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Mayan Palace Great Vacations Club / Scam and cheating!

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I bought what I thought was a good deal to a vacation club while on vacation in Mexico. The salesperson was very nice, but did not divulge that if I canceled the purchase that I would not receive the $5,060 purchase far as it goes, I have canceled the purchase and thus far have not received the refund. I received the package approximately after a month, and attempted to cancel the day I received it: upon contacting the company they said I only had 5 days for cancellation from the day of purchase. It was impossible to know that, since it was not explained at the time of purchase, nor was I given any contact information to pursue while still on vacation. When I tried to book a vacation at one of the resorts I found that none of the time I desired was available, and that the total cost by using the club discounts was actually much more expensive than a direct booking.

I'm still working with my credit card company in hopes of receiving a refund, and if not, I'm suspect that I'll be able to actually use any of the vacations due to the limitations of availability of requested dates and the greater than implied cost.

To bad that they turned this into a scam, as I very much like the concept. My recommendation would be to not buy from this company.

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  • Je
      2nd of Mar, 2007
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    Great Vacations Club & the Mayan Resorts run a total SCAM operation.

    If you purchased, cancel immediately - you have 5 working days to stop the deal and get 100% of your money back.

    DO NOT WAIT for your packet to come in the mail!!!

    Cancel instructions are here:

    http://www.mayanresorts.ORG - ORG not COM - ORG is the good guys. Get there now and follow the instructions and CANCEL!!!

  • Su
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    We also are trying to work with our credit card company to get a refund. We cancelled before the packet arrived. never opened it and never used it. Mayan Great Vacation will not cancel and will not respond to my letters or calls.

    I have been on before but it nows seems to have disappeared, any know what happened?

  • Ag
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    You will see soon, but the Good Guys at ORG are not so good. They are running their own scam.

    Timeshare ownership is an investment in quality vacations. Purchasers who buy a timeshare strictly for speculative reasons are usually disappointed as the resale market for timeshares does not appreciate as well or as fast as other real estate investments. As an investment in YOURSELF and your leisure time, a carefully researched timeshare purchase can be a good investment when compared to the cost of renting alternative comparable accommodations.

  • Ma
      6th of Apr, 2007
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    Do not believe anything you hear from these sites:

    These are run by - the con men. All info on these sites are lies. All positive comments and reviews are FAKE - You will not see anywhere to leave a real review.

    Mayan Palace Resorts & Great Vacations Club run by Mayan Resorts is a pack of lies, misrepresenation of the facts, high pressure deceptive sales practices, more lies, verbal promises you will never see in your final documents & lies lies lies. 100% fraud, 99.9999% dissatisfied customers, and a true rip-off Mexican Style.

    If you gone to their presentation, you have been held up by true Mexican banditos!

    The only way they can get away with this is these businesses are being run out of Mexico.

    Google these terms, and you will see what real victims have to say about this operation:

    Mayan Resorts Fraud
    Mayan Place Timeshare Scam Fraud
    Great Vacations Club Scam

    If you are a victim, remember by Mexican law you have 5 business days to cancel, no matter with the con artist sales people have told you or what they had you sign. You can NOT give up this right.

    Work fast, and contact them via telephone, fax, and registered letters; contact your credit card company and file a dispute; contact the Mexican Consumer affairs (Profeco) web site at:
    click on:
    Atencion al Extranjero
    scroll down to the english section, and follow all the instructions then email them at:

    WORK FAST you only have 5 business days to get your contract cancelled and your money back.

  • Da
      23rd of Apr, 2007
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    I have also had trouble with an affiliated organization to the Mayan Resorts known as the Great Vacations Club (GVC). This is the final step before you are out of the sales presentation. It comes off as a survey to ensure you were treated right but moves to another sales pitch, one I was suckered into.

    I signed the contract November 28, 2006. I canceled by telephone (calling the GVC Texas Customer Service office) November 30, 2006, well within the five day cancellation period allowed by Article 56 of Mexican Consumer Protection Law. However, GVC made up lies about how the free massages I was given at the resort as an incentive the day I signed actually activated the contract immediately and therefore I do not get a refund.

    I am considering a lawyer in the US as well as a lawyer in Mexico to recover my $5,999 US. The credit card company is no help as they have sided with the merchant in the dispute because the merchants contract states "an active membership may be cancelled at any time but the membership fee is non refundable." The grounds for my lawsuit is that cancellation took place within the 5 day period allowed by law.

