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Malone Solutions Staffing / Unauthorized employees administering drug test

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I recently applied for a receptionist position at Malone Solutions Staffing in Lagrange, GA. I was scheduled for an interview today 11/07/16 at 9:45am. When I arrived at the facility, she took a copy of my drivers license, social security card, high school diploma and bachelors degree. After getting back my documents the receptionist told me that I had to take a drug test.

There was a woman before me who took hers and then the receptionist told me to come in the restroom and do mine. I did not see her take the specimen cup out of a plastic wrapping and the cup did not have a lid on it or nowhere near it. The cup was laying on a metal tray with a napkin under it. Before taking my test she had me put an alcohol swab in my mouth to get some saliva on it. Once I took it out my mouth, she said okay and told me to pee on the cup.

I peed in the cup, washed my hands and opened the bathroom door. The receptionist came in, put a glove on, picked up the cup and said that my urine was not turning the black line colors. She then took the cup and tilted it to see if my urine would touch the line and make it change colors. When it did not, she told me that I had "cold urine" and that I had failed the drug test and had to reapply in 6 months.

After leaving, I called Malone Solutions Staffing agency and talked to the receptionist. I told her that it just didn't sound right to me because I have never done drugs in my life. The same receptionist proceeded to tell me that I had cold urine and that there was nothing they could do. Then she said "I can transfer you to Donna, but she is going to tell you the same thing."

She then transferred me to Donna and Donna could not explain to me what cold urine was and how it could make you fail a drug test. Donna ended the conversation by saying that they have to follow procedure and there is nothing they can do about it and "it is what it is." After hanging up with Donna, I called Malone Solutions Staffing corporate number and left a message. No one has called me back yet.

I have never felt so embarrassed and disrespected in my life. I have never did drugs and I feel like I was being discriminated against because of the color of my skin and because of the position I was applying for. I have never done a drug test where I was giving a cup without a lid. I do not believe that their receptionist followed protocol and I do not believe that she was authorized to administer that test.

I am very upset and frustrated that I am going through this. No one should be made to feel or be treated like an addict when they have never once taken illegal drugs in their lifetime. I really want to spread some awareness to this because today my rights were violated.

Nov 7, 2016
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  • Mi
      8th of Nov, 2016

    Urine that comes straight out the body is a certain temperature range (unless you are dead). Cold urine would be a sign that you had used a fake sample or someone else's urine and had not kept it at the right temperature. The only thing you could have done was offered, at your own cost, to go for a blood test at a drug testing facility. They may or may not have accepted such an offer. As far as the drug testing employee being authorized, that should be easy to find out. I would check into it. But, please leave out the race card, it makes you look very desperate and pathetic.

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  • Ti
      8th of Nov, 2016

    And what do you look like commenting on this post telling me that I look desperate and pathetic? Where you there to witness the whole thing? No you weren't. So don't tell me how to feel. I am educated, qualified, and capable to do that job so why wouldn't I feel that way? If you've never been discriminated against, you have no right to comment how I look.

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  • Lt
      1st of May, 2018

    First of all, what does race have to with a drug test? I mean, I'm just an uneducated Carny; but the two aren't even related. So what you failed a drug test. Own it. Second as educated as May assume you are doesn't mean you are.

    -1 Votes
  • Ti
      1st of May, 2018

    @Ltg48162 No I will not own failing a drug test if I’m not on drugs. And acquiring a bachelors degree at an University does mean that I am educated. How about you get a life and stop commenting on things that don’t concern you. You can dismiss yourself off of this post thank you. Have a nice day.

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