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Mattress Expo / Misrepresentation, plain and simple

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On 7/2/2006, Kirk Hudson sold us the Southerland Dreamliner twin mattress 'set'. We picked it up ourselves, but only after getting home did we discover that the mattress 'set' was not the expected mattress and box spring, but mattress and box platform--no springs--just wood, cardboard, and fabric! We'd never heard of such a thing, and he never mentioned it. We called the store, only to be told that there was a $149.00 fee to be allowed to purchase a higher priced mattress. There were NO refunds! The mattress hadn't even made it out of the plastic. He told us that the 'box platform' was common in lower priced mattress sets, and you'd need to spend more than $500 on a twin set before you would get one. We called around--like we should have done before trusting this guy. Sure enough, Mattress Firm had a mattress set for around $200 with a box SPRING.

Company details:

Mattress Expo Dawsonville
837 Hwy 400 South
Dawsonville, GA 30534
Corp Customer Service: [protected]


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  • Je
      25th of Aug, 2006
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    We bought a mattress set from Kirk Hudson at this store about 3 months ago. Our experience was quite the opposite from the last comment - we had a great experience all around. We shopped everywhere around the Atlanta area after having a horrible experience with a Sleep Number bed. Kirk was not only knowledgable, helpful and patient; he also had the best prices hands down. I would highly recommend Kirk to anyone shopping for a mattress set. Like everything else you purchase, do your homework first. I didn't feel misled at all - in fact, Kirk went out of his way to explain everything about the product and the purchase to us.

  • Kg
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    I as well had a great experience with these people. I did not deal with Kirk but with another gentleman. I went in on a Friday afternoon and had my king size mattresses the very next day as promised. They even called at 7am to make sure it would be ok to come around 12:00pm. They took the old bed as promised. I give this company an A+ on Customer Service and really great prices.
    I would do business with them again. :)

  • Yu
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    Why would you post the same complaint over and over? Kirk is a hard working Honest caring salesmen! If you would have done your homework NO company offers a "True Box Spring" at a $200-500 price point. Why don't you come clean you really work at the mattress firm? Just admit it.

    I have been shopping the Mattress EXPO for years and tell everyone to do the same!

  • Mo
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    It can't be the customers that isn't doing there homework. This company is purchasing cr*py products and selling them to certain customers that are selected. The customers that seem to put this people on the good list are the ones who haven't had any issues. I am going to the BBB to list my complaint as to the good customer service I received but the cr*py products the buy and sell to their customers.

  • Dy
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I purchased a Southerland Romeo and it is a piece of ###. I purchased it at the store on Douglas Boulevard. They are giving me the runaround about making it right. They want me to pay a unbiased contractor to come out and tell me that... my less than a year old mattress is messed up. Bulging from the side. They want me to pay him $60. Please help.

  • Mk
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    I too ran into the same problem. On 12/22/200, Douglas sold me an American Bedding twin mattress set, a line specifically made for Mattress Expo. I picked it up myself, and after one week I heard the set making noise as my child moved in his sleep. The next morning I investigated where the noise was coming from and to my disbelief, it was the box spring. Well, what I thought was a box spring is really a box platform; no springs--just wood, cardboard, and fabric! I never heard of such a thing, and the sales man never mentioned it. I called the store and was referred to customer service (770-734-0575). I left three messages, the first one on 12/28. Finally received a call back on 1/6/2008 only to be told that there was a $149.00 fee to be allowed return & purchase a higher priced mattress (Simmons). Customer service said they would try to get American Bedding to replace the box platform but could not guarantee they would. I asked if they would sell me a normal box spring and what it would cost. To my dismay it was $160 dollars with no discounts for an unsatisfied customer. I then asked for the phone number to American Bedding, he said he didn't have one only a fax #, I asked for his corporate number and he said this corporate here in Atlanta. I asked to be transferred to purchasing to possibly get a number for American Bedding and I was told Mattress Expo of Atlanta is a Subsidiary of a company out of Dallas Texas named Mattress Expo who does the purchasing. I then asked for the Dallas Texas number and once again was given the run around being told he did not have a number for them. I then asked for an address but he said he didn't have one. They state on their website “best service” but do not be fooled. So far their service has been really bad.

    Company details:

    Mattress Expo Trickum
    12186 Hwy 92, Suite 111
    Woodstock, Georgia 30188
    Corp Customer Service: 770-734-0575

  • Li
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    We were price shopping, went into the Acworth Store and asked the prices and when quoted we said we had gotten a better price and thanked the sales agent but as we were leaving she offered us a better price. We said we would be back later to get it. We went back the next day and found it had to be ordered. We were under time constrains as this was a gift. She offered a next day pick up but then it didn't come in so she confirmed a Friday pick-up. On Thursday night she called and said it wouldn't be there on Friday. After much discussion she said we could pick it up on Saturday. She said she would call when it arrived. I didn't hear from her so on Sat. around 4:30 I called the store and spoke with a gentleman I think his name was Riley. I asked about picking up the mattresses and he became loud and started telling me how she was new and had given us the wrong price and they were losing money he tone was almost yelling. (We had paid for them on Monday) I said I'm sorry but it wasn't our fault, we bought the mattress she quoted us. He kept trying to yell at me and I said we had done nothing wrong and he just stopped me mid sentence and said "THEY ARE HERE, COME GET THEM"
    My husband immediately left to get them...he walked into the store and nicely said "I need to pick up some mattresses" Riley (I think that was his name) said "Oh you're the one stealing my mattresses" and started to husband cut him off and said No we are picking up mattresses we were sold and told him the story. This man was rude and stepped well over any consumer boundaries.

  • Ma
      30th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    mattress expo now mattress giant and american general finance are the absolute appitamy of theft..
    these companies whether they say it or not are in concert with one another to not only rip people off yet they're sales people are some of the dumbest people I have ever run across..

    I purchased a mattress back in 2005 and the bed had sunk down in the middle where the springs were digging into my back... to make a long story short the company wanted 149.00 $ more for a swap out fee
    which I was not willing to do and the bed of course is now more money... If anyone calls the Better Business Bureaus complaint line you will hear about hundreds of complaints against mattress expo and american general.. on top of everything else now I am being sued by some ### in seattle washington who cant even pronounce my name correctly...AIG the parent company does not really want to help anymore either... we have got to a point in this country where corporations dont answer to anyone and they become so powerful that they can hide from the general public and rip them off without any consequence...

    whats worse is that our own government is more greedy and corrupt than all these businesses put together!! it's a sad shame that noone can stand behind anything anymore and believe that the product they are selling is not just about getting the dollar..

    dont worry everyone---JESUS will solve all of this shortly---GREED---a dirty business that is painful in the END!!!


  • Za
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    Someone up there a long time ago said something wrong about Mattress FIRM. They said you can't find a Mattress with a true box spring for under $500. Then they accused the person who said Mattress FIRM has a Box Spring for this price of working for the company.

    Well, I DO work for Mattress FIRM, and we DO have a Mattress with box spring for $298 in a Queen Set. That's Mattress with the box.

    Also, if you want the box with reenforced steel, it's only $50 more, for a total of $348.

    Happy Shopping.

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