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Dear all I will tell you a story of young man who went to his local dealership to attempt to buy a car in an honest way, instead he met with a bunch of brutal car salesman from Pakistan who decided to abuse him. The story began when my nephew decided to visit Lynnes Nissan because his friend referred him there, this car salesman by the name of Saied Abulhawa, sold my nephew a 2007 Nissan Altima with 142000 miles on it for 9500. Now if you don't know about the car business you would then say this is a good deal because this is the KKB value. For those who don't know what KBB stands for, it is Kelly Blue Book value. Not only the car was over price without discount but the finance guy who also refused to talk to me about the deal also chaffed my nephew by selling him things he don't need like GAP insurance, extended warranty plus the dealer fee as well.
In total his payment was 337.00 for 48 months plus 1500 he attempted to put down. Since this is the millennium and I thought dealerships now are reasonable and they do not use the old tactics anymore. So I called them trying to resolve the situation, instead this car salesman called my nephew and not only harassed him but also made serious threats against my Nephew, because the young boy dropped off the car on their lot. I simply could not believe it so I reported the matter to the local police regarding the threats and I turned the case over to the Bartone Law office. Guys and Girls please do not get yourselves into these types of situation and by all means do not visit this dealership until they fire this car salesman and return the boy's money. I will keep writing on all blogs to keep the public posted of the case. It’s a shame. None of the members of the management team wanted to talk to me not even the owner Dominick Tozzo and his top management team Tony Haylley and Jay Cheek, Zaher Ghali

Lynnes Nissan

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      Jun 29, 2015

    I completely disagree. You are asking for sympathy because your nephew went into a dealership and made decisions made on impulse. Had he arrived with someone more knowledgeable or someone who is willing to put their foot down and actually say the word "no" this could've been avoided. As for the selling price, he did not get ripped off. He simply settled because he was too weak to negotiate. If you do not how to negotiate or think with your brain then don't walk into a dealer or ask someone to come along who can help. Gap insurance is a no-brainer when purchasing a used vehicle. Insurance is always a gamble because there is no guarantee that you will use the coverage. Everyone thinks it's a ripoff until they total their car and find out that their insurance only covers MARKET VALUE on the vehicle, so he would end up still owing their finance company for the difference on a vehicle that can no longer be used. Did you really think insurance companies pay the total cost of the vehicle no matter how much is owed on it? Ha! They only pay what it is worth in our current market. On a lease GAP insurance is always included so that tells you how important GAP coverage really is. An extended warranty is an excellent decision especially with a car with that many miles. Repairs can be expensive especially with a high mileage vehicle so the warranty is a safe keep and will help avoid those expensive repair costs. I purchased a warranty for my pre-owned vehicle and it was a great decision. Most dealers charge just to run diagnostics on a car and can cost upwards of $100 plus the cost or parts, repair, and labor. I never paid a penny towards any repairs over the course of 4 years except normal wear and tear. The warranty paid for itself and more because I would've certainly paid much more without it. As for the payment, I do not understand your accusation of the dealer using "old tactics". Maybe he has bad credit or light credit? He always has the option of using a co-signer if one is available but I bet his impulses steered him in this direction and his emotions controlled his decisions. Maybe he should've said no or explained that it was too much for him. If your nephew is old enough to walk into a dealer and purchase a vehicle on his own then he is old to accept the decision he made and the contract he entered. He should've asked for the help of a mature grown-up. And did your nephew think dropping off the car at the dealer would relinquish his obligations to the finance company? You try explaining to the finance company that it is too much and see the answer they give you. He either needs to grow up or have an adult hold his hand until he is ready to look both ways and cross the street on his own. No sympathy given, your nephew is just weak and immature.

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      Jun 18, 2017

    Event: 6/17/2017
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    Fignole Isme, we agree with you totally.
    Saied Abulhawa, gave my wife a verbal Annual % rate of about 20%. They also lost her online credit application; so they made an attempt to search her credit profile in a hurry without creating a new application with her signature. Keep in mind, we knew that he was lying about performing a credit check, because we both have a freeze on our credit for protection; only we can lift it. Total Inconvenience. Keep in mind, time after time, for a period of three weeks, their team called my wife to come in to their dealership to pick out her new vehicle, stating that her credit request amount was approved; all I requested was the amount of her buying power. That amount fell on death ears. Weird and entitled group of sales people, we think. I am a computer research junkie, so i am always in an investigative mode. Our hard earned money is in our pockets. Not customer friendly. BUYER BEWARE.
    Bloomfield, NJ

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