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i purchased the ebay magic program which is a how to program to setting up a home business on ebay sold on mass by Matt and Amanda Clarkson, I got their VERY EXPENSIVE program expecting something amazing, and boy what rubbish... common sense would have served me. and went through it and I feel like i just throw my money down the toilet. very, very dissapointed.

what pisses me off is that their marketing is really pushy and they really push you to buy, only the product is not up to it when you consider what you pay. disgusted!

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  • Be
      Jan 20, 2010

    did you implement any of their idea.

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  • Be
      Jan 20, 2010

    Seriously thinking of getting involved. Can you explain more

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  • Gr
      Jan 26, 2010

    Hi there,

    I can only endorse the top writer's opinion!
    I am from Sydney, Australia and I joined Amanda and Matt's Bidding Buzz program last year in November.
    I was curious of making money on the net and since I have had used ebay before for casually buying and selling
    items, I thought this was an honest online business course provider.
    I spent A$4, 000 (US$3, 600) on the "basic" ebay magic course. This included a bunch of dvds, cds, 2 manuals, life time
    guidance and support via email and phone, teleseminar sessions, two tickets for a 3 day ebay seminar. There is also a
    "deluxe" course including additional teleseminar sessions for A$5, 500 (US$4, 940). Alot of money I can tell you!
    As soon as you sign-up you are also automatically in their membership program which costs additional A$49.90 per months
    which is not so cool.

    And now on to my review: it all seems to good to be true. BiddingBuzz claims of being the only expert in eBay
    and providing high quality tips, tricks, and secrets around the eBay market. Their testimonials are true, but
    come to a much higher prize than just by purchasing the courses. BiddingBuzz does target the single parent, Mums
    and Dads kind of market by claiming how easy it is of creating a full-time income stream on eBay with just a few mouse
    clicks per day. And their slogan is simple 'money making on ebay is so easy!'. And, yes it is, and you wouldnt actually need
    their high-priced courses to make a buck or two. Alot of people are obviously enticed by their claim of making at least
    A$50, 000 a months by just 2 hours of work per day and this is where the catch with BiddingBuzz is. Yes, this is possible without
    a doubt, but not by purchasing their high-priced courses. If you are business-minded or entrepreneurial and looking
    to expand your existing business over eBay then, yes you can achieve this. However, the single parents, Mums and Dads
    wont get that far. There are several methods of generating an income through ebay, via consignment, dropshipping, being
    an ebay sales agent, wholesalers and import export. If you have some common sense you will immediately understand that
    the big bucks can only be made through import and export. However, this requires significant amount of funds,
    business knowledge, and most importantly experience to set-up, which most people (who just bought the course, because
    they thought of making money quick and easy - like BiddingBuzz proclaims) dont have. To me, it is not very honest and
    sincere to rip people off for their hard earned cash and make them believe to earn up to $50, 000 if they read and listen
    to all their material!
    Also, BiddingBuzz claims of providing study material (eBay secrets and tips and tricks) that no-ones knows about, which
    is just BS. The written manuals, 2 x 280 pages, are written in such an easy, non-business centric manner that is was
    such a disgrace to me of having spent so much money for the course! Common sense would have served me better! Most
    information is so obvious and easy to understand that I would say it is almost a waste of time reading it. Also, certain
    chapters are out-dated as eBay rules do change almost every month. Another negative point, the BiddingBuzz membership
    area which costs additional $49.90 per months. The user gets access to additional videos which are sent through email
    on a weekly basis. I never found them very useful since most information was already mentioned in the manual or in some
    other DVDs or CDs. You also get access to a help desk which is the only positve feature from my perspective. Through email,
    the user is able to send any questions to the BiddingBuzz mentors and answered within 24 hours. But again, I have noticed
    most mentors are actually not business-minded and answer questions very superficially almost being of no help at all because
    it is all common sense related. The membership site also includes a forum where people can post all sorts of questions, opinions
    and concerns around ebay. To be honest, the forum is a waste. There are absolutely no people making use of it and it doesnt seem
    none of the BiddingBuzz mentors seem to care! I have posted many times questions and have attempted to make contact with other
    people. It's simply a dead end and not worth it. Apart from that, what is most upsetting is the fact that Bidding Buzz is all
    about up-selling people for their hard earned money! The 3 day eBay seminar at the Gold Coast, which is meant to be an eBay training
    weekend, is all about that! I am not a business or ebay savvy, but I can testify of having learnt very, very little over these three
    days. What literally pissed me of was that these training sessions usually ran for 45 minutes and were then interrupted by some other
    mentor or coach who promoted their cds, books or other products. So, for example, we had a motivational speaker who 'urged' people to
    buy his cds and books, because otherwise they would need it to be successful in their eBay business. I thought what
    a crap! Sure, it has alot to with your mindest to be successful, but in fact, there are many other ways of getting advice and
    guidance. I for example read books such as the 'the richest man from babylon', 'mindset mastery', which are FREE! I mean, there are
    so many ways of getting help if needed anywhere on the net, but BiddingBuzz is extremely pushy and makes it a necessity if people
    dont buy a certain product from then then they cannot be successful. So, disgusting and appalling!
    Another speaker was Pete Godfrey, the so-called Wizard of Words, which he truly is! He indeed is amazing. However, I refrained
    from purchasing his A$1, 500 copywriting course which he promoted during the seminar. As a side note, I ended up buying his course on eBay
    for merely A$60! And thats what I mean with looking for other options if needed, dont just go for the first offer!
    And this went on for the next 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day, BusinessBuzz eventually let the cat out of
    the bag with another rip off: People had the option to sign up for a so-called "joint venture" if they would spend another
    A$20, 000 (US$17, 960). I cannot remember what this included, but it must have been an all-around support package with unlimited
    phone calls. The other option was to sign up for a BiddingBuzz franchise for over A$50, 000 (US$44, 874)! On top of that, BiddingBuzz
    imposed a strict deadline if people wanted to sign up for the joint-venture or franchise, they only had a couple of hours until 5pm
    to decide. I felt sick after this last day to see how people were brainwashed with all these up-selling and "urge" to "buy" their success.
    I would say the majority of the 400 people audience were single parents, Mums and Dads and with little or no business or eBay experience.
    I mean, it so wrong to take advantage of these peoples' pockets since a small of them had only sold a few items on eBay. So, it wouldnt make
    sense to lure them with additional high-priced joint-venture and franchise options.

