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Magazine Services Of America / Fraud and scam

1 7378 W. Atlantic Blvd. #222Margate, FL, United States

I received a call on my cell phone around 8:00 PM from these people. It was a woman who called and she asked how the weather was in my state and said where she was it was 'so nice' so she can relax all day. Keep in mind at while she was telling me all this, I had no idea who was talking to me, as she hadn't stated who she was and asked for me by my first name only.

Then she started asking me personal questions like am I married, have kids, what stores I like to shop at...etc. I said I was engaged and she was like, 'WOW!' I am so excited about that!! How many Bridesmaids are you having..etc..' By this point I cut her off and said...May I ask who this is?? A phone number had shown up in my i.d. box but it wasn't an 800 number. She said I am calling on behalf of Visa because you are going to win a diamond watch and a trip somewhere of my choice. I told her I didn't register for any sweepstakes, but she said I was automatically selected because of my visa card and another magazine subscription that I have belonged to for years and always order straight through that company. Anyway, she said congratulations then confirmed my address. She said is that correct? I was like yes, but how do I know this is real??

She went on to say that because I was such a good customer (never ordered anything from Magazine Service of America) that I was privileged to be getting this phone call. I rolled my eyes thinking..yup this is just a telemarketing scam. She said I will get these prizes if I agree to just one little thing. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THREE DIFFERENT MAGAZINES!! I was like no I'm not interested. She says, 'but a pretty future bride like you would love to have Cosmopolitan wouldn't you?' I told her I hated that magazine and she said well you must enjoy TIME magazine! I said no I have all the magazines I want. She said well we have TV Guide and I know you will enjoy that! I was getting mad at this point because she kept rebutting me acting as if I had no idea what I liked to read!

Then I tell her I have to go, and I am not interested and she said, okay I can see how you would think this is a scam but it's not. I told her again, I AM NOT INTERESTED and please take me off of your telemarketing list! She said okay, I have your credit card number through Visa and I will put you down for TIME, TV Guide, and Cosmo and then she hung up!!! I swear I was so mad, because she sounded like she really did have my credit card number.

So I called the number back and it rang forever and no one ever did answer and the next day it said your call cannot be completed as dialed. Has anyone else had this kind of thing said to them>?? That they already have your credit card number! They should be stopped immediately.


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