Medco Pharmacy / prescriptions - dishonest, unethical

1 Omaha, NE, United States

I called Medco to price a prescription; was told by a rep in the Phillippines that my Dr. could call in the script, order 3 -10ml bottles of the eyedrops and my cost would be $80. That I done, I received 1 bottle and a bill for $80. Called Medco, talked with a rep in the Phillippines with a limited knowledge of English (couldn't understand her): I insisted on talking with a supervisor. Gregory said the drops were susposed to last 50 days so a 3 month supply was not allowed. Unopened, I was going to return the package. Was told that they would destroy it and I would still owe $80.
This prescription can be filled at any local drugstore; my cost would be $40. My Dr. attempted to revise my prescription but it was entered as a new order for 4 bottles. I got on line and seen that NEW order and a note that they would be sending my next order of another prescription (out of date). I called again; was told they could send the old outdated medicationwould just call my Dr. I need to have a blood test before it is refilled. While on the phone I requested my scripts be cancelled. I followed that call with a call to both drs', telling them NOT to authorize any medications through Medco. I don't want anything to do with such an underhanded, unethical company.


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