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M & T Bank / incorrect nsf fees

1 800 Wyoming Ave.Kingston, PA, United States Review updated:
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There is an erroneous NSF fee posted to my account. I called M&T Bank at 10am on Saturday 5/24/08. The girl who answered the phone told me the NSF fee was posted to a transaction at a mini-mart a week prior to my call. My account online showed it was posted to an ATM withdrawal 2 days prior to my call. She was confused, put me on hold, then came back on and told me that "Josh" would call me back by 12pm. Today is 5/28/08...I still have not heard from "Josh". I work full time, and do not have the opportunity to go to the branch office or to make repeated phone calls to them. This happened to me in February, too. This bank has taken NSF fees out of my account on numerous occasions for no apparent reason. When I call, they give me a half-baked excuse. I will be closing this account, because what recourse do I have? It's a bank, they know what they're doing with my money, right? I don't think so!! They have also refused to help me with a transaction a different company posted to my account, which resulted in an NSF fee. The other company refunded me, but will not send a letter to M&T on my behalf to have the NSF fee reversed. I offered to fax the email stating that to M&T, they said basically that I'm out of luck. I have all the emails that went back and forth between myself and an M&T customer service rep, and the emails from the other company that I should be able to use to clear this up. M&T is more interested in keeping my money than in helping me clear up an error on my account.

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  • Jo
      6th of Jun, 2008
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    Amen. These people are unreal in what they get away with. Stay away from this bank at all costs. We all know that "customer service" has become an oxymoron, so like most people I settle for mere rude and indifferent behavior. In the rare event I am treated with any decency I feel like writing a letter of praise. M&T bank has raised the bar in demonstrating how little they care about keeping your business. Talk about short-sightedness. They will sacrifice my long-term business and that of anyone I can get to listen for a couple of quick bucks today.

    If you are part of the First Horizon/M&T "transition" in the DC area, duck. FH got the hell out of Dodge and left a mess with a bank that was ill-equipped to clean it up. For me it started with some disputed items on a dormant account just prior to the hand-off. FH had no interest in fixing it, and MT decided it was easier to blame FH and pocket my money. By the time I got through to someone of authority, I "owed" MT money and I had been reported to some central data center, rendering me unable to open a checking account elsewhere. Since then there have been a string of fees levied on me for NSF, a few my fault, but many through some bizzarre timing. Deposited checks put on hold with no disclosure to me, unexpected charges for check reorders (I was promised "free" checks), even told that a cash deposit would not be available to me for 2 business days. I asked them why I would bother depositing cash if they were going to "hold" it. The response - "everybody else does it". Now they won't give me an ATM card because of my record with them. Fees waived? Forget about it. Unless the Pope himself convinces them that it wasn't entirely your fault, they don't budge.

    To sum, I am stuck with these idiots and watching them screw everything up in my account until I finally receive my letter confirming that I paid the initial funds I "owed" them (yes, I negotiated a settlement - they took a whole 15% off the balance - just so I could free myself from the lunacy). This letter serves to confirm that I have been duly punished and made good, and I am now allowed to take the dunce cap off, leave the chair in the corner, and go get an account elsewhere. As added bonus, they haven't sent the letter (after 4 weeks) because "I've just been too busy..." Personally, I think they are just having too much fun siphoning my money.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Mi
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    Totally 100% - they are horrible and I am trying to call M&T Corporate to get a higher up to get my $370 back for a similar error on M7T's end. Who can I call??? Cant find it online.

    CAlling the branch is so useless!

  • Am
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    If anyone can find the number for corporate, I'd like to know this too. Yesterday I went to use my check card for .58 I went over my gift card at Starbucks. Found out the card was declined, so I called and my balance was -$540.00. I freaked out, thinking someone had gotten a hold of my card number, so I called the branch, and a total of about 15 overdraft fees were posted to my account. I finished my work day and went home, checked online, and realized that ALL of the overdraft fees were posted to things that had gone through my account when I HAD the money to pay for them. Now, I canceled my direct deposit so my paycheck will not end up eaten by that mess, and am trying to find a way to fix this problem, as the woman I spoke to at the Pottstown branch in PA was less than helpful, just printing out pages of nonsense off of their computer. This is not the first problem I have had with this bank, and something needs to be done about it.