    As for myself, I was curious what this was all about. I spent a premium price of A$4, 000 for the course of very low quality, but this was
    the risk I need to take. Believe me, there is no short-cut in an online business. If people say they make $50, 000 a months, then yes,
    it can be true. But usually it is very different from what the rest of people is doing. I understood from the beginning, BiddingBuzz is
    selling a step-by-step "system" to make people believe this is what it is called business. A system may work, but usually only for
    a short period of time, and it is NOT business. Now with BiddingBuzz, this system has been saturated since eBay is no longer a make-a-quick-buck
    business scheme. Businesses utlise eBay as "supplementary" income stream, but with increasingly stricter eBay policies and fees, it all seems
    to be a dream to generate a full-time income. I will keep going with eBay until I have my A$4, 000 back, cos thats what BiddingBuzz
    owing me!

    Best wishes from Australia,


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  • Be
      Jan 28, 2010

    Thank for that Gregory. May save me some money by the sound of it. Do you or anyone else have any experiece of John Thornhills Master Class offerings

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  • Au
      Feb 15, 2010

    Hi Gregory,

    I think you are being pretty rough in your comments and also quite contradictory in parts of your statement...are you jealous of their success?? I have searched high and low on the net to find anything bad about Matt and Amanda and you seem to be the only one??
    I have a friend who bought this course and you are right he is a single dad, but guess what he is not complaining about the opportunity he was given, he took advantage of it and the extra $$ he makes every week from ebay is nothing to complain about.

    From seeing his success I am now ready to buy the course, and you being the only negative comment I can find makes me wonder, but then I re -read your review and here is what I see..." the testimonials are true, but come at a much higher price then just purchasing the if the testimonials are true they are true the course does provide the information you need to be successful on ebay?? I am not understanding what you are trying to say??
    You are also saying that you are automatically signed up for the $49 monthly membership, I asked Zac about that and he said the first month is free and you can unsubscribe whenever you its not like a life time commitment.

    You also talk about the only way to make big $$ is by importing and you need a large capital to do that, that is complete BS, I used to import and I know that my first lot of goods I imported cost me $900 aussie dollars I don't know waht sort of money you are used to but I would not class that as Big Bucks.
    I asked Zac about the seminar which he attended, not the one you did in Novemeber so unless its dramatically changed he said it was one of the best seminars he had ever attended, he also said Matt and Amanda donated like $12, 000 to I think it was Make a wish foundation whatever the audience raised they matched...mmm didn't see any mention of that in your post.

    I also find it quite humerous that you state you are not business or ebay savvy and yet you say the mentors are not business minded..well if you are not business would you know what business minded is..maybe they where talking in a language they hoped you would understand.

    The last thing I am concerned about is the fact that you said you will keep going with ebay until you make your $4000 back...well if you use what they have taught you to make $4000 wouldn't it be fair to say you could make $8000, $12, 000 $16, 000 man for someone who is not business savvy you might just get a business out off the course if you are prepared to do the work...or were you hoping for a get rich quick scheme..and then got p... off when you realized you actually had to do some work.

    I will still buy the course, I have seen my friends success, he worked at it but 12 mnths down the track he has gone from full time teaching to part time and that is good enough for me.

    Sorry if I have been abrupt, but I think your comments are very one sided and if it was as bad as you say it is there would be comments everywhere and yet there are only 2..??????????

