Matrix Warehouse ComputersInefficient service and disgusting attitude

I took my laptop in on Tuesday 6 October as I had a virus and needed to get the problem solved. I dealt with a man called Hans.On taking receipt of my laptop with the antivirus I purchased I realised that, when I got back to my office, some of my important folders had not been backed up. I know that there was a particular folder of a project and that it WAS there when I brought my laptop initially. He said he had backed what he “thought” was important from my laptop – should he have not just made a call and verified with me first?This took two days.He then said I should bring it back and he will try a “restore and recovery” which took from Fri 9 Oct at (11am) until 12th at 11 am.He has not been able to recover this particular folder and he insists it was not there.He has not even tried to be apologetic or understanding.He is an arrogant and useless technician who doesn’t know what he is doing.He told me, that he knows what the “#***” (can you believe his language to a customer??) he is doing when I phoned a friend from his shop, who is in IT, to try and see if he could help.I feel that to have paid R1319.00 is an insult for this disgusting, inefficient service. Never ever again!!!


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