    If you have any tips or advice please send to me at

  • Ti
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    We too were fraudulently scammed. We made such a mistake believing Mayan Resorts that the timeshare would pay for itself either by donating the weeks as tax write-offs or by renting the weeks out. We have disputed charges and are complaining to every consumer protection agency I can in both the US and in Mexico.

    If anyone knows of an attorney that can help us, please respond via email.

  • Tr
      25th of Nov, 2007
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    We bought into the GVC certificate package in February of 2007 in Mazatlan. This is the first I've tried using it, and just discovered the booking website is GONE! Any recent developments would be greatly appreciated. I will call customer service this week (they're closed Sundays), but I have a grave feeling I'm S.O.L on using any of our certificates. What a horrible feeling!

  • Je
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    My sister purchased a GVC plan through the mayan resorts a while ago after all of us lost a half a day of vacation due to the hard sell time share pitch. She gave me a week to use a certificate because they are expiring. So I find a resort in cozumel that I wanted to go to that was available. I go to reserve the resort through the GVC website and the dates are incorrect. I call to get someone to help change the dates for me and they absolutely refuse. Both Darlene and Paco from GVC told me that because I had booked the reservation online myself that there was nothing that could be done, but had I booked the reservation by phone with them that they would be able to help me. Now they won't cancel the reservation and expect me to pay hundreds of dollars for a vacation I cannot take due to the dates. I am being punished for using the website. In order to make us happy all they had to do was change the dates of our reservation, is that really too much to ask? They also say that unless I pay the fee for this reservation then the rest of the certificates that my sister has cannot be used. I never want to travel to Mexico again thanks to these people. They are so horrible. Do not purchase this plan and if you have, do not book through the website (that is if you find anything available to book)! Turns out my trip could have been booked for the same amount of money through AAA. What a scam!

  • Ro
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    Mayan Great Vacations Club - Scam and cheating!
    Mayan Great Vacations Club

    Several years ago, while visiting Mexico, we purchased a vacation package from Mayan Resorts great vacations club. We recently attempted without success to book a vacation on-line. We called the 800 number provided by the company, only to be placed on hold and disconnected. The Company has not responded to our e-mails.

    This is obviously a scam.

  • Da
      20th of Jan, 2008
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    The "Great Vacation Club" should be called the "Great Rippoff Club". DO NOT SIGN UP. You can't get a booking when you want it. And the prices they 'offer' are more expensive than going straight to the internet and booking privately. Customer service sucks, and could care less if you aren't happy.

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    In December my wife and I attended timeshare sales pitch at the Mayan Palace in Playa del Carmen. We did not buy a timeshare but did purchase a membership in Great Vacations Club. Within days of reciving the membership package we realized we had been ripped off. We e-mailed them and sent a registered letter asking to cancel our membership and refund our payment. They did not respond until we disputed our credit card payment. Now they responded to the credit card company saying they never heard from us (even though they signed for the registered letter) and claiming that we have had to cancel within five days to get a refund. They never disclosed the five-day deadline to us verbally or in their written materials. We are now trying to get our credit card company to sustain our dispute.

    If you go to Goodle Earth and view Mayan Palace you will see a warning about the dangers of the Recrutiment building. We laughed when we saw that. Now we are not laughing and we urge everyone to stay away from Mayan Sales and the Great Vacations Club. They will tell you that you can "choose from thousands of resorts worldwide" and stay for $349 a week. Neither is true. According to our experience and many other postings, there is little or no avaialbility and, if they have somehting, it will cost a lot more!

  • Je
      25th of May, 2008
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    My wife and I were both victims of the Mayan Palace scam. We sat through the long presentation and after about 6 hours the salesman finally convinced us to buy. He explained to us how Mayan Palace is a great investment etc.. etc.. He also told us he was giving us this great deal and since it was such a "great deal" and it was a "previously owned timeshare" we had to waive our 5 day cancellation period. Little did I know this was the scam. When I got home and started surfing the net I realized what had happened. I immediately drafted a cancellation letter, filed a dispute with my credit card company and filed a complaint with PROFECO. As of today this issue is still not resolved and I am out $6300 dollars. All though Mayan Palace knows I cancelled my contract they continue to call me at my home trying to sign me up for another timeshare. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I am hoping that PROFECO can help me get my money back.

  • Sy
      9th of Jul, 2008
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  • Do
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    They are scam artists. They got me to beleive that I got a deal, with a 2 unit I could get 1700 per unit per year, they got me the money to invest - FIA Credit Services (Bank of America). When I came back to America I found that the credit "given" was taken from a Credit card I had with bank of America 15 years, with really good credit as I am always careful of how I use it. All gone, credit and downpayment because the Mayan does not want to cancel the agreement and the bank said they "transfer" the credit to allow me to buy what I want, without letting me know!!. If I have known I would never put all my credit towards a timeshare!!