    Best wishes from Australia

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  • Ac
      Feb 17, 2010

    Hi I agree with jim, the comments made are not called for, matt and amanda are wonderful people who make a living online using their own system, I am not sure whether you have gone through the course a few times before putting up these comments but I have access to this course which I bought and from the 1st cd I began to learn things I did not know although I had been on ebay for over 18 months and made some money, purchasing the ebay magic course has prepared me to treat it as a business and not a hobby like the vast majority of people on ebay do which is why they dont make any real job crushing, 9-5 busting money, the figures I call job crushing is a minimum of 2.5k per week in profit for my ebay business, if you replicate what is being taught and can imagine that starting point it wont be too long before you get there and say screw working for some else to make them rich get rich and financially free using a business

    My Point is that its like any course you take, you either implement what is being taught fully or the results will not materialize, but hey thats just my 2 pence right here...

    all the best


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  • He
      Mar 04, 2010

    I Agree with Jim and Peace, it is plain to see you double back on yourself several times and completely by the end make the learned person think there must be some money to be made if so many people are doing it.
    I have been in the motivational industry for over four years now and I can tell you it as helped me far from just being able to build a successful business outside traditional work. I suffer from a heart condition that 1% of people survive and live a normal life I am that 1%. Also it as helped me in thinking outside the square and increase the sales of the company I work for by 193% each month based on previous years sales. It as also taught me that there are several ways you can make money and setting up several residual incomes is a must if the lay person ever wants to retire early or at all (unless you are born into money that is meaning your forefathers had the vision that working for others was for the 95% they wanted to be the 5%).
    You talk about the single mum's and dad's and the mum's and dad's being single out so what your saying is every successful person whom has walked this earth as not been what there just single people or what are you saying let's just look at one as I could list millions but J.K. Rowling's comes to mind and person a mother a wife and a person who was suffering from depression who decided to follow her dream and write a book called Harry Potter characters which she had created in her own mind whilst suffering depression in hope it may make her feel better. Hang on what about Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, the founding President of your country George Washington, Abraham Lincoln some say he was the greatest President ever and man that could bring the best out of any man by using words of encouragement rather than words of destruction. If we stop for a minute and look at Thomas Edison when his factory burnt down as the fire brigade was dousing the flames he already was planning a bigger and better factory the very first thing on his mind was his staff the last thing was his money.
    You say common sense would of served you better needs to gain some before writing such gibberish as you have with no understanding of what you talk about. These single mum's and dad's these couples who just want more for there family who want to break that go to work come home cycle for there family could just be someone who becomes a great leader and finds away to help even more people than what Matt and Amanda have by creating a even easier system to help the masses that want help.
    Also are you saying that you are surprised by the up-sell at the seminar isn't that what they are there for to take the moment of advantage to get you to buy something that may not help you but will help others or in fact it may help you unless you went unless you researched it how would you know how it would help you. Also they offered a limited offer for $20, 000 or a franchise for $50, 000 if people have the money believe that it can help them or in the case of the franchise run it successfully than who are you to judge there decision.
    The major thing you have refused to say or anyone else as also failed to mention is the course in question is 100% refundable if now this is why you haven't mentioned it if you follow the course step by step and you don't double or investment in the first 6 months they will give you a 100% money back guarantee now that to me Say's they must really trust this system to give that and brings m to my final point you must not have done it to the letter otherwise you would of got your money back which brings me to the conclusion that you also must not have followed the system. The most successful business with a system as over 37, 000 stores world wide and anyone that buys one of it franchise is not buying the business but the system and is the most successful fast food chain ever why because of the system that Mr and Mrs Kroll that's right a mum and dad who set up Mcdonalds which now earns his daughter as they have passed $500 a day from each of it's 37, 000 stores so 37, 000 times $500 dollars a day mmmmmmmm let me think hey that's about $7000, 000 a day I think he was a man with a DREAM that put the work into getting him what he wanted. Do the work and get paid we do it everyday for some employer but we give up when it comes to working hard for ourselves as it seems to hard to earn the big bucks for ourselves but we do it without question for others.

    Yours Sincerely

    Jim from Australia
    (another Jim different from the first)

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  • Su
      Mar 11, 2010

    I agree with you Greg2010 and Ali191. I brought their course back in October 2009. I tried Ebay couple of years ago and greatly failed. I did their course hoping to understand and improve in selling items that I failed to sell.

    I agree they are very pushy and there is no help to source the niche product/category they talk about. I have fully implemented the course, done their step by step and my goods are still not selling. Once again Ebay is making money from me. Since taking their course I have not had one email and phone call from Matt and Amanda - only ever reach the staff.

    One thing I will say about Matt and Amanda - they are great sales people - just like Car sales and real estate people.

    I thought I would safe doing their course as they were featured on Current Affair and being Australians I thought they are honest, trustworthy people and they offer a money back guarantee.

    from another dissatisfied customer

    As yet they have not honoured their money back guarantee "100% Satisfaction Guarantee - double your money back guarantee on your course".

    I just warn anyone doing their course in March 2010 be aware - their are other people out there to help you and charge hell of a lot less.

    The manual is very basic and gives no extra help to going forward especially if you already a person who sells on Ebay. Don't waste your money and come like a poor sucker like me. I bought the magic deluxe course which cost $5, 597 and so far I have not recouped any of that cost yet - which their course promises you will.

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  • Ry
      Mar 16, 2010

    I definitely agree with Ali191, especially Greg2010 and suchlife. What doesnt surprises me, the two Jims havent obviously purchased the course.
    So, why do you post if you havent seen it for yourself?

    I also call the average ebay trader single Mum's and Dad's because they are extremely "naive" and easiest to target with the overpriced courses M+A sell.
    M+A are ebay professionals, but the thing they are better at is "selling" and "marketing"! And why? Because M+A have realised the ebay "window of opportunity"
    is slowly closing down for them. I do own the course, I know the mentors very well, and I even know'what M+A sell. I wont make it public what they sell.
    Suffice to say, I follow their ebay sales very closely, and they have been dropping massively over the last 12 months. It is obvious their current profitable
    niche is just selling the courses, and their so-called Joint Ventures and Franchises - that's the only way for them to make serious money on ebay!
    Their current sales still make money but compared to the courses they sell, these are peanuts!

