because I think what they did was none ethical. I don’t care if they take my money, , but I care about my dental health.
    I also have to pay the 35 to send my x-rays to my new dentist.

  • An
      10th of Feb, 2011
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    Dear Collin and Energy Corridor User:
    I hope, hope, hope you will read this. I am a dental hygienist and am personally FED UP with dentists getting away with unethical practices. And believe me, I have seen a lot. EC User, I'm glad you took a stand and called your insurance company. But what you or anyone else reading this can do is just cut right through the red tape and file a complaint with the TX state dental board - go to this link first to read up on some information:
    Under main menu (home) click on "How to file a complaint"
    This will explain some things, like for instance, the complaint has to be in writing on their 'complaint form' and 'release of records', which can be obtained by downloading them on that website (above) OR you can call the state board at 512-475-1996. Now, there is no way around putting this in writing, and you can technically file anonymously, but like the site says, it is pretty much impossible to followup or prove anything without pulling a record...and if you're anonymous, they can't pull your record of course. Also -- it says on the site that SBDE has no jurisdiction over fees charged--however, there is language specifically about the amounts a dental office can charge a patient for a copy of their record/xrays and also how long they have. So if they are clearly breaking the rules, I'm not sure how the board will handle it, but I bet you one thing: even if you paid and don't get a refund--they will get reprimanded by the board one way or another if they are clearly breaking the law. Enough reprimands, and the consequences could be pretty devastating for them. Also worth mentioning- whatever you write on your complaint, the dentist or whoever you are filing the complaint on, has a legal right to see exactly what you wrote. So-be very, very careful what you write; be honest, be specific, and state the facts. I sure hope lots of people read this---patients have a right to good, honest dental care. I mean, we are all human, I know we all make mistakes----but it's the ones that wrong people over and over again...and are RUDE about it on top of it, while their pockets are getting fat at others' expense. That's what burns me up, and something needs to be done about it, and you know, all hygienists/assistants/front desk employees know that we just have to keep our mouths shut or we will be black-balled...sometimes it's THEM that are doing it...but I know that dentists talk with their buddies and "have each others' back", if we want to "work in this town ever again" ...we best hush. BUT - patients are different- the problem is that so often y'all just don't know the proper steps to take to actually make a difference or get your problems resolved. If you can settle the dispute with the dentist without needing to file, I would encourage that first - but if they are just unreasonable and your gut feeling is telling you this is SO WRONG - chances are, you are right! So, I hope this helps...good luck!!

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      6th of Apr, 2016
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    I had the most terrible experience with this office. They over charged my by $1000 and had to fight for it for 4 month between insurance and this office. Very defensive staff, all they care is about money. DO NOT GO THERE! It has been a nightmare for me. I learnt my lesson. I should have read all the above reviews before going there.

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