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ON, Canada Review updated:

MAX Agency, Universal Academy of Acting, Ross Clydesdale & Visually Reel Team up to SCAM innocent people:

Under the excuse that they are trying to help kids, they are scamming people out of hard earned money.

Dont be fooled, this is how it works:

Kamran Zaidi who owns MAX Agency sends out Scouts, then he tells them they have to get photos done, then pay for anything else he can get them for. Then tells them the have to take classes and says MAX Agency is paying for the first set of classes, and tells them that a great Casting Director will be teaching them. You get to Universal Academy of Acting, you meet Ross Clydesdale who was tossed out of the business because he was a drunk and still is. Then just before you finish the "FREE" classes which they are not really free, they hit you with "you should take the rest of the classes" If you don't then they will drop you eventually from the MAX Agency, they wont tell you that but you are put into a "Get Lost" file. and if you do take the classes, it doesn't really matter anyway because they have no clout in the business, Casting Directors don't see anyone from that Agency along with the other Zaidi Clan Agencies. So it's a lose lose situation.

So there you have it, Ross Clydesdale who has tried to start a internet business that didn't work and can't be a casting director anymore because he is a drunk and people know it and won't work with him now, his posing as someone who can help you. He can't and won't, he just needs money for his next drink.

Run as far as you can and don't look back when any of these people or companies approach you.

And finally, Julianne K. who used to be the head instructor and the only instructor there is now with siding with the Good Guys Actra, is only talking when important people call her. She is in hiding because now she wants nothing to do with it. Well isn't that nice. Sure hide when people need you the most.

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  • Za
      18th of Jan, 2011

    I agree where is this lady when she should be front and center.

    She is out of that school now and has no loyalty to these people I hope.

    If this Ross Clydedale is now the front for this Kamaran then he knows exactly what this Family is all about. I read on another site that there is a Jennifer Gibson as well. This Family knows how to network. What's up with these people, are times that bad in this industry.

    Sounds like this clydedaleinsider is pissed from a long time ago. If Julieann is on the side of Actra then, Agent Pissed must be right, maybe the law in this business protects them. Don't get discouraged though because that dosen't mean they can't be stopped, how you stop these people is through the bank accounts they have. Stop the people from paying them and we stop them.

    I had a private message from one of the posters. it's a plan to let people know way before they even get to the school. I have to do some checking and will try and work on this plan.

    Mari and LM call me.

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  • Ap
      28th of Jan, 2011

    Does Ross Clydesdale have some sort of ownership in Max Agency and Universal Academy of Acting, I wouldn't work there ripping people off if I wasn't making a lot of money or own the place.

    If your are going to be a scammer be a rich one.

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  • Lo
      23rd of Feb, 2011

    Are you crazy he needs the money for partying on Church Street LOL

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  • Mm
      6th of Nov, 2011

    In any industry there are those who don't get what they want, or feel they deserve. It is easy to say something negative and forever scar someone...If you have not worked with Ross, you do not know are following rumours and innuendos...
    Ross is a true professional; extremely knowledgeable in the field.
    Find another site to go on about with your incorrect spelling...and fume to someone who gives a damn...

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  • In
      17th of Dec, 2011

    I have heard similar unprofessional rumors. He's also now with Angela Argento - the agent with the worst reputation in the business.

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