SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / order not received even after a month and luckyvitamin does not want to take responsibility of sending me my ordered item

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hi There,

I had ordered 2 Metamucil products from on 25th october 2016 via dhl global mail standard.

Order no:- LV14275138.

After tracking the order from DHL globalmail, the order has been lost somewhere.

I had sent many mails to and I received response mentioning they cannot do anything since they have already shipped and have no control over the parcel.

After checking with DHL as per their policy if the order is not received then we have to contact to the vendor to raise investigation.

I have been going round and round and left with loss of money and no product received.

please help me because luckyvitamin is not taking responsibility of the order.

Nov 29, 2016

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