    Dont you guys realise that? Ebay can be used as a business, or better supplement an existing business, but what M+A are trying to teach is how to set up a money making
    system by following steps 1, 2, 3... It doesnt work like that anymore - it used to. Thats why I find people should be aware of what they are getting into before they purchase
    the course.

    Ryan Neil

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  • El
      Mar 20, 2010

    I definitely agree with Ali191, especially Greg2010 and suchlife.I too have bought the course and also joined as a jv I have implemeted the strategies and spent even more money on research software, the amount of hours i spend researching to try and find the niche and the products at a price that will allow me to profit has ultimately cost me my marraige, and I am also very close to losing my house.If you look on the internet and even on ebay itself there is a lot of the same information that won't cost you a thing.As a jv I have rang the office a few times and sent emails and only got the staff working for matt and amanda, I also find it amusing that in there 3 day workshops they don't actually reveal what they are selling.They have a beautiful house on the gold coast which they say was funded by there ebay sales, when you work out how many people bought there courses and partnered in the jv scheme, that is what has paid for the house not the sales from whatever they sell on ebay.It seems to me the only people who are making money on the internet is the people who are selling all the courses on how to make money on the internet.I have bought most of them and spent a small fortune.If anybody out there knows of anything that does work let me know and if I make a decent amount of money i will gladly give you a cut.

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  • Oj
      Mar 21, 2010

    i am looking at the $4000 course the $ 4000 i have is the only savings i have can people email me there good and bad coments about this my emai is [protected]

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  • Mi
      Apr 07, 2010

    Very interested in responses to elr & Betudo re other options and experiences with John Thornhill. With regard to M&A - how many hours on average would one need to put in per week to get returns of say $2.5K per week?

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  • Cl
      Apr 08, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    Agree completely, elr - I am so glad to hear I am not the only one that purchased the 'joint venture partnership' all I can say is I was pregnant at the time and I was really sold by the hype. (I am actually very embarrased about having been sucked in). Basically I believe they use predatory tactics. They get you in a room, hammer you with success stories and motivational speakers and then at the end...if you want to really get your business off the ground they 'sell you the idea of a joint venture partnership, they say they help you every step of the way. You put in an application to join the program and they phone you directly to interview you to see if you are suitable. Once they have your $20 000 you really don't get to speak with them again, you only get to speak to the mentors.

    I find it amazing that Amanda says that they know other mentoring programs where they offer a pay by the month system and she says that she doesn't believe in that, she only wants people who have the money to join. The reality is that if they were to offer a pay by the month system people would pull out after the first couple of months and they would not get get the full $20 000 as people would realise it is not all it is cracked up to be.

    I put in alot of time researching a niche and found products to sell however the majority do not have the margins to make a profit. The worst of it is that during the seminar Amanda is always waving her blue book around telling you she has hundreds of ideas in her book that you could sell tomorrow and make money...but of course she won't tell you any of them. By signing up to the joint venture they truly make you believe that they have a vested interest in you being successful but really all they want it is your $20 000.

    I would like to investigate a way of getting my money back although I don't think this will happen, but I bet A Current Affair would be very interested in their preditory practices.

    If anyone has been sucked in by them and interested in taking it further let me know...I think there would be more power with a few of us on their back.

    Bottom line is I think this industry needs to be regulated which it currently isn't!!

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  • Da
      Apr 09, 2010

    Interesting comments by all, and all take note of Cleo1 and the comment re regulation for the industry... 100% guarantee that will happen and I would give pretty good odds that Matt and Amanda would get a delightful degree of attention from Australia's ACCC (the watch dog).

    Having been around these 'sort' of programs / courses a lot, and had plenty of success in some and not so in others, you get a fair bit of clarity and perspective. I too spent a few thousand with M & A and compared to practically every other course I have been involved with - it truly lacks substance and depth - that will bring them undone at some stage I personally believe.

    You always get the people (& the industry perpetuates this) that if you don't succeed, you are either not an action taker or you haven't followed the system - ATTENTION PEOPLE! Some systems simply do not stack up. Nay sayers in the environment are called 'Chicken Littles' which is all funny at the time but it truly does drop your guard because you all say to your self "I'm not one of them" - then you buy when the push comes.

    I am a total supporter of buyer beware but if you are going to 'throw' the ideas out there of tens of thousands of dollars a month, how is it is and paint a beautiful exciting picture (with some throw away line disclaimers), in the near future you are going to come under some pretty serious scrutiny if you don't deliver what you imply will happen.

    So listen in Jim and Jim, reality is that it is extremely healthy to question such practices as it makes the entire process more transparent, and if all legit and if without a chink in the armour M & A should be more than happy to provide some real current true indications of their current ebay trading performance and those they mentor...

    Think of it like this, and this is on the horizon with out a shadow of a doubt for the industry - watch the land sale advertisements on TV that say in big headline "blocks from $300, 000"...then in little writing below "average block price is $550, 000"

    How would "$75, 000 per month selling on eBay" look with a disclaimer like "data from 2004 in the month of December, actual product costs total $63, 000" that wouldn't sell many JV or eBay Magic packs would it?