  • Go
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Hi Diane and Cristina,
    We would really appreciate if you give us the opportunity to contact you and clarify your issues with our firm, as the personnel for Gonzalez & Gonzalez is highly trained and supervised; and we can assure you that none of our customers have been attacked in any way.
    Looking through the files and data base of our company we do not show any record under the name of ¨Diane Jersey¨ and/or ¨Cristine ----¨, who are the people complaining and defaming against the firm.
    After 15 years of experience we knew some day this will happen, being conscious of this we back up ourselves by recording every incoming and outgoing telephone call.
    In case of the existence of a recorded conversation with you under another name, we would like to expose it to the internet community to prove the opposite of the complaints made on June 30th against Gonzalez & Gonzalez to discard the fact that the post was exposed by our competitors or from the timeshare developers full of frustration by our advocacy and success on the resolution of the cases handled at Gonzalez & Gonzalez.
    Also, Gonzalez and Gonzalez has never charged such exaggerated retainer fees, we have a long list of satisfied customers who support our firm, with identifications to validate their existence and able to show their satisfaction by the success in the resolution of their cases.
    Gonzalez & Gonzalez counts with ample evidence, to show the Internet community and guarantee that there is no existence of this type of situation in our firm.
    Jose Gonzalez

  • Va
      20th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    Unfortunately you got hooked into a timeshare presentation; Mayan Palace is known for particularly hard sell tactics. Mayan Palace sales tactics are hardcore and they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into the contract and keep you in contract with them. Mayan Palace’ Sales Pitch will explain you all the places you can go with your timeshare and how much you are going to love your vacations with them and how exclusive and prestigious its to own a Mayan Palace timeshare. What they fail to explain you is how the timeshare works and what are the real possibilities of traveling to those places. Mayan Palace’ sales representatives also fail to explain what kind of unit you are in fact purchasing and more often than ever it is now the unit the sales representative shows you in the tour, They also promise to get you discounts in airfares and certificates for cruises which both of them are false. Fortunately, there's a way out, you should read this article about Mayan Palace:

  • Bc
      1st of Jul, 2013
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    Beware of Vacation Class S.A. de C.V. (advertising The Bliss Resorts, Bliss Vacation Club, Grand Mayan, Vida Vacations, VidaSales and more).
    My mother and I traveled to Mexico to celebrate my graduation from college. After about seven hours traveling we were met at the airport in Cancun by some saleswoman misrepresenting her intention. The next day we were at their Grand Mayan where we were subjected to five hours of high-pressure sales tactics before we relented signing an English-only document purporting to be selling "lodging rights and services."

    After getting away, we learned more about whom we had been picked up by from websites like tripadvisor, timesharescam, complaintsboard, scam, mescam, pissedconsumer, independenttraveler, and fodors, to name a few (all ending dot com). We notified the sales office that we cancel and asked for our downpayment back. They pretend to be confused and refuse.

    We learned that Mexican law protects consumers under PROFECO; that all contracts regarding property in Mexico, including timeshares, must be in Spanish and bear certification by a Notario--neither of which was true for us; and that we can file a complaint in at any Mexican Consulate.

    Our lawyer is putting together copies of their responses to share with you the names (and taunting words) of these sales people and the additional aliases they use. We hope that this post reaches you before you travel to Mexico, so you know to stay away from these people when they try to get you at the airport.

  • An
      31st of Jan, 2015
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    I have been a member of GVC Great Vacations Club for many years. My husband just got back from ANOTHER terrific trip courtesy of them.. this time in a beautiful cabin in Boone, NC. Every trip I have taken, which is many, has been outstanding. On the very first trip I took with them I received the value back of what i put into the purchase. I have absolutely love my membership. I do not feel that the salesman mislead at all.. I have been perfectly happy with GVC. Ive been to the Mayan resorts a few times and LOVE it! The pool is great and the tropical surroundings are beautiful. The staff was great! Disconnect your room phone if you dont want to be hassled with a 'presentation"! You have to be FLEXIBLE on where you are travelling! The only thing Im getting "irked" about is that their website is STILL down.. If you think you are "stuck" with this vacation package.. why not give it a try? their accommodations are spectacular! NO! I am not one of their employees writing this... Im just a real member who has had a really great time with Great vacations Club!

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