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I thought I was safe ordering from Their shipping was free for a large order and prices were good. Turns out I will never order from them again! Their shipping time is rediculously long compared to and Plus, the last 2 orders from them were an issue.

Please check out They have GREAT prices and seem to have online coupons everywhere. I've ordered from iHerb and they also have great prices and very quick shipping. Goodbye LuckyVitamin!

Several months ago, something was on backorder from my order. The item never came back in stock - yet it was on their website when I ordered as available. Then most recently, I orderd a large order for $150+ and the organic diaper ointment was chunky and obviously expired or something. My baby also got very red from it. I only used it once. The chunks in it did not seem normal and not very comforable for my baby girl.

So I emailed LuckyVitamin and here was their response (keep in mind their website states 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they'll do anything to ensure you're happy with your purchase). Also, bear in mind that I used the product 1 time which is when I discovered it was rancid or old. I love how they call it a USED item!

They expect ME to contact the vendor? Don't think so. I ended up calling my American Express and they removed the charge is not MY job to contact the manufacturer who supplied Lucky Vitamin with a rancid product. (Nature's Baby organic diaper cream). Note the customer service rep stated that "hopefully" the manufacturer will issue a replacement or credit and that I should get the name of the rep at the manufacturer I speak with. This means I need to then call LuckyVitamin back to get my credit? I guess I'd get a credit only if I'm LUCKY! No thank you Elisa at LuckyVitamin - I have enough items on my to do list - which is why I shop online (to save time).

"Unfortunately we can not issue credit on a used item. However, I can give you the contact number for this manufacturer. Because you did use the product there is no refund however the manufacturer should be able to back there product up by quality ingredients".

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  • Sh
      Sep 08, 2009

    I've used for over 2 years for teas and herbal supplements, and are quite pleased with them.

    My experience is that Tazo Awake will be back ordered almost every time, so we've learned to adjust our ordering to accommodate that. What usually happens is that 1 - 3 boxes will be shipped right away with the remainder on back order. The remainder usually ships within 1 - 5 days later. My card is billed only when items ship.

    Usually, everything else ships right away. Exceptions have been one box of Yogi Joint Comfort tea and some BeeCeuticals facial creme we ordered for my wife's mom. The creme is still on back order after about 2 weeks.

    They have the best selection for what we order and the best combination of prices for that selection I've found, including iHerb, and

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  • Ka
      Sep 18, 2009

    I truly agree with you. I used for about 6 months always giving them the benefit of the doubt. I made regular orders which where delayed or had problem they could not resolve.

    Finally I had an order in whch I explicitly (even spelling out the address) stated where the order was to ship with a Denise. What a liar. The order was shipped elsewhere. When I called about the order I spoke to as fellow. He acknowledged the order was shipped to the wrong address. Mind you the order took "10" days to go to the wrong addrress.

    Instead of making a concession and rush shipping the order the owner probaby Frank T. decided the customer is not important and decided to repeat the order to the same wrong address. This was despite my asking them to rush ship it.

    I happened to check the order before it arrived and contacted them. I contacted them and spoke to a Kelly. She explained that she could intercept the order and since it was going to the same city I would get my order on time. I asked her to email me with confirmation that she had insured i would get the order on time.

    She stated she would.

    Well that evening there was no email just some advertisement from luck vitimin. I called them the next morning to find out what was happening with my order. By now my order is 15 days late from the time I ordered.

    This time I spoke to Denise and challenged her about sending my package to the wrong address. She made light of it. Then in a total surprize claimed I gave her the wrong address. I was appauled at the dishonesty of this staff person. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    She then check to see what happened with the package. She told me that Kelly had intercepted the package and I would receive it that day as scheduled.

    This is such a lying and dishonest company I decided to check UPS myself. Well low and behold not only had Kelly not taken care of the matter when I called the night before. The package was not intercepted until the time I called and further the package would now be delayed until the following week. So now we are up to 20 days.

    What is even worse I called back to speak to the Supervisor and they transfered me to the voice mail. When I called back I asked what his name was and got a lady name Jetta. She told me his name was Frank. I asked what was his last name. She said oh we don't give out last names of employees. His last initial is T. If that's is not a crop of bull. If this company had integrity honesty and professionalism then giving out the name would not be a problem.

