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Mason Capital Group / Unauthorized billing

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We hired these guys in May of 2008, after massive attempts by Steve Byrne stating he will handle my case and our home will be saved. Never happened. He took my money. I called my bank to get my funds reversed. They did temporarily. Then Nationwide Financing.(they would not tell me how they are associated with Mason Capital Group) told them I lied on all my paperwork, which I did not and took my $1, 500.00 back. I had to hire another loss mitigation company that did the work properly and I got to stay in my home.

Now Nationwide Financing, who will not admit to being in with Mason Capital Goup says they will not return my money. I did not have a contract with Nationwide Financing. This is a total scam.

I need people out there that have been burned by these people to file a class action case. I am sending letters to the Attorney General in California as well as Arizona, also a letter to the banking commission etc. Anyone that will hear.

In this part of our lives where everywhere people are losing their homes and jobs, to have people out there likes these taking money from people who can't afford it need to be stopped.

Please, I beg everyone who has been hurt by these people contact me.

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  • Pa
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    United States

    I hired them after persistant calls and emails from a Steve Byrne. Told me he can save my house from foreclosure. I sent them $1, 500 on my debit card (good thing I did) After I sent the funds I would try and call and see how things were going and they kept telling me they are in contact with my lender and not to worry. I started to worry, when no one would return my calls. I called my bank and told them to reverse the funds because they did not do what they said they would. I have never received a phone call or any more correspondence from these people. I have since found a legal law firm that handled my loss mitigation and all is great. Mason Capital Group is a scam company. Preys on people who are losing their home, only to get money from people who can't afford the extra money. They are complete scam artists.

  • Ir
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I also feel like I have been scammed I paid 1500.00 and Charlie has not contacted me since he collected my money. I am sick to my stomach over this. It is going on 3 months.

  • Ma
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    We seem to have been scamed as well. We have two mortgages on our home. They did call us, they did work with the second mortgage and got the rate lowered and fixed. Before Christmas I faxed more information to them on the first mortgage and was told to call after the holiday. It seems that the phone numbers have all been disconnected and there is no way to contact them. I was told not to contact the mortgage company and not to pay the mortgage until the litigation process was over. I was told they would not be able to forclose while this was in progress. We just received a court summons to appear in court for forclosure. We are terribly upset and do not know what to do. We just had a baby and it looks like now we will have no where to go. I had to take a loan out from my retirement fund to pay them. Now I have to call the second mortgage company and see if they actually were responsible for the modification of that loan. They may not be aware of it and we will be out the money for that loan payment as well. How can people do that to others? Do they realize they just put 3 kids under 14 on the street? I feel just horrible and sick to my stomach. I just found out about all this an hour ago when I tried to call them then found all of these complaints! They are in Ohio now, thats where we live. PLEASE don't waste your money on these people they won't help you and they have no heart. I am interested in a class action suit contact me I will participate.

  • Ma
      30th of Dec, 2008
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    We been scamed too! I just called today to follow up and their phone number is no longer in service. I am so upset! What is a class action suit??

  • Te
      1st of Jan, 2009
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    I have too been scammed by these crooks! They have $1750.00 of my money and have done nothing for my 3 mortgages on my home. I took care of the 2nd and 3rd modifications, but the 1st mortgage is the one that can actually foreclose on you and I was told by these liars not to make a payment until the modification was complete and I could make a good faith payment. Well now I'm trying to negotiate with my 1st mortgage to save my house and lower my payment or my daughter and I will be on the street.
    I have also filed a complaint with my bank where the money was debited out of my checking account. I have yet to hear from them...

    If someone is filing a class action suit, I'm more than willing to participate. Someone has to help us get this mess straight and somehow try to get our money back from these heartless ###s.
    What a way to start the new year!!

  • Jo
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    They did the same thing to me, took $1500.00 and put me into foreclousure. there has to be a class action suit somewhere. these people have to be accountable for all the money they scamed from people who are down on there luck.i will look into this matter if anyone else hears of a suit please contact me.hitter25

  • Ti
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    Teri W.
    My name is Tim and I am trying to gather enough names so that we cam file suit against these SOB's and try to recover a little of our money back. But what I really want to do is put them out of buiss. and in JAIL. My e-mail is

  • Al
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    People please email me or tim so we can collect all the names for a class action lawsuit.


  • De
      19th of Jan, 2009
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    Horrible Scam-I really trusted these guys when told they would be able to help lower my mortgage by 20%-40% and to stop foreclosure proceedings. I am out $750.00 to Mason Capitol Group & Gretchen Fox who did absolutley NOTHING! I knew something was terribly wrong when the foreclosure proceedings were to be put on hold per this company and was then told "the foreclosure process" would continue until they reached an agreement on the modification! We are still in the home for now, but payments were not lowered instead went up! This was a big rip off and will be contactiing the attorney general's office tommorrow. I too tried to contact a representative from the company, Gary Arnold which I think was a fictious name, to no avail. I couldn't contact him and was told the attornies I worked with at Gretchen & Fox had been fired! LIARS!

  • Ka
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    back last year i sent them1000.00 to help me with my mortage no help at all. i want my money back now. what do i do.