  • De
      9th of Jan, 2009
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    We hae been argueing back and forth with M & T since the begining of Nov. over overdraft fee. They LIKE to use the trem PENDING quite a bit to thier advantage. We have lost almost 5 paychecks to them for overdraft fees, even though they somewhat admitted that they made a mistake. ( GOD FORBID! ) they were only willing to give back 3 of those fees they took from us, and there were over 13 of them, just the day we went to the branch in victor, new york They are good ones for changing thier story every time we have gone to the branch. one day it's this, the next day it's that, BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!! NOT!! We tried to close out the account and found out that there again was overdraft fees. When we told them we were going to close out the account, they tried everything in thier power to get us to stay! how stupid can they be, thinking we would stay and let then keep taking whole paychecks to thier fees. we are not that dumb. after closing out the account we checked past statments and found out they have been screwing us from day one. now we are forced to go through the leagal system to get the whole mess taken care of. who in this period of time can afford to loose that many paychecks to a bank that thinks they are doing nothing wrong? I certainlly can't.

  • Ca
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    This is so sad and something has to be done to make the consumer experiences better. I am sure with this economy banks are looking for as many new ways to get "fees" out of depositers as they can but it is no excuse for dishonesty. I would suggest that you contact the NY Banking Commission which is the governing body that granted M&T Bank their charter. If more people began to complain to the entities that give this institutions license to handle their customers so poorly and dishonestly then perhaps they would think twice before putting us on hold or giving out false information. Their number is - 1-877-BANK-NYS. Their website is

  • Ho
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    My mom is almost 70 years old and she is on a very fixed income, the economy went bad and her little part time job went a rye. She was having problems with her payments so I told her to call and talk to them. She got a guy on the phone and he was unnecessarily rough. My 70 year old widowed mother of 4 of us was verbally abused by this man, she was so upset she didnt even want to call them back. She hung up on them in tears. I am currently in school for law and I have been a paralegal for years, I am fully aware of what practices they not permitted and permitted to handle. She was freaking out and reduced to a puddle of tears. I promptly got on the phone and spoke with the manager and expressed my extreme disgust. I am going to buy her a new car.

  • Ma
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    M & T Bank - Bank Rep Lied
    United States

    Upon realizing that my $2200 paycheck from work had not cleared yet, I called M & T bank to inquire. The rep told me that it is a mistake and everything is cleared. I then utilized my debit card to make a few daily purchases throughout the next day. Woke up today, and I have 10 overdraft fees on my account amounting to $370.00...on top of that my paycheck STILL have not cleared. Spoke to another rep today, and then a supervisor, and supervisor tells me that unfortunately she doesn't care what I'm telling her (that a rep of hers told me my funds were available) she is not going to remove the overdraft fees. She continued to tell me that she won't play the game of "he said she said" which I responded "Please review the recorded phone conversation that I had with your representative"... The Supervisor said that she would review the conversation, but either way, she will never remove the overdraft fees.

    I was TRICKED into getting $370 in overdraft fees by M & T Bank!


  • Da
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    M & T Bank - Not handicapp accessible
    M & T Bank
    New York
    United States

    Tell me how in the year 2008 we have a main branch in Monroe ny that is not handicap assessible. Do you know what a teller says after i have to assisted my dad who is legally handicap upper a set of step where he can not even hold on to the handrails because their too thick and he has arthritis in both hands. Then after the hassle of getting up the steps we go to the teller and tell her what just happen and how it was very difficult for my dad to come inside. She says " well the new building will be handicap assessible" Great but how does that help me now. then to top it off we were treated as if we didn't matter and when ask to speak to branch manager he was to busy to help and there was nothing that could be done He didn't even come out to the office to access the situation. How can people be so cold, rude, and uncaring of a persons situation. A long term customer doesn't matter away more . what does matter is how much you can give them and then they might be able to help. so unless you are very wealthy do not open a account with M & T bank because customer with a set income or hard working family are not the kind of customers they want. So watch your money with M & T they are crooks.

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