    I can't speak for the person who claims a pleasing experience but I can certainly concur with the person who made this post.

    If you value your health don't walk, run as far away from this company as you can get.
    Just dealing with them will give you illness.

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  • Ph
      Mar 10, 2010

    Okay so should I buy diet pills from LuckyVitamin or not??

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  • Fr
      Apr 05, 2010

    I always shop at LuckyVitamin - NEVER had a problem. They have the best selection, best prices, and freshest product. It ships quick, arrives safe and accurate and their customer services is always nice and helpful. Bad experiences happen, but if you look on the net, 99% of the reviews for this company appear positive to me, they must be doing something right.

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  • Sh
      Apr 05, 2010

    The ONLY problem I have had with Lucky Vitamin is they are often poorly stocked on Tazo Awake tea and have to back order some of the quantity. See my original post on this company above. It's been about 3 years now and I'm still very happy with them.

    An update: The BeeCeuticals order never did ship, but that turned out to be a BeeCeuticals issue, not Lucky Vitamin. LV can't ship something they can't get themselves and BC was essentially out of business at that time.

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  • Sh
      Apr 05, 2010

    phay, go ahead and order from Lucky Vitamin if they carry the pills you want. I've dealt with LV's customer service several times and have always been happy with the results. The "Dishonest Company" post by Marcus that leads this thread and the one by Kasc are completely opposite of my experiences.

    One thing to keep in mind when researching consumer reviews on line is that people who are unhappy complain and people who are happy tend to stay quiet. Therefore, you are likely to find a negatively-skewed view of any company you research.

    Try LV and please come back here to post your experience, good or bad.

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  • Hu
      Jun 26, 2010

    18 months with Lucky Vitamin and I’ve had no problems.
    Also have used iHerb for @ 18 months with only one small problem which they quickly resolved.

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  • Ni
      Jul 22, 2010

    I've been ordering from Lucky Vitamin for over 2 years and have always been very please with their prices, delivery and service. I have noticed prices have gone up recently, as is the case everywhere.

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  • Jo
      Aug 10, 2010
    Best Best Advice

    I, too, could not agree more, this is a great example of what a company should NEVER do.

    The details of my experience are quite similar, they do not care about their customers, for their actions are the only real thing from which to assess them, and they are HORRIBLE! Dishonest and clearly not competent are among their virtues when it comes down to offering any reasonable form of customer respect (i.e. customer service).

    When they screw up they do not fix the problem, rather just continue on in the same direction/way offering lies to placate and when caught, they cower and the others seem to buy right into this methodology.

    When this involved many employees it, like cancer, is an indication of a horrible condition (AKA management), not simply a series of independent unfortunate mistakes, it is reflective of systemic failure and this is entirely the responsibility (or lack thereof) of the management/owner.

    The fact that the supervisors/president/owner insulate themselves from such feedback and corrective responses (in actions), is further indicative of terrible management (likely directly up to and including the owner).

    After seeing that I am not the only one... well, not much more to say, you have been warned.

    I am happy to pay a small percent more to give my business to a company that deserves to stay in business and thrive, certainly not one that says one thing and hypocritically demonstrates that management has apparently outsourced their marketing, far away from their actions, a deeply shameful business practice, in my opinion.

    By the way, before posting such an unfortunate review, I did try one last time to get them to fess up and change the way they treat their customers when they have chosen systemic failure and horrible customer service, but, to no surprise, they simply sent me to any unattended phone and directly to voice mail... but they were very cheery about it.

    I WILL DO MY BEST TO NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AND SPREAD THE MESSAGE FAR AND WIDE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE SO AS TO SAVE OTHERS FORM THIS "100% customers can fend for themselves, we only care about our profit and will do whatever it takes to satiate that, regardless of honor or ethics, too bad for you" company.

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  • Sh
      Aug 12, 2010

    You have made vague, unspecific claims against this company. What specifically did they do or not do that you are unhappy with or that did not meet your expectations?

    I have used this company for about 3 1/2 years and have always been quite pleased with them. There have been a couple of issues in the past, but nothing that was not resolved. My experience is detailed in this thread so I won't echo it here. I have found their customer service to be quite responsive and they have met or exceeded all my expectations.