  • Gl
      2nd of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Oh My Goodness I am trying very hard not to panic here after reading all that i have read on this board. We too were contacted by Mason Capital Group in August 2008 by Steve Byrne who said he could hep us with our mortgage loan and save our home. I looked them up and didn't find anything suspecious about the company so we signed up with them. He said the process will take baout 30 -60 days so we should be patient, and not make any mortgage payments until all is done. For a while there it looked like they were doing something positive because the collection calls from our mortgage company stopped, we received a mortgage loan modification letter from our mortgage company and when we called to ask if they had heard from Mason Capital they indicated they had and were working with them. Then we got an intent to forclose letter from our mortgage company, called Steve and he said to fax it to them right away so they can call our mortgage company and stop the process. We didn't receive another letter of such and our mortgage company continuted to send us our monthly statements and regualr communications as usual so we didn't panic. Mason capital also told us not to make any payments, or contact our bank, they will be our voice so we didn't. Nothing weird has happened for us as far as with our mortgage company for us to be concerned until the 60 days passed. Then we got in touch with Mason capital asking for an update, they still heald on to their "we are working with your mortage company" Then recently we got a frantic call from an EVA SCIUBA who said she is with Gretchen Fox, see contact info below.
    GretchenFox & Associates
    Assistant to Case Manager

    Toll free # 818-444-7350, ext 5036

    Fax number 818-444-7325

    She indicated that our case has been tranferred to them as Stve Bryne and the person who was working on our case have been laid off. I red flag went off in my head from the lack of profesionalism she had in her voice and how she answered the phone as though she was answering her home phone.
    Again nothing weird from our mortgage company, they continue to send monthly statements and regular communications as normal. We even recently got a letter from our mortgage company saying our loan have been sold to another company and we should be dealing with the new company from now on. I sent this information to this EVA personf or follow up BUT after having read all this, we will contact the mortgage company directly, explain what happened and request they deal with us directly from now on. I pray it's not too late.
    You have our permission to add our name ot the class action suit!!

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I have become a recent victim as well. I would like to add my name to the list as well. Also who out there knows of a legitimate company, we still need help!
    Thank you for any imput :

  • Ma
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    My name is Maria M., and I have too been a victim as well. About 5-6 months ago ive been working with Diego Diaz from MASON and Lupe Medina from GRETCHEN FOX & ASSOC. and they have $3, 000.00 of my money and a about month or two ago I never heard from them again... I went down to there office and that suite didnt even exist, it was a post office. WHAT RIP-OFFS!!! Add my name to the class action suit!!!

  • Mi
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Me too! They were supposedly going to get my adjustable rate to a fixed. Initially charging $1500, and then only suppose to charge the $1000 balance AFTER they get the rate locked. They didn't get the rate locked, and charged me the FULL $2500. In addition, they said if they couldn't lock the rate, that I would only get charged $500. PLEASE contact me - I want in on this lawsuit! Or I will sue on my own. They do business under these DBA's: Mason Capital Group/American Financial Group/Gretchen Fox & Associates. They just change names to avoid having to refund money, is my suspicion. I have emailed today:

    Better Business Bureau
    consumer affairs (gov divisions)
    Federal Trade Commission
    BOTH CA senators (Boxer & Feinstein)
    Dept. of Justice
    And LA County (To get their business license revoked!)

    We should all band together to take these unscrupulous people down!

  • Mi
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    Note that Mason Capital Group ALSO does business under American Financial Group AND Gretchen Fox & Associates. PLEASE EVERYONE CALL THE LA DISTRICT ATTORNEY TOMORROW! Here is their contact info (below). Make sure you list ALL the business names this company is using, so they can put us all together in one massive complaint against this company.

    District Attorney's Office
    County of Los Angeles
    210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

    Telephone (213) 974-3512
    Fax (213) 974-1484

    TTY (800) 457-7778
    (8:30am - 5:00pm M-F)

  • Je
      12th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with you they claim they worked a modification out with my loan comapny and now that i have paid for the 4 payments the loan company has no idea what i am talking about when i asked them about the modicfication. Oh! my God. Someone help me because now i am in a bind and don't know what to do.

  • Mi
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    Mason Capital Group - Loan Modification Fraud
    United States

    July, 30, 2008. Frank Lion, sent package paperwork with agreement and presentation Masoncapitalgroup, as Company for Home Loan Modification. My family was signed package, sent check from Bank of America equal $3, 500 (three thousand five hundred dollars). Every electronic faxed copies present. In agreement was promised us for 3-4
    Months or 120 days whle process will done. Also, Frank Lion, asked us
    For never pay again for Countrywide, our primary lender, and they, MasonCapitalGroup, will send new Loan at time.
    Trhree Months passed. We tried richFrank, But Aida, other person, as introduced herself, said that Frank Lion not working anymore. Also, Aida sent letter for us, we signed again, with dated and faxed, as MasonCapitalgroup asked us. We trusted that Masoncapitalgroup, we didn't paid 8 months, also we can't rich by phone, email, faxes, any communication unavalable with this Company from Tarzana, CA.
    Futuremore they distressed permanent disability family member, primary
    Resposible for HomeLoan. Money that was sent to Masoncapitalgroup, money from disability person. Please, help return our money, we faced forclosure now and we will homeless if you some responsible person can't help us.
    Truly your's
    Mikhaylov's Family
    Ph 1.818.634.4352

  • Ve
      19th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes
    Mason Capital Group - Bad service
    Mason Capital Group
    United States

    Mason Capital Group and Gretchen Fox & Associates promised me to lower my mortgage payments, get a lower interest and all I got was a letter from my lender that they were ready to foreclosure my home. When I called Mason to clarify the phone numbers were disconnected and I could not get my money back. Is there a way to take legal action against these companies?

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