    Think about it in a very clear way a spade a spade...or looks like a a duck..

    You know what I mean

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  • An
      Apr 11, 2010

    Thank you kindly, everyone of you who have taken the time to detail your negative experiences with the ebay magic course. I was just about to put down the money for this, having known about it since May last year. I had to wait as I was out of work and now that I have a job, decided to start, but Providence brought me to this review site while I was researching one last time before signing up! Thank you. I have been saved the loss $4000 and I do have material from other websites that give one guidelines to selling on ebay. Should anyone be interested, I would be happy to pass on this material, it's free.

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  • Tc
      Apr 15, 2010

    Thanx very much for the above comments. I signed up to get free information and a CD so that I could check the details and cost of the course. I did not include my phone number. It was very strange that I received an email saying that they need my phone number in order to determine exactly what to send me. Alarm bells went immediately off. This is when I decided to research the company. Thanks again. you have saved me a heap of money.

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  • Ju
      Apr 19, 2010

    I totally agree with cleo1 the more people the better when it comes to the accc but it still won't guarentee a refund, but another story on a curent affair and the morning show with kerri anne kennerly might bring them down a peg or two, maybe these tv programs will investigate a bit further before doing these stories, I see from there website and their seminars they are using these shows as testimonials as to how good there courses are.Ebay is losing even the big players with there ever changing rules and fees.Find your niche build a website and drive traffic and make sales that way.Just like any business it will take time and effort, but at least the profit is in your pocket not anyone elses.

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  • 12
      Apr 22, 2010

    Thanks you have all just saved me $4k .. :-)

    Anon3537 please send the info you have ... Ill pm you

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  • Jr
      May 04, 2010

    Thanks everyone, I too was weighing up my options and with signing up for the program. But I was hesitant because I'm a current eBay seller and wasn't sure what they could offer me to improve my sales. But their website is very enticing and I'm only making small amounts on eBay. I'm already a registered user of SaleHo and Terapeak.

    I signed up for the free DVD and got a phone call from the company the next day, when I explained my eBay experience and asked him a simple question about products to sell on eBay, his simple reply was that this info is included in the training package and he thought I'd do well with the program.

    I received the free DVD (valued at $97.00) and I was quite shocked when I watched it, and the information booklet that came with it was poorly laid out and published (I say this because my job is to layout, design and publish workbooks, manuals etc, I'll get into heaps of trouble if I dared try to present a copy of this standard). The DVD was nothing more than bits of a seminar they have done, that said how great they are, how much money they've made and how easy it is going to be for me and you.

    I've been ripped off before with international systems of earning a living on-line (preloaded web stores, home data entry) and am very skeptical of this one, even if they are Ausies they look, say the same words, use the same emotional hype, play the same mind game as the two who did the eBay selling seminars from the US a few years back, conning thousands into parting with lots of money on a pipe dream, only difference is M&A don't have the American accent.

    Look if you want to make some money from eBay the steps are quite simple, read everything on the eBay website, start small with stuff from around your house, look at what other sellers are selling your product for (search for your item in the "buy" section), read as much free stuff as you can (there is heaps of it out there), go to the library and read some books. Some info that I've found that is free;

    Over the years I've looked at the "pop-up's" and clicked on the Google add for so called work-from-home jobs, they are all the same the emotional hype of countless pages you are left with an offer too good to be true, "for a small one time only offer of $'s" you can buy a ebook. Now say the ebook is priced at $47.95 and the author sells the book to just 10 desperate people a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, how much would the author make? That's how the so called internet gurus are make their 6+ figure incomes.

    Maybe we should all write eBooks.


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  • Sh
      May 06, 2010

    Matt and Amanda are sales people at there best. Making large amounts of there 8mil fortune from the course. I brought the 5-6k package, Have worked full time (not 2-3 hours a day) 5 months, are importing goods, Are making $300-600 a week. Ebay make large amounts in fee's. I have been in business for 20 years. This is the worst company I have ever run, Will be selling out of stock and put me efforts back into a realy company

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  • Ka
      May 09, 2010

    Hi Guys,

    I have been sucked in by Matt and Amanda. The $4000 course I purchased is utter rubbish, most of this information is found online for free and sometimes for a small price. The quality of my DVDs was poor, the manuals are rubbish and so poorly written it was like reading a babys book, information on one of DVDs was incorrect and when I questioned this they said it was to get you to think outside the box. I agree with $49 taken from your credit card monthly for rubbish information shocked me, I was not told about this and when I recieved my Visa statement I was told that when I signed up that was part of the deal, I was furious, they did take me off the list but would not refund the $49 for that month. This company is so dishonest. I have tried to get a refund and I am going to continue to do so. I would also like to join forces with others and contact a Current Affair and Kerri Ann as they do use these shows to further their agenda. I dont believe they are are making huge amounts on ebay, the money they are making comes from the courses and franchising. They are also hard to contact the phone numbers I have go straight to a message service of some kind but no one gets back to you. I am now in contact with a man called Nik who answers my emails but still I am no further ahead of getting my refund. Ebay is hard to earn the kind money they talk about as it is consistently changing and charging way too much. I am going to see this through until I get my refund. I WARN ALL PERSONS NOT TO BUY THIS COURSE IT IS OVER PRICED RUBBISH.These people need to be stopped and the best way is exposure on TV, newspapers and the net. This company is dishonest and as far as I am concerned MATT AND AMANDA CLARKSON are nothing more then very good sales people or cons.