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  • Co
      Aug 17, 2010

    Think I need to give my opinion. As Shevie stated people normally only speak up when they have a complaint. I found this site on accident and thought I would check out their complaints just for information's sake. But honestly, I have used them for a few years now and have yet to have a bad experience. I have always received everything. A few times the items have been on back order but they have always sent them as soon as the are back in stock. Hopefully, I am not speaking too soon. I truly have used them many times, no issue. I find it tough to beat the prices with the selection. Other stores with comparable pricing do not have all that I want and with the free shipping at the same order total minimum. I would say if you have never tried them. Do so. The chance of you being disappointed is probably slim. I must say though:


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  • Gr
      Jan 04, 2011

    I've ordered from Lucky Vitamin a couple of times. The last time, one of the vitamin bottles looked as if it had been scorched while sealing it. When I contacted them, Lucky Vitamin immediately sent me a replacement and declined my offer to ship the defective one back. They were extremely prompt to respond, and polite. I was actually very impressed by their customer service. As the owner of a small business I know that customer service is only as good as the person doing it, and it is not a reflection of the entire company.

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  • Ga
      Jan 13, 2012

    I am having a problem with lucky vitamin for the 2nd time. They are liars and they think people are stupid, never again will I do business with them.

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  • Mi
      Jan 16, 2012

    I have shopped with Lucky for a while and recently they have changed. I needed to add 2 items to my order last week and so called... waited on the phone for 25 minutes listening not to music but a woman's voice going on and on and on and on the whole time. My order has not arrived, i have not received an email that it was sent and so I sent an email (rather than calling and waiting). the generic response said that they are doing enhancements to their warehouse and that they tried to communicate information about it as quickly as possible. Ooops, missed me with that quick communication. Today, 9 days after placing my order, I called again. Only 24 minute wait listening to the voice this time. The customer service person was sweet and understood and even said she hears this a lot. she said she thinks my order should arrive in 2 days...woohoo! And there is nothing else she could do. She can't give me the name of the CEO...isn't allowed to. Oh well. I will try

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  • Ma
      Apr 03, 2012

    Lucky Vitamin customer service is terrible! I have ordered from this company for 2 years and just recently have had issues. I ordered products totaling over $250 and it took over three weeks to get here. I called and was put on hold for over 25 minutes. When I finally spoke to someone he said that it had shipped days ago and that I should be receiving it. I did receive it after almost a month. Just this past week I got on the phone after a hold of 15 minutes and talked with their representative about a voucher issue that did not go through on a recent order, but got nowhere with Jetta (mentioned above). I then asked to speak to the supervisor who has yet to return my call. I am a medical practitioner and have referred many people to Lucky Vitamin. Some have had the same problems with shipping and customer service and others have not. Needless to say, I will not be supporting nor referring customers to this company ever again!

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  • My
      Oct 08, 2012

    I have used Lucky Vitamins for a few years. I always seem to receive my order when expected, if not as fast as other companies. The one problem that I have had is that I paid extra for a cold pack and specifically told them what items I wanted packed with the cold pack. Well the order came in a large box too large for the order with the cold pack in the corner, not even near the items that were to be kept cold. The cold pack did no good and I paid extra for it.
    There was no additional packing materials to keep the items from floating around. . On another order with nutrition bars, they were just thrown in with everything else in a big heap and were bent, but the wrapper was still in tack. Again no additional packing materials to keep the materials from shifting. On the other hand, when things are on back order they do come later, but I didn't keep track of the time span.

