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Marriott Vacation Club / service

1 310 Bearcat DriveSalt Lake City, UT, United States
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I have had an on going issue with Marriot since Dec 19th, 2015. As of today 1/6/2015, the issue has still not been resolved. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. On 11/30 my husband and I made a reservation using our accrued points. We made reservations at a Maui destination. They have a couple options there and at the time we made our reservations 2 of the resorts had availability for our dates. We selected the one we thought was a better fit for our family of 5 as we would be bringing our 3 children. Besides the extremely un-user friendly website, we were able to complete our reservation. It was not until we received our email confirmation that we received information that not only would the swimming pool be under renovation but so would several rooms in the building. We selected this destination because of the pool so as you can guess we were on the phone the next business day to cancel this reservation and have it moved to the other option on the Island. I was on hold for over 40 minutes that day and finally gave up. I tried again later in the week and the service representative simply told me that the other hotel was now full and there was nothing they could do. I let her know that we never would have booked that location if the renovation information would have been made known prior to our reservation. The fact that the information was not provided until after our reservation was confirmed was their error not ours and the fact that we save our money to take a family vacation once a year and this was their response they needed to know that they were basically robbing us of our vacation. I asked to speak with a manager. She passed me to a girl named Ashley Dawson. I had spoken to her regarding a previous issue that she was not willing to resolve and we ended up "living with it" at that time. Remembering how she was quite condescending and unhelpful previously, I asked to speak to a different representative. She told me none were available and she would happily have her supervisor call me back in 48 hours. So here we are today. Still no call back from the supervisor. So I called them back today and sat through the phone tree for about 35 minutes. I got a lovely lady by the name of Anita, she saw that I was promised a call back and hadn't received one, so she offered to put me through to Carol, the woman who was supposed to have called me over 20 days ago. Of course Carol was unavailable, the craziest thing is Carol told Anita to just tell me that she checked with tech and there was a pop up when I made the reservation and I must have failed to see it and it was too bad but she could do nothing. All I can say is poor Anita. What a terrible thing for a boss, someone who is supposed to be the example, to do. Passing it off onto this employee, making me her responsibility. Such poor management, such poor service. I let Anita know I was sorry that she was going to now have to hear my frustrations and even though I knew she couldn't help me I needed to be heard at this point. I was very upset, on the verge of tears. Anita listened and was a total professional. She empathized, but all she could do was listen. I was left without any recourse, whatsoever. She told me she would do her best to have Carol call me today and was really embarrassed at the fact that Carol hadn't called me and that she was made to deliver such a "bologna sandwich" explanation on her behalf. So here I am, you think I would have learned by now, I have no one that will even TRY to help with a solution. Not a one. I am completely dismissed and told basically that I made the mistake. I can promise you, without a doubt, there was no "pop up" as Carol speaks of. I highly doubt Carol ever spoke to tech either. My husband works in the computer and tech industry, he would have definitely noticed if there had been a pop up as Carol says there was. Needless to say, this experience has been completely unprofessional, uncaring, poor customer service, drawn out, frustrating and downright rude. Unfortunately this has been our second vacation booking with issues. I want to make sure people know what they are getting into, I want to make sure people know what kind of people their money is paying for and I want to make sure Marriot knows that I am anxious to spread the word about all of this to as many people as I can. It seems like we have been completely duped.

Jan 6, 2016

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