Lowesservice or lack of help/ service from lowe's employees

Ja Mar 30, 2016 Mt Dora Florida

A brand new house, requires many visits to home improvement stores for every reason, unfortunately my experience at Lowes has been of the biggest disappointment; once I had requested help finding the outdoor lighting boxes I had selected from the displayed ones, not only I was given the wrong ones but was also denied holding the large boxes at a register, I had a full cart & more shopping to do. On a second visit I was told the window blinds I wanted were out of stock when I was seeing the boxes with the item # on the top shelve! Another time I was told the did not carry garage door decorating hardware when I clearly had seen it on lowes website. Yesterday, I asked for physical help to load 98 landscaping blocks onto a cart, I was told at the register to bring them a sample of the two different stones I wanted! Why? All I needed was a person physically able to help me get the stones loaded on the push cart, purchased and out the door! Please! The employees used to be very customer oriented, not any more. This Mount Dora store needs to retrain the employees. The Lowes in apopka is right across from the Home Depot and you can see how willing the staff is to get ones business.

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