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  • Bl
      Nov 10, 2012

    I don't know why anyone would bother reading yet another complaint about or in light of the amt. listed. However, I've got to get this off my chest and let the public know what they pulled on me this time that means I will never go back. My last order with, I ordered just under $500, which is about average for myself from supplements.homeopathic's, organics and for my 8 animals that I'd rather tx naturally 1st before going to the vet. I also give them homeopathic's, digest enzymes, vits., herbs and use organic & or natural products and by ordering on line, I can save hundreds. OK, Luckyvit. does have a very long process time & ship X. My bank will be presented immediately for what they state the total is & most of the time the bk pays before it ships. Checking on line this last time, two separate charges appeared a few days after the total they told me, and those were a few days apart. They did not email me a confirmation & only got it with the original total, faxed to me after requesting it from the supervisor. He stated that because I spammed them that the co who they contract with to send the confirmations blocked my email confirmations & that the only way to get unblocked was to call them and thats why I've never gotten promo code for discounts even tho I've asked if I had any each time I ordered. I never spammed them and I talked to the owner of my internet server and he said that was hog wash because if I put them on my junk email, or blocked them, they would not knnow it. During the time the supervisor stated that it happened, I wasn't doing anything with emails except deleting them. Previous to this order, I've been told items were in stock but by the time my order processed, it was out of stock and took weeks to receive the out of stock items. I have been ordering for years mostly through &, and I have multiple complaints with both companies, mostly which cost me more $ with both companies, which always seem to turn into nightmares to straighten out if that possible. I think in general, doing business over the phone & internet is very tricky and the CSR's are trained to pass the buck with problems hoping your too busy to fight it or let someone else deal with it later when you discover the problem, they're just there to get your order. I have gotten wrong items, expired items, etc. from both companies and my biggest complaint with those issues is when they say ship it back at my cost. My orders never have gone without a hitch and now their both using a shipping method that transfers UPS over to USPS once it gets to UPS main drop off station in my town, then sent to USPS given a new number at which point UPS no longer can track it and USPS can't track it either but I just have to figure it taking an additional 3 to 4 extra days before the mailman brings it to my front door. Oh, yes, then there is the weekends & holidays and in those cases those weekend & holidays don't count in estimated ship days and if both are involved then add another 4 days! Last order with Vitacost took 17 days to arrive. Lucky's last month was 1 day shy of 2 wks. Experience is that going on line to get the list together is better than asking them to decide your item and ordering over the phone does expedite the process time as its put into the line at the end of the call instead of waiting for them to get to your on line sumitted order.

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  • Qu
      Jan 18, 2013

    Wish I had read this first. I put in my first order last Saturday. I have received no response on my order status or shipping info. I have check my account a few times this week and the order was at OPEN status - I had two small items and are apparently in stock. Still no response about shipping so I checked my account again and my order is GONE. I mean, completely disappeared from the site like I never had one (convenient now that they have my money right?). So, I sent them a letter because I am honestly frustrated at this point and demanded a refund since it looks like my order hasn't gone anywhere. No response from them. Nothing. I have this weird feeling I am in for a big battle to get my money back. I went and order the same thing this morning from Vitacost. It is an item I am running out of and need so I paid a faster shipping. I have already received several order status' from Vitacost. I have used them before and always got my items fast. I decided to try Lucky because it had a bit cheaper deal on the item I needed. What a mistake! Even if I get my money back or receive my item, I will never order from them again because they are basically ignoring me. And my order disappearing all together. What is that? And good luck, navigating around there weird antiquated website and finding ANYTHING about your order. Ugh.

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  • Ja
      Dec 04, 2013

    I happened to find Lucky when I decided to search online for a number of products that have been sold out at my local health store. Impressed by their advertising, the competitive prices, and the variety of merchandise, I filled the online shopping cart with what amounts to quite a purchase. But before clicking to advance to the checkout page, something nagged at me to check into this company first since I'd not heard of them. I have spent hours reading numerous reviews from different sites, and while there are some praises, there are many more complaints that contain very consistent details of disappointing and frustrating experiences. Sorry to say, but these glaring forewarnings are enough to turn me away from ordering with I have cleared out my online shopping cart and unsubscribed to their Lucky "club". Customer service and respectful manners determine if I am loyal to a business or not. I do not wish to experience the ineptitude, dishonesty, and rudeness that many have complained about in their reviews. Poor business practices. No thank you, Lucky Vitamins. I'll take my business elsewhere.

