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Magazine Service Center / bogus charges

1 IA, United States

i have already been a member of one magazine club since january or so. august 10th, i got a phone call. actually it was more like 15 calls in ten minutes (some were private, some were numbers) to my husbands phone asking for me (why they had his number, i dont know!)! they claimed they were my magazine group and told me that because i was such a good customer, they were going to take off 6 payments which left me with 20 left. and they also said they would drop my monthly payment to $20. but the only way to keep my monthly payment down was to automatically debit it from my account each month. they asked me to verify my credit card number, and i did (STUPID!!!). after i called back to make sure i understood everything that happened, (this is where all the phone calls happened, and they claimed their pc's went down and took me from the "do not call list" to the "call list" and offered to drop my payments to $10 for the hassel.) they acted like they didnt know what was going on as far as the phone calls OR even know about dropping my payments. acted very unproffessional, studdered, etc... by the time i got the last call, i said i already got a phone call to lower my payments. anyways, 2 days later i noticed 2 different charges from my account in 2 different amounts. one was from magazine service center for $49.90 and the other was from dedicated readers for $39.90. my other mag club im in always, every month, has the same name, description, and even a phone number to contact them. these 2 i didnt recognize. i have been trying like hell to get phone numbers for these places to find out whats going on, but the one phone number i have for M.S.C. doesnt work at all [protected]) and i couldnt find anything for dedicated readers. if there is anybody reading this who knows of another number/s i could call or anything i can do, please please please let me know!! you can email me at,, or hell, even call me at [protected]...just dont try to sell me anything!!!

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