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Medichest.com / Awful company

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I ordered Monistat cool wipes gelstripes based on the description and photo of the product listed on the medichest website. I was sent a notice that the item was backordered after I placed my order. The ordering system made it appear as if this site actually had stock. I could have and should have gone to Amazon.com where they honestly stated they would have to back order the product. This site mislead me from the start. After two weeks I was sent a tracking number through UPS that stated the order had been shipped. When I received the order I immediately realized that this was not the product. I called Johnson and Johnson the original manufacturer and was told that they didn't make this product anymore and that I should check the expiration date on the boxes. There was no expiration date on the product. I then called medichest where a confrontational female insisted that they did not manufacture products and therefore I should accept this product. She became belligerent and began telling me that I was disrespecting her in an inane attempt to use reverse psychology. I asked to speak to her superior and she screamed that she was the sole boss. I then returned the product and called my bank to file a claim. I now will begin to alert other consumers about the unfair tactics employed by this company. These types of internet experiences hurt overall sales on the net.

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A  16th of Apr, 2009 by 
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This is a terrible company, I had a similar experience. I ordered a product that looked exactly what I wanted but received a different product as a substitute. I had to call three times in order to speak with someone and when I did, she was beligerant and rude. She explained that they didn't make the product and that I could return it and receive a refund but the shipping charges of $18.18 would not be refunded. We had some words because not only did I not receive the item I wanted but they charged me $24.95 for the item that I can buy anywhere for $11.95. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE.
N  19th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Medichest.com - Unauthorized Charge to Credit Card
United States

This merchant should be avoided at all costs. Site advertised free shipping for orders over $75.00. Merchant emailed receipt showed free shipping. Merchant initiated a seperate $25 unauthorized, undisclosed charge in addition to the amount on the receipt. I disputed the charge with AMEX.
D  29th of Jul, 2014 by 
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It is by far the most crude business I've come acrossed online. I ask them to cancel my order jus 2 hrs after I've ordered and they still send me the order.
A  10th of Jun, 2016 by 
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These guys are pretty much drop-shippers with a fancy website. Since most of their business is one timers (no return customer), because of their shady practices, they don't care what people say about them. Also since their shady practices are small potatoes, they stay under the radar.
N  28th of Apr, 2017 by 
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@tommyman Funny how you can tell competitor reviews. Medichest has excellent customer service; I've been ordering from them for as long as 15 years. It just really irritates me when I see fake, unethical reviews of a company for the sole purpose of hurting their business.
A  23rd of Jul, 2016 by 
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Defective blood pressure cuff cost us a 911 call and when I had my blood pressure cuff checked by medical personal they notified me not to use it any more as it is miss calibrated... how many people could die from something that stupid!
N  5th of Aug, 2017 by 
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I ordered a low priced item from this company because they offered free shipping and on your first order and nobody else did.

The product was $3.03 and was not available locally in the size I wanted. Amazon & Walmart both sold via 3rd parties for $4.55.

The lack of positive reviews was a concern at first and I checked my credit card online to make sure there were no fraudulent charges. All was good.

I ordered tuesday night, they sent Wed via UPS, UPS got it to town and then handed off to USPS who finished deliverying it today. Saturday.

I probably would not have ordered from them without the free shipping but because they offered it, I saved about $1.50.

I ordered Brushpicks 275 count. My local big box carries them but just 120 count for $2.24. 275 for $3.03 is a better value.

They have a different brand picks for less in the store but their reviews are poor so I wanted to stick with the brand I knew & trusted. The Doctors.
A  20th of Feb, 2018 by 
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Purchased an item on medichest.com as a gift from a registry. I received notice the item was delivered but the recipient told me she never got the package! Upset, I called the company several times: no call back. Messages straight to voicemail. I wrote them an email asking them to contact me. No response. I went to Amazon.com and re ordered the same damn item. My friend never received item and I am out double the cost of the product. What an absolute waste of money. I will never use medichest.com again. Extremely unhappy with their lack of customer service. Even if you could not help me, I would have appreciated some civil response. The silence showed their complete lack of concern for their customers.

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