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  • Na
      May 10, 2010

    hi i have the course to anyone want it up for sale $1000 [protected] sydney call me

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  • Gr
      May 10, 2010

    Please join my facebook group: Bidding Buzz SCAM!/group.php?gid=120400614648139&ref=ts

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  • Or
      May 12, 2010


    Thanks for all the commenst my partner and I have been contacted and promised the introductory marketing bits and pieces with the promise of a follow up call in a week or so, however, after reading all the comments will look 'outside the box' of tricks they offer.

    Anon would appreciate the information you have gathered, contact me here or on, orrsome is the name

    A big thank you to all for the saving of several thousnad dollars


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  • No
      May 17, 2010

    DO NOT BUY BEWARE OF SCAM! THe information is so basic a yr six student could have written it. we all know how to sell on ebay, research a good product, put it on the ebay and away you go. You do not have to pay over $5000 to let someone tell you this. Take it from me I was duped I tried everything, I am emotionally and financially damaged.

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  • No
      May 17, 2010

    BEWARE BIDDING BUZZ IS A SCAM. Do not throw your hard earned precious money down the drain. ANYONE can sell on ebay, it is sooo easy you do not need to pay someone $5500 to teach you how to sell on ebay. u do ur research find a product and put it on there. that is pretty much the gist of things and that is exactly what the course will tell you. the course could have been written by a year six student. Do not get scammed. I have been emotionally and financially damaged by these people. do not make the same mistake

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  • Ka
      May 19, 2010

    Hi Everyone, Just an update of trying to get a refund from Bidding Buzz. The emails I am receiving just keep going around in circles. I asked a question why are we not allowed to sell the course on Ebay since they are Ebay Certified Eductors. If they are so proud of what they do and it is supposed to be so honest then why can we not just resell the course on ebay it seems logical to me to be able to sell it on ebay. My answer was I am able to resell the course to friends or privately, firstly I would not sell it to a friend and I am not sure whether I want to sell this rubbish to anyone. It sounded to me like they dont want the public to know that people are unhappy with their product. I was also told that I cannot sell the course online after reading the conditions again it only states we are not allowed to sell on any Ebay sight. They lied to me again what is new... I am going to continue with this as they need to be stopped. If there is anyone else having a problem with Biddding Buzz join Grace on facebook we need to stick together. BIDDING BUZZ IS A BIG SCAM STAY AWAY.There is not rocket science about selling on Ebay the key is the niche product. MATT AND AMANDA ARE DISGUSTING PEOPLE AND THEIR COMPANY IS RUBBISH.. The old saying what goes up must come down and they will come down...

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  • Jo
      May 23, 2010


    Are you guys all serious!!!

    Its unfortunate for you guys who didnt quite do well..

    Im on the other hand doing quite well and quite satisfied, i have learned tonnes of information with making a Ebay business work since we signed up which was over a year ago. i signed up to the delux program, dont pay monthly membership which is optional. been to two of the seminars and just like anything if you have a business you are always want to try and upsell stuff, its a business for gods sake it doesnt mean there evil people who are scamming you, you just have to work out if it suits you or not financially and are you really prepared. We have never bought a product they offered us as an upsale when we attended one of there seminars we had still had our delux program and came to the seminar for another learning experience which was excellent value for us.

    Firstly they do not stop helping. Any problems we have or need to discuss with them or issues we having when we were starting out, we would email them or call them. We have we have life time guarantee help with them and didnt need to sign up for monthly subscription..

    Nothing comes easy for you people looking for an easy way out.. you cant just give up and blame them and say its a scam just because you failed or doing it tough. I guarantee if you implemented the ideas and you did their steps then you would of found success, their money back guarantee is backed up with proof that if you did all the steps outlined.

    I am not single and im married we done it tough fought alot, yes it takes up time and it does cost money we purchased the delux program and if you have ever started a business before like i have it costs "money" and you wont have the money in your account tommorow it takes alot of time and research you have to decide if its worth your time, for us it was worth the fight, seriously till now they still email us back with any problems we encounter.

    You can say to me, "i did all the steps" or "i did all the research and it didnt work" but for us our research wasnt 2 weeks or even a month it took time! Why have we implemented every single idea and every step and made every cent of our delux course count.
    And are now succeeding...

