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McLean Company Rentals / Dishonest, unprofessional and straight up mean.

1 Palm Springs, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (760) 322-2500

This company is the worst I've ever encountered in any type of business, period. They are not only aggressively dishonest and shockingly incompetent, they're nasty people. I wish I was being superfluous, but I'm not even coming close. I am writing reviews everywhere I can find in hopes of sparing other people the soul-crushing experience I had with McLean Company Rentals.

Lest you think it's just me, McLean Company Rentals has an F-rating with the BBB and if you read their reviews across the web you'll see repeated themes like "the owner is an outright liar" and "the way they treated us was so horrible it was surreal." It's one thing to make mistakes as a business, those are usually fixable- the reason people have written so many passionately negative reviews of McLean Company Rentals is the comical lack of awareness they have of their own absurd attitude. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET- STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!

My fiance and I wasted six weeks trying to reserve a wedding venue from MCR (while letting go of our holds on our other venues, b/c we had been sent a reservation confirmation and contract from McLean.) I am not saying we deserved special treatment b/c we were planning a wedding, but six weeks in the context of wedding planning is a ridiculously long time to wait on paperwork from a venue, and needless to say it put us in a difficult situation that easily could have been avoided if MCR wasn't such a total clown show.

Long story short, McLean Rentals:

-couldn't get it together to send us basic information about the property or coherent paperwork in SIX WEEKS. As in, they spelled the name of their own company wrong. The contracts they expected us to sign also contained other important typos that we had to point out to them, things that would have put us on the hook for massive security deposits if we hadn't asked for clarity, and when we did, they acted like it was our fault for taking their paperwork literally. Surreal.

-told us property rules six weeks into the reservation that were the exact opposite of what they had told us on day one.

-did not bother to call us back and basically acted like they didn't really care about our business, even though we were going to spend significantly more than most wedding venues cost in their area, not to mention rent out an enormous and expensive luxury rental for three nights.

-aggressively, nastily blamed us for everything they did wrong, including trusting that the information we received from their own employee on their tour was correct. INSANE. When it was clear she had no idea what she was talking about, I asked the woman on the phone if I could speak with her boss and she told me that was "rude." What is this, junior high?

-backed themselves into such a corner that they eventually outright cancelled our reservation rather than admit that they had given us any piece of incorrect information, let alone deliberately mislead us. Their explanation was they "didn't want to be bothered with so many questions" which they put in writing as our plans being "not conducive to the welfare of the property, " when our questions were always in service of the welfare of the property, not to mention incredibly basic (ie; for the love of god, could you please just tell us what part of the property our guests are allowed to be on, because you've told us massively different things and that is probably the most important piece of info about a venue, seriously, you have to be kidding.) And truly, if they were still figuring these things out for themselves, that's ok! Just be honest and tell us you don't know yet! But to give us one adamant answer one day, change it three weeks later, and obnoxiously blame us for changing OUR plans when any five year old could see that we were the only ones who were consistent is just appalling.

MCR lost a huge chunk of business for a nice man who trusted them with his property because they behaved horrifically but couldn't admit they made the tiniest of mistakes. They are a disgrace to the property.

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  16th of Jan, 2017
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Disgruntled ex employee.

  12th of Aug, 2017
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@Michael Glovik Why would an employee be disgruntled?

  12th of Aug, 2017
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Read Yelp reviews, there are some horror stories mixed in with the high ratings. Then do your own "due diligence" before deciding to do business with this group. There are plenty of entities in the Desert who want your business, so check them out as well.

  12th of Aug, 2017
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Checking your options is key. If you are a guest or an owner you want to have an agreeable experience!

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