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  • Cm
      Apr 30, 2014

    I have recently started shopping with Lucky Vitamin, and I thought everything went smoothly. I received my order in an reasonable time. The only thing that went wrong with my order was an item I ordered and it was on back order. Granted, it took me awhile. I called to check on it's status a week after I was due to receive the item. I spoke with a very nice lady who looked up my order and told me that it was shipped out few days before talking with her. That same afternoon, my package was in my mailbox. When I opened my package, I discovered that there was 2 of the same item I had ordered. I called to make sure that it wasn't an oversight. The lady I spoke to told me that basically since I had waited so long, that it was a goodwill/customer satisfaction gift. I was fine with it. I've not had any major issues to come up. But, it doesn't mean I will or won't in the future. Until they do me the way that they've done some of the customers that are unhappy, I'm going to keep ordering.

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  • As
      Sep 27, 2016

    Utterly, utterly terrible customer service!

    Ordered some items to Spain with the promise that it'll arrive within a week of ordering. After patiently waiting and checking the tracking for 2 weeks and a few emails exchanged with very passive, unhelpful staff turns out this only applies to domestic orders; but this is not communicated at time of the order.
    Fair enough the package had to go though customs that takes a few days, so I stay patient. I have to emphasize though that the tone and manner of the emails received were everything customer service should not be (not answering the question asked, condescending).
    A few more days go by and I notice that the tracking now says "attempted delivery". As I haven't seen anyone nor have I received a notification card from the post, I email again. No answer so I email again. No answer again so this time I try their Facebook page. I'm told to direct message them on Facebook, which I did but receive no reply. I comment again on their Facebook page. Here I'm told to contact my local post office.
    I go and talk to the post, they say that their delivery was refused (they probably went to the wrong address) so they returned the package and they can't intervene anymore, it is on its way back to the sender.
    To cut this short, it's been over 5 weeks, I have spoken with the local post, DHL and of course Luckyvitamin several times.
    Luckyvitamin have been incredibly unhelpful, repeating themselves, sometimes not answering for days and the only thing they can tell me is that I have to wait until they receive the package to issue a refund.
    Now as I have never received or seen the package I cannot comprehend how can they hold me responsible for it and hold on to my money.
    This should be a dispute between Luckyvitamin and the post and as the seller they should have tried to aid me in resolving this rather than blaming for something I have no control over.
    I'm pretty certain that they are unlawfully holding on to my money, but as I am on the other side of the world I obviously can't take them to court or challenge them legally.

    Certainly one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had in my life.

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  • Mn
      Sep 07, 2017

    After 2 months during which the customer service kept on asking me to wait for the delivery (due to problems with the customs, the couriers, etc etc), they finally admitted that the parcel got lost. Then I asked for a refund, but they said that the kind of shipment I choose does not include a refund. So I paid 20 pounds to get nothing. This is the first time for me that the vendor does not take its rehabilitates for the shipment service.In the last email they even made fun of me telling something like "spread the wellness!!!"

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  • Da
      Sep 13, 2017

    Horrible customer service. Items are constantly on back order. Can wait for weeks to receive your item! I emailed them regarding my back ordered items telling them I would be ordering off Amazon from now on if they did not remedy the situation, as I have been waiting for weeks for my order. The rude customer service person, named Gianni M, told me it would be wiser to order from Amazon.

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  • Fa
      Oct 05, 2017

    Today I placed my first order and without the boring details, I had to speak with customer services 3 time and each time I got a really "creepy" feeling of being taken advantage of. I have always used Swanson Vitamins with 1000% satisfaction. A coupon was the only reason I tried "Lucky" (the name even implies that you're rolling the dice)!!

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  • Ti
      Oct 14, 2018
    LuckyVitamin Corporation - Thayers medicated witch hazel
    United States

    Good product but price increased since my last purchase. I will continue to buy from Lucky for now but will switch if I can find a lower price.

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  • Ta
      Apr 30, 2019
    LuckyVitamin Corporation - Please stop recurring order
    United States

    I should not have received this order as I discontinued all recurring orders. Ill keep it though as I do like keto cups. Also, it took forever for someone to get back to me and there was no resolution.

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  • Ke
      Jun 10, 2019
    LuckyVitamin Corporation - LuckyVitamin Corporation

    I have ordered from this website and never received my product. The website claims that the items were delivered. However, I work from home and I can confidently say no one has ever delivered the items. Also, I tried to contact the company and no one ever answers the phone or the live chat...

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