    We are happy.. thats all i have to say regardless... Cheeers !!! and happy bidding lol

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  • Ka
      May 24, 2010

    Hi There, You sound like you are someone who works for Bidding Buzz. I have and always will stand by what I say the program is rubbish and at most worth about $100. I have never met the people that have complained on the complaints board, but it is so funny to see, we say exactly the same thing. Selling on Ebay is about a niche product it is not rocket science. Its not whether the steps work or not the complaint has been from all I read on the net that the course is rubbish, 0verpriced and poor quality. It is a scam and I will continue to follow through with the steps of getting the word out. Like most of the complaints a 6year old could write those manuals. We all have the right to state our views whether you like them or not, last time I looked we were a democrocy. The company to me has no integrity and does not honor its guarantee at all. They are dishonet people and and rip off. There is even a comment on Ebay to stay away from the course. I would guarantee they are many many more out there who are not happy with the product. A Current Affair is the place to go to get something done and see how manhy people feel the same way. I am actually using a program in another area that cost $77 and it works nothing to do with Ebay. I also dont see this as funny and yes we are serious the Ebay Magic Course is rubbish.. If you believe in the program perhaps you could sell mine, I'll sell it for half the price with the seminar tickets as well, so keep me in mind when you are promoting this course to your friends. Start searching the net and talk to people who are unhappy with the course we cant all be wrong...How much are you making on ebay do you have an ID number that I could look at what you are selling since you are doing so well that should not be a problem..Cheers

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  • No
      May 25, 2010


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  • Jo
      May 25, 2010

    Kapooka If you succeeded in the course then what you would have learned is if you are making a killing and you found a niche product, do you really think im going to tell you anything about what I sell on EBay

    Seriously that is a problem to us because why would I fill you in inside my Niche market and I have told people only close relatives because not everyone can do it, some people may get too excited and jump the gun

    which is what you Did and fail. And actually like I said before, im a proud member of the course and not someone who works for them.

    If its not rocket science and you knew what you were doing then what were you doing buying the course you sound like the type not to be convinced into things easily then if you done the research before hand and

    Understood what you were getting yourself into and from just hearing you a little, quoted by you "Selling on EBay is about a niche product” wow! You know exactly it, actually there’s more to it then that and

    Obviously you haven’t done the yards to know the structure to creating a business on EBay and I wouldn’t bother explaining to you not because and here you would say "oh so you don’t know what it’s about, that’s why

    You can’t explain it" actually it’s not worth it telling someone like you because obviously you know it.

    So Mr. Rocket scientist sir it is funny to actually hear you complain because like everything in this world there are always going to be the critics that goes to all the complainers you do have a right to complain and

    Have freedom of speech and so do I but get all your facts together before making a decision. I don’t care about the other people complaining you are just looking for sheep im referring specifically to you, the fact

    remains that your just upset because you couldn’t get a refund all from looking at the course and going wow the quality is crap, wow there so much rubbish in this, well hey Matt and Amanda didn’t put a gun to

    Your head and say "buy the [censor]in course!" Whether you think they did, what they promised success for us is what we have been given, it wasn’t given on a platter and we were able to make a decision on own to

    Say yes actually this is right for us.

    Since your quick to assume things then ill assume also you know nothing of integrity, your just like some of the rest of the ungrateful people looking for an easy way out in life, you don’t even know the meaning of

    the word tough. If a 6 year could write those manuals ill give him or her the keys to my house better off since your the scientist you could write one up, oh, sorry I forgot you bought the 77 dollar book in another

    area which has nothing to do with EBay. (Listen to yourself willya loll)

    It sounds like you’re the six year old here, that’s what im starting to think here.

    I think your some one who couldn’t do the course to its full potential and failed and gave up quickly blamed the course blamed matt and Amanda and wanted a Refund. Blame who ever you want to blame the key is

    you failed not anyone else not me I didn’t make you fail, Matt and Amanda didn’t say hey "[censor] you im not helping you, succeed" The team I know would of wanted to help, just like how we have been helped So you

    yap on about how its not rocket science and I take it your not dumb and are able to make a decision on your own, I mean you did buy that 77 dollar course if that course doesn’t work are you planning to sue loll,

    absolute ridiculous.

    You must put sweat into a business to work, its not just going to come to you…

    That’s all for now :)

    P.S Those discussion forums you mention dont even mention anyone who is even doing the course, just people assuming that "oh its easy, " ill buy a book for 20 dollars and tells me everything" good for them. I saw

    the user i'ds its amazing to see theres nothing going on in there store or even selling anything, "talkers". And if your googling my gosh, if you typed "Terroist" obviosuly would find bad stuff but amazingly you would

    find argues praising them. POint is if you look into things hard enough you will always find an against, but its the facts that back it up.

    I have nothing more to say to you... nor will i reply, because i have said what i wanted to say.

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  • Ka
      May 27, 2010

    Joe this is for you. You seem to be poorly educated, the web site is COMPLAINTS BOARD so I have no idea why you are even in this web site. As for swearing and attacking people because they have another opinion on a product that you do not agree with shows me you are very childish and a very angry person in general. I would guarantee 100% that you are not making huge amounts of money on Ebay.

    The cost of the course has not financially damaged me, but I see that some people have suffered due to the cost of the course, I personally feel for them. I would never recommend this course to anyone. As for mine, the manuals are shredded and the DVDs are in the rubbish where they belong. I have put my complaints into the appropriate departments, in the hope that the word will get out about BIDDING BUZZ.

    Good news leaving to live in Dubia, great job NO TAX and luxuary accommodtion...


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  • Jo
      May 28, 2010

    As for swearing

    Freedom of speech i can say the [censor] i like, post messages on any complaint board i like, so mind your own business. If you havnt got anything solid to talk to me about dont bother spilling

    your cry baby issues.

    How about that Kapooka

    You sound [censor]ing childish im angry because stupid people like you write dumb [censor] like this, without backing yourself..

    Poorly educated, i dont think so, i think thats why you failed.

