Marriott Vacation Club / redeeming points and timeshare

Re Dec 20, 2015
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I had purchased a timeshare at the marriott in maui. The yearly maintenance became outrageous over the years for a one week stay so we decided to sell. Ten years later there was no resale value. The marriott declined to buy it back and stated they had a waiting list of re-sales they had in inventory and did not want mine. Maui was supposed to be in the category of high demand. It took me over a year to sell but sold it for $6, 000.00 which was extremely disappointing because I had bought it for $15, 000.00 ten years earlier. I also had points to which I was just told I had to use by february 22, 2016 or I would loose them. If I pay cash there are lots of availabilities but when I put in my rewards points there are no availabilities. I for warn anyone to be taken on the marriott programs. You will get screwed in every way. They surely can sell the products but once you have it you will continually get screwed.

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