Lube Mobile / car break down - engine failure

1 Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia
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Details of complaint: I booked a car service with lube mobile on 15 december 16. I requested to repair clutch, front wheel brake pads and coolant only. I have received a quotation for a total $1500. On 15th dec, mechanic paul took the car to workshop at silver water. I have paid $1500 on the same day. Service completed on 16th dec. Paul told me that there was additional works been carried out so the final amount was $3500. Paul mentioned many automotive terms, which I did not understand. Therefore I requested for an invoice with spare part details.

When I checked the car, the bonnet was jammed and I found heavy smoke was coming out of the car. As the bonnet was jammed, I was unable to check the car. There was nobody at the workshop so I left the place. I have been charged for yearly service which I was not aware until I check the invoice.

Also I have noticed
1. I suspect parts are not original. I checked with holden. Clutch fly wheel is $345 (part gm25198268) but the invoice do not have any details
2. Invoice is overpriced and it is not in detail (part number, description, and warrant details)
3. There was yearly service done by lube mobile which I did not approve.
4. Air conditioner is stopped working. After checking with ultra tune workshop. I have been advised that air conditioner parts might have been damaged while replacing clutch
5. After the service, bonnet and brakes were damaged. Mechanic claims the cable has been damaged and it has been replaced which is not true. Additionally, there was lot of scratch marks on the bonnet

I sent an email and spoke to manager. Manager claims it is old model car and cannot fix the issues. There are new problems started only after the services. The car is unsafe to drive, therefore I wanted lube mobile to refund $3500 and car needs to be serviced again by holden to fix all the damages made by mechanic. Also lube mobile has to take full responsibility and pay for the service.

Jan 25, 2017

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