    How the [censor] can you say, that you "guarantee 100%" about what im making, you got no [censor]ing clue so if i were you i would shut the [censor] up. Listen to you.. lol

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  • Bb
      May 28, 2010

    Hi, I'm new user to complaintsboard and just wanted to contribute as someone that has not done this course personally but I have been to a seminar where Matt & Amanda marketed their eBay course.

    Firstly, I like to say good work to Joetwin3 for being able to put together a profitable/sustainable eBay business, however the name calling and swearing is really unnecessary. It also violates the terms and conditions of using this website (refer to '2. Member Conduct' on I can understand you are passionate about M&A's eBay course because you are getting the results you want and I agree Kapooka shouldn't make assumptions about your eBay income but profane/defamatory language doesn't help to make your point.

    Secondly, purely looking at the Bidding Buzz website for this eBay course (, the complaints raised seem to be quite valid. When people pay large sums of money for a $4k course or a $20k JV, they have a right to feel that they are getting value for their hard earned money. There are also legal (and ethical) obligations that these type of services should abide by. Clearly, there are customers that are very unhappy and for that kind of cash outlay, I don't think it is fair to just say that they did not work hard enough or were too dumb to make this type of eBay business work. Especially when the course is promising very large returns for ALL customers that follow their system (not just for some people).

    Regardless of whether the quality of the course materials are good or not, the fact is M&A offer a 100% lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee or double your money back. If this is not being honoured as people are describing in this forum, then M&A are definitely being misleading on that fact alone and would be breaching the Qld Fair Trading Act 1989 (I assume this law applies as M&A live in Gold Coast).

    An extract of the legislation states "A person shall not, in trade or commerce, in connection with
    the supply or possible supply of goods or services or in connection with the promotion by any means of the supply or use of goods or services— ... (k) make a false or misleading representation concerning
    the existence, exclusion or effect of any condition, warranty, guarantee, right or remedy."

    So it does strongly appear that the unhappy customers that have posted in this forum have a very legitimate and legally actionable complaint. If these people are the minority, M&A should just refund the money as promised, as would any other reputable company that has to refund according to their guarantees/warranties. Universities also allow refunds on courses under their guaranteed conditions (e.g. dropping out before the census date or withdrawing due to certain personal circumstances) so this shouldn't be any different.

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  • Jo
      Jun 10, 2010

    I too purchased the ebay course at a cost of $4000. What a load of crap! Matt and Amanda rave on and on and on about how anyone can do this. They dribble on about niche markets but offer no direct help of how to find one. The information that I paid for was cheap and can be found anywhere on the internet.
    As for the 100% money back guarantee, I work full time and was not able to even sit down and really watch and read the program properly for about 2 months after purchase. It should be a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program. Then they were slugging me $50 per month to be part of the chat room!
    Brilliant sales people but crap package once you take the plunge.
    DONT BUY IT!!!

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  • No
      Jun 12, 2010

    hey guys since its a life time guarantee what they are engaging in is actually deceptive conduct as life time means anytime you feel as though its not working as you have tried to make it work then you have a right to a refund obviously these scammers arent honouring this BS guarantee and the ACCC should take action against them. not going to let them get away with this!!!

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  • Gr
      Jun 14, 2010

    Just wanted to let everybody know that my Bidding Buzz Scam FaceBook group was closed down by Bidding Buzz' group of lawyers. They issued me an ultimatum to close the site down otherwise I would face legal actions. Generally speaking, they said my comments were "defamatory" and harmed their business. I had the impression they were more worried about how they get their next million..., because the group's only purpose was to motivate people who have been ripped off by their predatory sales tactics to come forward and tell their story in public. But I hope this and other complaints forums will do their job... one way or another, people will spread the word!..

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  • It
      Jun 29, 2010

    I know for a fact that if you work the steps and listen to the Mentors Bidding Buzz e bay magic does and has worked for hundreds of people, If you don't put in the effort I guess you will spend most of your time blogging on a web site like this one that is really populating another business data base, I WOULD RECOMEND THAT YOU CONTACT BIDDING BUZZ AND LET THE SKILLED MENTORS HELP YOU, insted of wasting your time here.

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  • Mi
      Jul 01, 2010

    I've had Matt and Amandas program for just over a year and have had my ups and dowsns but everytime I ask for help I get instant answers and have made my investement back a few times over. I opted for the deluxe course and am glad I did, because after the 1st call I realised why I was making so many mistakes before buying the course, which makes me wonder if you all spent half as much time using the course to make money as you did [censor]in on this site you probably would be making as well. It is like any business you need to put in hard work to see results and compared to my last business owing a retail shop this is nothing. Best advice is if you are not makig money put your hand up and ask for help because chances are there is something you are doing that is the reason

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  • Im
      Jul 02, 2010

    Recently, I came across an article on the Clarksons and decided to find out more about their course. Here is a link to a video of their interview on A Current Affair . The warehouse looks empty and very clean and tidy.

    Next I found the BiddingBuzz shop on eBay . There is only 1 item listed and the feedback score is only about 250.

    By coincidence, I was sent a link to a series of Think And Grow Rich®
    Internet & Cashflow Conference to be held in major cities in Australia. Mr & Mrs eBay Magic will be appearing in the Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth events. Free tickest are available from .

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