Mattress Warehouse / king mattress set

We purchased a King mattress set on Saturday with a promise for delivery on Tuesday. They later called and said the deliver would be Friday, but they would do it as early in the day as possible. At 5:30 that Friday night, 2 semi-English speaking men arrived with the mattresses. When they put them on the frame, the top and bottom ends of the top mattress were bowed. Additionally, the mattress was mis-shapen like it has been sitting on its side and all of the stuffing had fallen to the side that was on the floor.
We called the store and asked if they could leave the mattress but bring a new one the next day. They couldn't do that, so we refused delivery and had the mattresses taken away. I asked for a credit to my credit card and was told that they couldn't do that. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and the company called Mattress Warehouse and was told. by someone they said was very rude, that the credit would be generated within 14 days. After 21 days with no credit, I called the credit card company again and they again called Mattress Warehouse. The store manager knew right away that it was our dispute and said they would call us when they finished with the customer they were waiting on. That was 6 days ago. No call, no credit, no bed!!
There are plenty of mattress stores - use another one!!

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