McCarthy Audi UmhlangaDishonest sales and after service

In Feb of 2010 I purchased a vehicle from audi umhlanga. This was the second vehicle in that year that i purchased from the same dealership.

I was promised a spare key and was told that the vehicle was not involed in any accidents and is in good condition.

After later inspection at an independent dealership indicated that the vehicle WAS involved in an accident, since then i have water building up in my back tail lights and water leaking into the car.(From the back door).

I am also waiting for my SPARE KEY promised. I have spent time and money going to the dealership and calling them for the past year. The sales attendent Andrew Govender on many occasions lied and said its at the office, on arrival it was not even ordered.

I have wasted many trips to the dealership, because of false promises and used car sales men not being straight foward.

On many other accounts, iv recieved dishonest dealings with them. I wish that Audi or McCarthy could actually experience ACTUAL service from the Pre-owned section.

Everytime I go there, They will smile and sweet talk you, make you feel special. BUT at the end of the day SERVICE DELIVERY MATTERS.

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